Re-living the Past
Stardate 249501
0100 Hours

Mission Day:
SL 1


  • Docked at Starbase 306

  • Speed:
  • Docked

  • Shields:
  • Under Repair/Refit

  • Hull:
  • Under Repair/Refit

  • Systems:
  • Under Repair/Refit

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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    Good Conduct Medal

    For exceptional performance of ones duties.

    Category: In character
    Awarded: 2 times

    Lieutenant Commander David Tan
    Tuesday 6 June 2017 @ 07:03
    Lieutenant Tan's conduct during the recent away mission to a derelict ship was above and beyond his duty. He lead the away team in a post which was both exciting to read and provided valuable information for the continuation of the mission.
    Commander Caroline Miller
    Thursday 22 September 2016 @ 02:27
    Miller has been great to have on the sim. Since coming on she has kept sickbay under control despite a rowdy crew, even answering a 3 am call from the CO when he was having nightmares. Miller is approachable and can always be counted on.

    (2O Citation) Miller always runs a tight ship in sickbay responding to any crisis with a cool head and even going through full decontamination procedures for an exercise drill. Always well written and professional.