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    In Patient Care transfer

    Posted on Saturday 27 May 2017 @ 00:23 by Lieutenant Galeraz Zephyr Dr. XMD & Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Melody Jones & Commander Caroline Miller

    Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
    Location: Starbase Medical Trauma deck 37
    Timeline: BACKPOST: MD 14: Early Afternoon


    ======= Private Recovery Room - Deck 37, Room 25A1 ======

    Lieutenant Save'ena Amilia Tillatix had been transferred to this private room that was beside Trauma Surgical Suite 37-25A. The first surgery of many hours had been completed and she was transferred to this room, right beside the surgical suite, to bring her to consciousness to verify she was not slipping into a coma, and also to let her body rest from the constant bombardment of chemicals they had been using to remove the Toluene poisoning from her lymphatic and endocrine systems, as well as from her skin.

    During the earlier surgery, the Reconstructive surgery team, who were working with the Reproductive Specialists, had managed to get the one remaining ovary repaired, a second one started in the growth vat, and had recovered eggs eggs to put into the new one when it was ready. They had started on the cosmetic surgery to return Sav to species normal outside looks, but couldn't complete until the poison levels went down. The Urology team was growing her a new left kidney at the same time. All the teams had cleaned up a lot of scar tissues with new tissues grown in the growth vats, but more had still to be done, and would be done, on the next surgery.

    The Neurology Special Team had verified the nerve networks throughout the abdomen and skin connections for the current surgeries, besides making sure there were no detrimental side affects after gently pressing on the brain matter to remove the transporter beacon from within the long term Memory Structure. The ovary and kidney would be put into place after the patient improved. Right now, there was too much other things happening and the patient had to have a chance to heal.

    Thus, the last memories the patient had were of going to sleep under Dr. Caroline Miller's tender ministration of the anesthetic, besides any deep, slow nightmares chasing along within her mind.

    The monitors above the bed showed rapid progress in removing the sedative that kept the patient into a deep sleep. They also showed her Endocrine and Lymphatic systems were at 32% functioning, almost double that of what it was, but not yet where it needed to be for putting in the new organs.

    Sav's breathing deepened as she climbed through the gauzy layers of her mind. She felt movement along her side as she blinked into the dim lights of the room. She cried out a small cry as some of the nightmares, which had chased her even into the almost coma like surgical sleep, came to the fore. But, as her eyes adjusted, she saw a female nurse tucking her in. Female, Andorian, female... Sav relaxed. She glanced to the other side to spy Melody and Caroline. She tried to speak, but her dry mouth and throat didn't let her. She still got out a dry, "Hey... "

    Melody smiled back at her "Hey Sweetie. I told you I wasn't going anywhere." She took Sav's hand a gave it a squeeze. "IT looks like the surgery went really well, right Caroline?"

    "It did but you need to both understand the recovery period of this is going to be long. Save'eena things will not fix overnight," Caroline said seriously. "I am going to have to put you on light duties for a while and we are going to have lots of follow up appointments."

    Sav nodded. She tried to speak again, despite the tickles and the dryness, and managed a dry, airy answer. "Ohkay... t'ank yuh, Doc, vahry much." Sav didn't know that she was speaking her Apollonia swamp dialect, and would for a while as that was the side affect of the endoscope pressing along her brain structure to remove the transporter beacon that had been there.

    Caroline nodded noting her sudden change of accent. Her body had been through so much perhaps her brain was clinging to easier memories to communicate at the moment. She made a note to mention it to Caleb if it continued. As long as they were communicating fine and the instruments showed improvement in her vitals she wasn't going to worry too much.

    Sav gently breathed, not believing how tired she felt even though she just woke up. She now asked, "Can Ah hahve soma wateh? Ana, how lohng wasa Ah out fer? Sehven, Eight, hourahs?" Sav did not know it was customary to give ice chips to major surgery patients as the Medical Research Center had just given her water, not expecting her to be among the living in the foreseeable future.

    "Nearly 24 hours Sav. You have had a very eventful day and I won't lie to you. You have a couple more surgeries we are going to have to do in the next few days once we see some improvement. A kidney and ovary had to be removed and we are regenerating them. They will need putting back in."

    Melody had gone to the replicator and returned with a pitcher of water and a sup which she filled, placing the pitcher on a nearby table.

    Sav gurgled out an "Ohhhhhh" in hearing the news about more surgeries. She wasn't feeling much pain, so they must have her on a drip of pain meds. She didn't realize the kidney and ovary would only need a small area opened up, and so was thinking the docs had left her wide open with everything tied off. She glanced down and saw she was covered, so those in the room were spared that, at least. She now whispered, "Ah must.. Ah must... look lahke ah mess... all flahyed open ana all." She tried to swallow, but everything was too dry.

