Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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Setting the ground rules

Posted on Monday 13 February 2017 @ 06:15 by Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Melody Jones

Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
Location: Melody Jones' quarters
Timeline: MD12 Late Evening


Melody was relived that after the holodeck fiasco that Save'ena was still talking to her. She had poured her heart out to what she thought was a hologram which turned out to be the real Sav. At that moment she would have given anything to fall into a black hole. But thankfully Sav had not taken offense and even more that she felt the same way about her.

Melody led Sav back to her quarters to talk some more.

Sav churred, "Boy, I sure would. While fun, holodeck food and drink is a little, lacking, in the sustenance department." She walked beside Melody, happy to have her as a best friend, and someone to be with and talk to, and triply glad Melody wasn't a male. Any male would would have said that would have caused disastrous reactions in Sav, and even worse on that she could never explain. "Thanks for being here, for me, us."

Melody paused and reached for Sav's hand. She gave it a gentle squeeze. "Hey, I'll always be there for you Sweetie."

Sav gladly followed Melody through the doors and into Melody's quarters. She promptly followed Melody's motion to go sit on the couch. As it was Melody's room, and not hers, Melody had become the host and she, the guest.

As they walked in Melody headed for the replicator "Would you like something more real to drink?" Pressing a few buttons on the replicator, she came back over to the sofa with a tray containing two drinks, a bowl of custard and a plate with some fish fingers on.

As she set the tray down "You have to try this" Melody said as she dipped a fish finger in the custard "I had this really....... weird dream a few nights ago....which is what prompted me the write the holo program. Also I had to try this and it turned out........ better....... than I expected.

Sav churred gently, gladly taking her drink to sip, then set aside. As she looked over the food, a niggly from a remembered dream turned nightmare blasted its way through her. She flinched, swallowed a lump in her throat, then asked as best she could, "A dream, with Fish, Chips, and Custard? That.. is rather unusual." Sav looked at Melody, wondering if they had had a shared dream for some reason. Maybe, maybe not. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. As she reached for a fish stick, she said, "Can you remember anything about it? Since it prompted the writing of the holodeck program, was I in it, others? Umm, that is, if you don't mind telling me. Yah don't havetah iffin yah don't wanta."

Melody thought for a moment as she tried hard to recall the details of the dream "Well you were there and there was someone else who looked like me, but she wasn't me. Amy......... I think. She was really kind. and some guy with weird hair...... and a bow tie........... and then it all went really strange at the end............"

Sav was dropped the fish stick from her hand. It hit her lap and she did not notice. The dream exploded within her mind again, the weirdness and explanations abounding, "The Doctor, and Rory Reed, and Amy Pond, and you two changing... becoming me..." Sav looked at Melody in Fright, "What... what.. do you remember of the strange at the end? How can you even umm, umm, what.. do you remember..." Sav felt her mouth tighten as the overlays made sure she said nothing further.

Melody's face went pale "How do you know that........ was only a dream..........Wasn't it?" She continued, but there was uncertainty in her voice.

Sav felt tears forming even as a large blush overtook her muzzle and cheeks. "I.. I... thought so... but.. it might have been a linked dream, one started at a source, linking us... like the Doctor and Amy Pond... just... I... think so." Sav closed her eyes and swallowed, remembering what she had said, and reacted, in the dream. A complete paranoid psychopath, would Melody even think there was any truth in the dream, especially as now, awake, Sav could not say a damn thing about the truth?

"Wow. I know I've had some pretty...... intense dreams recently but this one takes the cake. Well, at lease you were there for me in my dreams as well" she added with a smile.

Sav opened her eyes to study Melody. It seemed that Melody, while remembering bits and pieces of the dream, didn't recall everything that had happened. Well, that was kind of good in that Sav didn't have to worry about Melody thinking of her as a paranoid psychopath, but it was also in a bad way in that the truth was to remain buried.

"So" Melody set her drink down "Now that you're here........ I Can't think of a single thing to say......" After pouring her heart out on the holodeck, she felt quite at a loss for words.

She reached for Sav's hand "Where do we go from here, Sweetie?"

Sav readily grapsed Melody's hand in hers. She smiled to Melody, glad to have a close friend like this. Then, a niggly made its presence known, about Terran datings and love not quite matching Mephetian courtships, yet, fitting right in if understood.

