Mission Briefing
Ghost Ship
Stardate 249680

Ghost Ship

Mission Day:
Day 1
Academy Days


  • Starbase 501

  • Speed:
  • Docked

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe


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    Tuesday 13 November 2018 @ 22:05

    Chief Petty Officer Darleena Dunham

    Name Darleena Dunham

    Position Operations Specialist

    Second Position Corpsman

    Rank Chief Petty Officer

    Character Information

    Gender Female
    Species Denobulan
    Age 30

    Physical Appearance

    Height 6'
    Weight 165
    Hair Color Cinnamon Red
    Eye Color Blue when happy, Purple when angry/upset
    Physical Description Leena is beautiful, and she knows it. She uses her looks and flirtatious nature in order to accomplish whatever it is she needs done. She doesn't wear any jewelry other than her com badge, nor does she have any tattoos at this time. Although her skin is naturally tan, she still enjoys sunbathing when she can.


    Spouse Not Married
    Children None at this time
    Father Garick Mutel
    Mother Leena Telles
    Brother(s) Cymon (Simon) Dunham - he isn't part of Starfleet, but does own and captain a small freighter that he uses to run mostly medical supplies around Federation space. He calls it his "home away from home." Thus he isn't around much.
    Sister(s) None
    Other Family She has about 20 +/- half-blooded sisters/bothers/cousins - but she hasn't ever spent the time to track them all down.

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Leena has an Alpha type personality, when she sets her eye on something she gets generally ends up with it. She dislikes negativity, and negative people. She makes it her mission to make them smile. Since she doesn't have to sleep as often as her human counterparts, she spends a lot of time tinkering on broken equipment, and tending her "atrium."
    Strengths & Weaknesses +/- Aggressive Personality
    + Kind at times
    + Keen mind
    - Likes to take stuff apart
    - Sometimes forgets to put things back together
    Ambitions Of course everyone wants to be a Captain, however, Leena wants to become a Doctor, utilizing holistic and naturopathic healing, including many of the creatures and plants from her homeworld and others.
    Hobbies & Interests Learning more holistic and naturopathic healing techniques.
    Fencing, Rock Climbing, Sunbathing, swimming, Tai Chi
    What she calls "Comparative Transporter technology research" = studying how other races' transports work

    Medical Record

    Injuries As a Denobulan, she appears to possess particularly powerful immune systems - however, she did fall prey to an old Earth issue, "Mono" in her initial year at the Academy.

    Denobulan males have been known to become violent during 'their' mating season, as a direct result of Denobulan releasing very potent pheromones that males can sense, especially when they are romantically interested in someone. As a result, Ms. Dunham was involved in a multiple injury free-for-all fistfight at a bar while off campus during a break. Leena's injuries were minor and quickly taken care of, however two of the males that attempted to take advantage of her ended up with broken arms, and a third ended up with a concussion. The Cardassian who assisted Leena in fighting off the humans was not identified, per Leena, "He just stepped in to help."
    Mental Health Denobulans normally require very little sleep, but they do hibernate for five to six days each year. However at a minimum two is sufficient. If a Denobulan is awakened prematurely, the results can be somewhat unpredictable - hibernating Denobulans, if woken, appear extremely disoriented and confused, with oddly-pitched voices, and have difficulty maintaining normal motor skills and cognitive functions.

    Personal History Leena was born in 2364, to her parents, with no difficulties. She was brought up by her mother who was distantly related to Due to the crowded living conditions on Denobula, working relationships tend to be more intimate than is normal for Humans. This can often extend to flirtation or explicit displays of sexuality, even among thrice-wedded individuals. During her formative years, Leena began learning to use her looks to gain her favors and gifts. As she continued through schooling, her knowledge of how to use her sexuality and looks became apparent when she was "allowed" into a typical male only area of science, quantum mechanics. Excelling in her final years, Leena was easily admitted into Starfleet, spending her time, plus some extra years working on ways to manipulate how transporters can work.
    Service Record 2386 to 2392 - Attended, graduated, and spent time in further studies at the Academy.
    2392 to 2394 - Spent time at Utopia Planitia Shipyards helping to install & test transporters on newly minted, and damaged ships being re-integrated to the fleet, this is where she gained her rank
    2394 to ???? - reassigned to the Merlin before it left for its' new assigment