    Caroline placed a calming hand gently on Sav's shoulder. "No Sav. Stop worrying about that. You were a patient in surgery and we are all professional doctors. Here you need to keep hydrated," the blond doctor said calmly passing her a cup of ice chips. "I need you to keep chewing on these please."

    Sav accepted the cup with her right hand as her left was kept immobilized to help prevent any fresh tears of pulling across her abdomen. She looked surprised at seeing ice chips. Then, the spoon started to move on its own as she used her telekinetics to try and get some chips.

    Melody saw the ice chips move slightly toward Sav, but stopped. "Hey, all you have to do is ask Sweetie" as she passed them the rest of the way. "it's going to take me while to get use to that accent of yours but it is quite beautiful" as she gently ruffled Sav's hair.

    Sav munched on the ice chips, feeling much better and surprisingly cooled off by them. Now that her muzzle had moisture, she was able to speak louder. She looked slightly confused as she replied, "Accent? Ah hava accent?" She now said something just to listen to herself. "Ah do declahre, mah speech is asa normahl asa it gets, ayuh." She hrmphed gently, "Me speech isa of swahmp diahlect. Ah canna seem tah speak normahl Terran." She looked at Caroline and asked, "Is somet'in wrong witha me?"

    "I don't know yet," Caroline said while reading the bio bed feed. "Its possible your brain is just holding on to something familiar while your body reacts and repairs to the trauma. I am going ask Caleb to come see you about it. He is far better placed in this sort of thing than me. Hopefully it will be a temporary situation Sav, so don't panic. Also you are just coming round. You have endured a lot in the last 24 hours. We ..... " she wasn't sure it was the best timing but Caroline always valued truth. "I have to tell you we also found and removed a transporter beacon implant. Have you any idea how or why that was placed inside you?"

    Sav was listening intently to Caroline as she talked about what could be causing her dialect to be there. Her body did jump a little on seeing Caleb. If he pressed her, in her weakened condition due to the surgeries, would she still be able to keep the imprints from taking over? She chewed on some more ice chips as she nodded about the 'last 24 hours', but then Caroline paused. Sav focused intently onto her as she listened to her last statement, and then confusion showed upon her muzzle.

    Sav shook her head and said, "Trahnsporteh beahcon insida me? Why woulda ahnyone do t'at? Ah would nevah authorize such... uhhhh.. ohhhh... tah get back hisun property he paid so much fer..." Sav's voice grew a little deeper as she continued, "which are the ravings of a teenage girl seeking attention. Pay that statement no mind." Sav now snapped out loud to herself, "Bahck off, my mind, nota youruns..." She angrily chomped onto some more ice chips as she sighed out a "Sorry" to Caroline and Melody.

    Caroline didn't really understand what Sav was talking about. She continued trying to get the patient to understand the situation. "It was in you brain Save'ena. Microscopic. Like nothing I've seen before, buried in part of your Hippocampus. The area that is the catalyst for long term memories."

    Sav seemed to freeze in mid chomp upon her ice chips. She tried to unfreeze, inhaling some, and then had a small coughing fit. As it passed, she was moaning in feeling the pains across her body from the surgeries with the cough aggravating them. Some tears spilled over and trickled down her cheeks on either side of her muzzle.

    "Someone put this inside her brain? For what purpose?" Melody asked.

    Sav was breathing hard and slow as she settled down. She shook her head gently, then said, "Ina me long term memahries... heh heh... small bit o' blood, ana memahries gone... bag o' blood, ana me isa gone, froma hemorrhage, no one lookin furtheh thana that. Ah'm glad itsin out..." As Sav did not tie what she said to anyone back on Apollonia, the overlays did not chime in this time.

    Caroline shrugged at Melody. "I think its something for the counselor to talk to her about. Memories is not my forte. A small loss of blood does not wipe memories out," Caroline said perplexed. "She must have a reason for thinking that and its tied up in this ...... well the history of this. How it all came about. We can get engineering to do a through analysis of the device. Its as intact as we could get it. They might be able to throw up some clues as to who manufactured it and its true purpose."

    Sav was beginning to feel really tired. She yawned, then smiled to Melody and Caroline and said, "Ah think me body isa tellin' me tah get some more rest, ayuh." She crunched up her muzzle a bit, then said, "Ah wondeh ifin me speech is basen lahke this froma surgery tah remove teh beahcon. Standahrd should come bahck, Ah reckon."

    Melody took hold of her hand and gave it a supportive squeeze "You get some rest Sweetie, I'll come back and check on you later."

    "Go on," Caroline smiled at Melody. "She's in safe hands and I'll contact you if anything changes."


    Lieutenant Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
    CAG/Uroboros Squadron Leader
    USS Merlin

    Lieutenant Commander Melody Jones
    Executive Officer
    USS Merlin

    Lieutenant Commander Caroline Miller
    USS Merlin


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