Sav looked at the table, then back up to Melody. "Well, Melody, I... um.. what kind of love are you meaning when you said love? With Mephetians, love is love, pure, unadulterated, giving, not expecting. Only then is it differentiated by relationship and physicality. What I am trying to say... shoot."

"Hey hey, it's ok. Just take a deep breath and go on" Melody said trying to reassure her.

Sav sighed, "Melody, I love you, but, maybe not how you expect, or, even more as you expect. I... ummm." She sighed, looking at Melody, studying her. When Terrans said 'love' in such a way that Melody said it, many times it meant to include physical intimacy, to possibly destroy the true friendship because of that. Sav had seen several ladies profess love, then physical, then fights, then leaving each other permanently. Same with guys. The physicality could and would destroy the deep bond love underneath. However, if Melody could wrap her head around it, Mephetians could love to include intimacy, if realizing it was towards a family with a husband as the wives pleasured each other in that family while having only the one male.

Sav continued, "Melody, I am not sure how to explain this, but please, hear me out, if you would. I am Mephetian. We keep the demarcations between true love of friends and family separate from the physicality, and thus less friendships are ruined. Acting on deep bond-ship in the physicality can and will destroy that by sullying that which used to be pure. However, female true love can be a little different, in that true friends can seek the same husband, and be intimate physically with each other besides their male. In Mephetian, and L'Tandrey cultures, the family structure is one male to several fems. Thus... ummm, well, on intimacy..." Sav swallowed, trying to figure out if she just drove Melody away, or if Melody would stay and listen to what she was trying to figure out how to say.

Melody was trying to follow what Sav was saying. "So you're saying you don't love me in that way........" her voice trembled slightly.

Sav quickly said, "Wait... wait.. I didn't say that. Melody, listen, if you're truly sure you love me deeply, and won't suddenly destroy that love by being intimate, then, that is something we could explore, if you're truly sure. I know I would like that, to have a bond true friend. Just... "

It was Melody's turn to take a deep breath "Sweetie. I wouldn't want to do anything to ruin our friendship or make you feel uncomfortable, you mean to much to me. All I want is you in my life, to be close to you and to make you happy the way you make me feel. You are glorious and so beautiful. You make me feel like........ nothing bad has ever happened or could ever happen. I especially don't wont to ruin what we have by forcing myself on you're not ready for anything..... physical or if you don't want that I understand. I hope someday that you could...... would............" her voice trailed off

Sav blushed, her blush continuing to deep upon each word of praise about herself coming from Melody. She looked up at Melody with hope, desire, true need showing upon her muzzle. And then, reality dawned within herself at what had happened to her, and that she wasn't able to receive what Melody might want to give.

Sav barely stopped from taking her hands out of Melody's as she didn't want to burden her, but had to let her know, she wasn't in any way pristine. She looked down into her lap, "Yes, I would want physical intimacy, but, ummm, it could only be one way, right now. I could give you pleasure, but I cannot accept. I am still not healed, from my incident on Apollonia, when that bas.... *voice change* debris pierced me, slicing everything inside and out.*" Sav shuddered, shaking herself, as tears began to fall from her eyes. Her voice was back to normal, "I don't look good, probably would turn you off and make you run to the hills."

Sav looked back up to Melody, waiting for the outburst she knew was to come. Sav continued, "Sure you want to intimately love damaged goods like me? I could still accept just love, and, give you pleasure, if you still want..." Sav was now waiting for Melody to run the hell out of there as Sav knew she could never catch a break in life, not since Mr. Thompson and Councilman Eurytlus came into it.

Melody look at her straight in the eyes "Sweetie. You are Not damaged goods and don't you ever say that. Ever!" as she lent in and kissed her softly on the lips.

The kiss was unexpected as Sav's entire being was waiting for Melody to reject her. Sav blinked, tears still falling, as she looked at Melody for a few seconds. She hesitantly returned the kiss. She opened her mouth slowly, her tongue licking along Melody's lips and seeing if Melody would like to French, to feel of the length and textures of Sav's longer tongue.

Melody reciprocated and soon time seemed to slow stand still as their tongues intertwined and her passions started to burn brighter. She melted to into Sav's arms feeling her silky soft fur.

