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  • 100%

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  • 100%

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  • Operational

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    Marine Captain Adam Towers

    Name Adam Towers

    Position Company Commander

    Rank Marine Captain

    Character Information

    Gender Male
    Species Human
    Age 26

    Physical Appearance

    Height 610"
    Weight 190 lbs
    Hair Color Brown
    Eye Color Green
    Physical Description Your typical marine. Tall with an athletic build and short hair.


    Spouse None
    Children None
    Father Deceased
    Mother Deceased
    Brother(s) None
    Sister(s) One sister, Rachel, who is a marine pilot.
    Other Family None

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Adam is a skilled leader and marine. He will often blatantly disregard his own safety to protect his own men, yet is well known for completing the impossible missions that are often assigned to him.
    Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal to a fault. Will do anything to protect those he is tasked with commanding.
    + Dedicated. Will get the job done at any cost.
    + Excellent small unit strategist
    + Qualified as a sniper and a first class demolitions expert.

    - Has a tendency to throw himself into the worst of trouble, neglecting his own well being.
    - Can be stubborn, aloof, and distant, particularly when stationed in space. He prefers having his boots on the ground, but knows that he will continue to find himself posted aboard starships and bases where experienced marine commanders are required.
    Ambitions To command a company.
    Hobbies & Interests Adam works. When he isn't working, he sleeps and eats. Hobbies and recreational time are things that he seems to show little interest in.

    When stationed on a Starbase or a vessel, he often uses holodeck time to sit and relax in natural environments... often forest type settings.

    Medical Record

    Injuries Various combat injuries over the last few years including broken bones, a dislocated shoulder, plasma burns, etc.
    Mental Health Most counselor reports describe him as being somewhat tightly wound. He has difficulty relaxing around others or trusting anyone else. He did experience significant mental distress after the "death" of his sister that abated when she was found to still be alive.

    Personal History Adam was born with his twin sister Rachel into a turbulent family, and the two were separated at birth. Adam never knew his birth parents except that they died at different points during his early years. He bounced from foster home to adoptive family until he was by fluke reunited with his twin sister in their early teens. Both had trouble fitting in and would often be in trouble at school. While Adam was clearly intelligent, he had little interest in learning out of books. Adam and his sister were the kind of children that learned by doing rather than reading.

    At eighteen, they both enlisted in the marine corps, after learning it was more to their strengths than posting with Starfleet and continuing to learn out of books. Rachel had a talent for flying, while Adam developed a somewhat concerning talent for crafting explosives and joined the infantry. The end of basic training at Boot Camp was the last time the twins saw each other.

    Adam became a PFC in the 12th Marine Battalion, and quickly advanced up the enlisted ranks. He showed an aptitude for small unit tactics, and an ability to assess a situation quickly to determine the best course of action.

    After certain classified events on an even more classified planet, Sergeant Towers was recommended for a battlefield promotion. He was showing great strides in leadership and a certain Major pushed the brass to allow him to move up, knowing the young man would never go to OCS by his own request.

    Instead, the request was approved and Sergeant Towers became Second Lieutenant Towers just before his 21st birthday. This was a whole new world for Towers, full of confusion. Different things were expected of him as an officer, and while he was allowed more leeway with the added authority that a commission gave him, he was also allowed less because of the responsibilities that came with it.

    A year into learning how to be an officer on the job (while only taking long distance courses to meet the minimum requirements, rather than going back and taking formal training courses), the brass were still unsure of the results of their little experiment. Towers was basically a Sergeant in an officer's uniform. He hated administrative work and always found a way to lead from the front... an attitude that was beginning to be discouraged in the Marine Corps, because after all... the people in the front got shot first.

    It was after his commission that Adam learned of the demise of his sister. After this, his COs noticed a tendency for Adam to completely ignore his own safety, often choosing the "bull in a china shop" approach to complete objectives. While he seemed to care little for his own safety, he was fiercely loyal and protective of this under his command.

    In a meeting with senior officers in the battalion, Towers essentially told them all to go to hell. He would continue to command his way, and as long as the missions got done and he brought his men home alive, the brass shouldn't give a damn how he did it. Many agreed.

    However, some did not, and insisted that Towers transfer out. A few weeks after his 23rd birthday, Towers was promoted and transferred out, sent off to the marine contingent at Obsidian Command, while still struggling to cope with the loss of his only family.

    After a long and eventful stint aboard the Obsidian Command starbase where Towers was reunited with his sister who was actually alive, among other adventures, he transferred to a ground posting with an elite unit posted in the Sol system.

    Now after that tour has ended, Towers awaits his next assignment.
    Service Record - Enlisted as a Private
    - Completed Boot Camp
    - Completed Advanced Training, Sniper school and Demolitions Training
    - Promoted to PFC, assigned Demolitions Specialist, 12th Marine Battalion
    - Promoted to LCpl
    - Promoted to Cpl
    - Promoted to Sergeant, commanding 3rd Squad, 1st Platoon A Company
    - Battlefield Commission to 2Lt
    - Promoted to 1Lt, assigned to Obsidian Command Starbase
    - Promoted to MCapt, E Company CO
    - Transferred to 12th Rangers , assigned B Company CO