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    Setting Up Counseling

    Posted on Thursday 16 March 2017 @ 00:43 by Lieutenant Galeraz Zephyr Dr. XMD & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Caleb Mitchell

    Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
    Location: Starbase Counseling Offices - 2810
    Timeline: MD 26 - Afternoon


    ======= Starbase Deck 28 - Counseling Offices - Trauma Division ======

    The desk was an older one, heavy wood, with no electronics inset into it. On top was a larger remote padd for the occupant of this office, one Counselor Ondrod Veastri, Betazed. He looked across at the assembly from the USS Merlin across from him. That they had requested straight away the Trauma Division for one of the Merlin Crew was highly unusual. That it was the cleared for duty CAG, who had shown tremendous ability to fly and command upon their last action, was highly irregular.

    "Well, while this is seemingly irregular, I have no doubt that you think to have reason to request the services of the Trauma Division of the Counseling ward for a fellow crewmember's case, one Lieutenant Save'ena Tillatix, CAG for the Merlin. Her records from your last excursion show a highly capable officer who is doing their duty very well." He leaned forward, "So, please, enlighten me."

    "Counselor," Caroline stated and handed over a PADD with Save'ena's most recent and true medical records over. "We have not had the correct medical and I suspect psychological information up until this point. Even the patient was not fully aware of her true condition. I brought my colleague Doctor Zephyr in due to his more intense knowledge of Mephetian biology and a suspicion that something just didn't fit from our initial check up. He modified one of the biobeds on the station and that is what we found sir. Then we had to act fast. To try to make things humane again for the patient."

    Ondrod received the padd and began going through the information while Caroline stated her case.

    As Caroline talked, Galeraz performed small gestures during the words to enhance and show agreed with what happened and the assessment of acting fast. It cost him many favors, but, Save'ena had lived, was reconstructed, and was flushing the deadly toxins from her body. But, there was still the matter of her psyche.

    Caroline had briefed Mitchell the best she could via subspace but there had not been a lot of time and he had been on shore leave so she passed another PADD out to the counselor so he too could see the full extent of what had occurred in the last couple of days.

    Coupled with everything Caroline was angry. Angry that anyone would willingly put someone through this ...... this torture. The pain of allowing such a procedure and covering it up. Fooling Biobeds and other doctors with a fictitious chip. Her face remained one that could win poker. Only Galerez, who had known her for years, could see the slightest slip at just how furious she was at this situation. She was, however, struggling to contain her emotions. The betazoid counselor would pick up on that soon enough.

    Her friend also knew she would not drop this, not until she found why it had occurred, who had been responsible and seen them be brought to justice.

    Caleb became equally angry as he read. At least his foray with counseling abuse had been by well-intended if over-zealous counselors, Sav's abuse had been deliberate, and far more reaching than his own.

    Counselor Ondrod Veastri was picking up the anger at others, and the concern for the patient, emanating from those in his room. He pushed a button on his large padd on his desk, "Send me the psych evaluation from this morning, stat." He returned his focus to the group. "With this information, something definitely traumatic happened in the past and continued to cause trauma until the reminder of it was removed almost two weeks ago. So far, while a stretch, all can be explained... so let me see what my colleague from Counseling services said."

    Caroline sat back silent and sighed inwardly. She needed to get someone high up in Medical looking at this. Using a mesh deemed for a cadaver was illegal. And it wasn't like it was an accident correctly calibrated sensors easily brought up the fact it was meant for cadavers only. Whoever implanted that had to have known before it went in.

    Galeraz sat in fumed silence. Being out in the frontier all his Starfleet career, doctors tended to back up doctors until proven not, same as counselors. Still, as Veastri said, it was a 'stretch' but could be explained, even though, with the cadaver mesh, not really.