During the kiss, Sav felt twinges in her abdomen and knew what was going on. She shouldn't have started this, but now, could not stop. After the kiss was over, she drew back from Melody, searching her face, looking for Melody not liking what just happened. Sav swallowed, then asked with trepidation, "Was that okay? I wanted you to know.. ummm.. my physical I could give to you." She sighed, "I would love to hold you, to cuddle with you, to be with you, but, we can't sleep together. I.. react out to my nightmares, and I don't want to hurt you. I have claws, and you have only skin. Can this be... enough.. till I heal?"

Punctuating each word with a small kiss on her muzzle, Melody said "That....... was........ perfect........ Sweetie. As I said, I wouldn't want to do anything that you were not happy with. It's not just about me and I know you would never hurt me on purpose. If that's the way you need it to be then that is fine with me." Melody leaned back in, whispering "You were perfect but you'll find I'm a fast learner and if you thought that was good....." Melody went back in for the kill.....

Sav moved in with Melody, then slight turned her head to put her muzzle teeth over Melody's cheeks. Normally, she would start chewing into the whisker roots of a male or female Mephetian or L'Tandrey, but Melody had none. So, she just gently explored, tasting, teasing, checking out the entrance to Melody's throat. She enfolded her arms around Melody to draw her closer to her. Then, a twinge of arousal hit across her abdomen, causing a stinging sensation within her, which Sav ignored and did not react too.

Melody let out an involuntary moan from Save'ena caress as she moved closer to her, gently running a hand down the outside of her thigh.

Sav shifted forward to more fully embrace Melody. She pressed into that kiss, longing for the acceptance of what it meant, despite what had been done to her, despite the damage caused, despite almost dying. As her body tried to respond, the shifting and moving of arousal within causing more pains, more minute tearing. Suddenly, Sav's entire abdomen clenched inward, causing Sav to flinch and moan out with Pain, the pressing kiss momentarily forgotten, before she tried to resume with intense need.

Melody felt Sav flinch and she immediately stopped. She moved back slightly wondering if she overstepped the mark in some way. A look of concern on her face "Sweetie, what's wrong. Is it something i did?"

Sav looked at Melody, angst across her face for having broken the mood. She whispered, "No, its okay, its nothing, it happens, ignore, just... kiss me." Even as she said this, she felt the wetness flowing into her feminine napkin as well as smelled the coppery sensation of blood. It wasn't much, yet, and Sav wanted to continue to experience what Melody was offering, at least, until she was forced to stop to get a drink and change her pad. Desperation sounded in Sav's voice, "Please, don't stop, kiss me... accept me..."

Melody looked at her face for a moment, then laid back, pulling Sav towards her and placing her head on her chest as she gently stoked Sav's hair gently placing soft kisses every now and then "Thats' all i want to be with you, all of you."

Sav's body flinched again as the pull and movement caused twinges within her abdomen again. This time, she did not cry out as she was ready for the next twinge. She happily laid there, her head on Melody's chest, letting Melody stroke through her silky, long hair. This felt good, really good, and hearkened back to when she was a young kitling, in her mothers arms, her head on mom's chest, and just relaxing with mom.

Sav sighed out in enjoyment, then said, "Thanks, Melody, for accepting me and letting me love you in return."

Melody continued to run her hands through Sav's hair and fur. In the back of her mind there was Sav's other personality, the lies, Sav's continual twinges of pain. She wanted to help Sav, now more than ever but right now Melody was just content to be holding her in her arms.

Sav, worn out from little sleep, pains, trauma, and fulfilling duties, began snoozing on top of Melody. This time, as she had drifted off in memories of her mother, she contently dreamed about that, snuggling close and drifting while her Mom stroked her hair. In the real word, Sav snuggled into Melody, making small, happy sounds with light churring, while her breathing showed sleep. Meanwhile, as she was no longer moving and her excitement was going away, her internal organs quit tearing against the mesh as her bleeding slowed, and finally stopped.

Melody felt Save'ena's breathing slow as she fell asleep. Not wanting to disturb her, Melody rested her head back into the sofa and also drifted off to sleep.


Lieutenant Commander Melody Jones
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

Lieutenant Save'ena Tillatix
CAG / Uroboros Squadron Leader
Bridge Command Specialist
USS Merlin


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