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Lieutenant JG Martin Landau

Name Martin Landau

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Centaurian
Age 112
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 7 feet 10 inches
Weight 152 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Large and super muscular all over with a well proportioned body a trait of his race. Couple of scars here n there around the body from various postings over the years


Sister(s) Cmdr Rosie Landau

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sometimes can be found at a gym working out, can make people work extremly hard to their tollerence levels, and never that keen on working with different Starfleet groups.
Strengths & Weaknesses Can sometimes be stressed but only when people don't act accordingly to his instructions, can sometimes take an opportunity or instruction and make it his own, and can sometimes see something and try and make it more efficient and perform better.
Ambitions Would ultimatly like to command an Expeditionary Force into the unknown and be commanding it someday
Hobbies & Interests Football, F-1, computers, dry stone walling, upgrading things so they run or perform faster and more efficiently, bodybuilding, Languages

Medical Record

Personal History Martin was born the local planet in the system during a civil war with lasted till he was 14 then he went to school graduating when he was 18 and being accepted into the academy on earth when Landau was 19

Landau's father was alive until he went to Starfleet Academy when one fatefull night his mom sent a letter saying his father was killed in the line of duty when his ship exploded from a warp core meltdown trying to save the crew. Landau was afraid that it would happen to him.

Landau mother attempted to stop him from doing what his father had done and insisted that he enlist in medical but Martin felt that only women enlisted in medical and counselling and boys took command of ships and become marines. She told him to never speak of that again.

Martin enrolled in starfleet academy and spent a few years there training as a command cadet before finally graduating and getting into the job. The first position Landau ever had was an Admirals Aide at Starfleet R&D Headquaters for about 5 years before returning to the academy for 3 years as strategic operations officer.

The academy postion was made redundant and they didnt need Martin anymore so he was transfered to his first offworld posting of Starbase 6. This was a new experience for Landau as he had never been off the planet apart from his homeworld. He spent most of his time as an Ensign experiencing new things and new friends enjoying the new experiences with the upmost importaince of the role and oppertunity. Sadly Starbase 6 was decomissioned and a promotion was a foot but another challenging role lay ahead take the promotion but be consigned to the Nottingham or sta ensign for life. Martin chose the posting with curiosity and interest in his brain wondering what a colony posting was like. He enjoyed the experience yet again and had his ups and downs trying to hold the colony together as XO.

Martin was moved after the failure of the Nottingham becomming a diplomats aide for one of his own peoples ambassadors. He enjoyed it pritty well getting to meet strange and wonderful people places and situations. During his time as an aide Landau ranked up from Ltjg to LT gaining more experiences and stories to add. The ambassador no longer needed my use and Martin was relinquished in 2345 to be positioned for LTcmdr rank becomming the CinCs Aide for a very long time meeting lots of new faces and people alomg the way. He loved this job and was treated differently from other people and was given special privelages to information and other high raned classified info. The special privelages came with the job and Martin learn lots of wonderful things nobody else should know.

The Archer was a sabre class ship well part its use by date and was ready to be mothballed so doing the right thing Martin jumped ship being placed as Chief Strategic Operations Officer for a bit seeing what the ship offered for its age. Landau was transfered to starbase Vanguard but it was worth it to experience more and more joining the crew. He spent his time learning the job role and its quirks being on a starbase.

Martin returned to Earth and another stint with the CinC Aide's position. Martin didnt know it but this was going to be as high as he was going to get for a while but made the most of it. The Rockhampton was looking for an XO so the CinC transfered me to the new ship as she felt my knowledge would be usefull to the crew and the ship. This was a new experience being on a brand new ship was different from being on an old outdated ship on its last legs but he got on with it.

Roise has been out of the academy for a few years now and had gained a position of command aboard the Leeds. A centaur class was a new experience for myself as Starfleet transfered Martin to the all female crew. Landau was XO in an all female crew made him a bit uncomfortable around other starfleet officers who would laugh and make fun of him for being under a family members command and being on an all female crewed ship. Landau felt embarrised but took the experience with an open heart moulding the female crew into a fighing force ad the best crew o a centaur class within the fleet and that ship class.

Martin was enjoying his many roles and position he had under his belt at the moment but fate would come around again. The diplomat Landau had served with was afer an aide and starfleet assigned me again. More experiences within the galaxy and more stories to tell where unfolding yet again this would be his last poition before finding a more perminant position. Being 112 years old was great but Martin felt he would rather like to spend his days on a ship with a set crew to work with and to stay with
Service Record
2300-2301 General Studies Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2301-2302 Command Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2302-2303 Command Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2303-2304 Command Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2304-2309 Admirals Aide, Starfleet R&D
2309-2311 Strategic Operations Officer, Starfleet Academy
2311-2313 Strategic Operations Officer, Starbase 6
2313-2314 Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Starbase 6
2314-2316 Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Nottingham
2316-2319 Chief Strategic Operations Officer/Second Officer, USS Nottingham
2319-2325 Centaurian Diplomats Aide, United Federation of Planets
2325-2335 Centaurian Diplomats Aide, United Federation of Planets
2335-2357 CinC Aide, Starfleet Headquaters
2357-2366 Chief Strategic Operations Officer, USS Archer NCC-45892
2366-2377 Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Starfleet Headquaters
2377-2385 Chief Strategic Operations Officer, Starbase Vanguard
2385-2388 CinC Aide, Starfleet Headquaters
2388-2389 Executive Officer, USS Rockhampton NCC-93342
2389-2391 Executive Officer, USS Leeds
2391-2393 Centaurian Diplomats Aide, United Federation of Planets