    The tablet beeped, then Ondrod returned his attention to it, saying, "There it is... let's see...." He read the report, his eyebrows knitting in concentration. "I believe you may be onto something. The patient went from still and quiet to brash and demanding upon being pressed about the cadaver mesh inside of her. It seemed she said there was nothing wrong with it, use the biochip, and implant it back as soon as possible for her own good. Then she went back to still and quiet, as expected after surgery and recovery of this sort." He frowned, then looked at them, "Have there been other instances of her suddenly acting out, as though not herself? This could mean psychosis and association with the pain and trauma to where she needs it to function."

    "I haven't been her counselor until recently. I can tell you she has been through a lot, but I'm not prepared to make any labels at this time."

    Galeraz remembered being approached by a Wolf from the Merlin, the previous counselor. He now said, "I believe I can help with that. The previous counselor said he had a couple of recorded sessions with Lieutenant Tillatix that could be sent over if needed by Counseling." He handed over the passcode, "That should access them for you."

    Ondrod parsed through the now received counseling records from the Merlin. He grew intense as he read through the observation notes by Major Richard "Wolf" Johnson. He now leaned back, anger seen on his countenance. "The notes by the Merlin's counselors denote forced psychic imprinting, which would then back up the earlier episode. This isn't a psychosis association, but a force perspective situation." He shook his head, "I can see why I am picking up outrage from you three."

    He picked up a roster and glanced over it. "I will go over the recordings from her room later with Counselor... ahh, Dasoda Azai. She is a half-Vulcan/Betazoid and trained specifically for traumatic events. She has training in helping to remove psychic imprints. However."

    Galeraz raised an eyebrow at this and asked the ten thousand dollar question, "However?"

    Ondrod sighed, "It is unknown, as of right now, if Lieutenant Tillatix can be fully freed from those imprints or not. It depends on if she retained her memories or if they got rid of them during the imprints, and any safeguards those imprints have. Still, we must try, to give Lieutenant Tillatix back as much of her life as possible. The only thing is, if she does remember what happened, nothing can be done about it as the courts on Apollonia have sealed everything off. So, please, remember Doctor/Patient confidentiality."

    Galeraz was getting angry. "Nothing, NOTHING can be done? We have recorded everything on the Surgery and what had to be done to rescue the patient from certain death due to that surgery on Apollonia. The medical personnel who did this are a travesty to the profession."

    Caroline reached out and placed a hand in a calming gesture on Galeraz's arm. "They are and we have to tread carefully," she turned to face her friend far more calmness emanating from her than a few minutes again. "If courts have sealed up records this is big. We need to get all the information and there will be a way to find a loop hole. We can consult litigation if necessary, hit back to the court that those records need to be unsealed due to the harmful nature of what was done and on the back of the life saving surgery we have just had to do for the patient."

    Ondrod thought for a second then looked at the Addendum on Sav's file. It was his turn to raise an eyebrow as he said, "Oh, that. I was referring to whatever memories Sav has of the incident and what she tells us, those are under Doctor/Patient confidentiality, as the incident is under court seals. On the surgery, that wasn't part of the court proceedings. You can pursue that to your heart's content."

    Caroline let a small smile out. "Well that's something at least. It sounds like it will be harder for you, Caleb," she said sadly.

    Onrod put the roster down. "This will get going first thing in the morning. For the first counseling session, a good friend and one known counselor should be present with her." He smiled, "Is there anything else?"

    "I would appreciate a transfer of all the records that are not sealed from the Apollonia court please," Caroline said.

    Caleb shook his head.

    Ondrod hrmmed, then said, "I'll see what I can do. Who will take point on this?"

    Galeraz spoke up, "I will. Use my name for contacts and point of reference. As a frontier doctor known for Xeno-biology, inquiries shouldn't raise too many eyebrows."

    Onrod stood up, saying, "Very good. Thank you for coming and getting this setup. Next step is with Counselor Azai."


    Dr. Galeraz Zephyr
    Xeno Doctor
    Outpost 785 on Argelius II
    Visiting Consultant

    Caleb Mitchell
    Chief Counselor
    USS Merlin.

    Dr Caroline Miller
    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Merlin


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