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Phantoms ?

Posted on Sunday 4 June 2017 @ 22:21 by Lieutenant Commander David Tan

Personal Log :: SD 239406.04 - 21:30 hrs ...

I'm on my way to the Bridge after returning from my visit to the derelict. I experienced something over there that in truth I would like not to experience again.

I was attacked by 'something' aboard the derelict, which we have now established is in fact the USS Merlin ... Our Ship !

At some point in our future, be that a minute from now, or a year, we will never know, the Merlin is sent back in time approximately five 'THOUSAND' years into our past. We have now found the remains of our vessel. While leading the Away Team of four, I was attacked by, something, a phantom, spectre, apparition, a ghost ! ... It's impossible to say at this point, but the attack, at least in my mind, was very very real, I felt the Klingon weapon pierce my chest, felt the bones breaking, felt the blood running from the wound, and could 'FEEL' the weapon as I tried to remove it. the event was something I would now wish on anyone.

It was so real, so vivid, even now I can feel the fractured ribs, which were not fractured, feel the wound which does not exist ...

I have been cleared to return to duty, but somehow I think i will need time to fully recover. We are highly trained, and have numerous support systems in place, so I'm sure my trepidation is likely unwarranted, but it is there nonetheless. I have yet to tell Lana of my experience, and I'm sure she will be concerned.

We need to get back to the other Merlin, and very quickly. If there is anything over there that can help us not suffer the same fate we need to find it ... Quickly ! ...


End Log .....


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