Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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Posted on Monday 6 March 2017 @ 04:18 by Commander Melody Jones & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander David Tan & Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix

Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: After Diner and Danger Part 2


Melody stirred and her eyes fluttered open. She found herself not on the shuttle but on a bed in sickbay. She tried to sit up but her head started to spin and she collapsed back down on the bed.

Sensing movement Caroline rushed over to her side.

"Don't move," Caroline stated firmly. "You have a concussion and some second degree burns which I am treating."

In the waiting room outside the multiple smaller treatment rooms, Sav heard movement within the room that contained Melody. She had been cleared to be here for a bit, but then was under admonition to return to her room as she was still recovering from her emergency surgery and in intensive counseling as they sought to make sure no vestiges of the psychic imprints remained. Still, this was for Melody, who had been with her through the surgery and through several counseling sessions.

Sav stood up, but did not rush in. It was better to keep the space open for medical personal to treat Melody and be there for her in case of the worst. Sav did move a little closer, though, so as to hopefully be seen by someone inside so as to be invited in after they made sure Melody was okay and ready to receive visitors.

.. David had showered and changed, thankful to get the almost week-old grim off himself. There was still over an hour before Stephanie and her parents were due for dinner. He got up out of his chair, seeing Lana's eyes following him as he paced across the room and back.

"Go see how she is." his wife said, that second-sense of hers accurately surmising his concern for the ships' Exec. Leaning he kissed her then left their quarters:


Entering sickbay he could already see several Officers seemingly milling around, he wondered if now might not be a good time, after all, she wouldn't be in here if he had refused her help. He knew it was foolish, even stupid, to put the blame on himself, she had free will and could have simply not offered to assist him. He could see that the door to Melody's room was closed so he went to the nurses station:

"Any word on Commander Jones' condition nurse ?"

"They are treating her now Lieutenant, I'm sure the Doctor will have more information soon. You can wait if you like." He thanked the nurse and walked back towards the room. Lieutenant Tillatix was stood beside the door, he nodded to her glancing at the window and those beyond. It was obvious that she wasn't too badly injured, he could see her half reclined on the bio-bed, she was conscious and alert from what he could see, there was no urgency around her which meant she was stable. He'd give it ten minutes, if no-one had spoken to him or Melody herself hadn't asked for him to come in, then he would go to his dinner party and check on Melody later. he was about to turn and leave when he saw her looking at him through the window.

Sav nodded back to Lieutenant Tan. She returned her attention to the room, waiting patiently for a gesture to go in to check up on Melody.

As Caroline moved away, Melody noticed Save'ena and Lieutenant Tan standing in the waiting area. Seeing Save'ena made her smile. She waved the two of them over.

Sav moved up to the other side of Melody's bed so as to let Tan come up also. She put her hands on the railing to help hold herself up as well as see if Melody wanted to have one or not. "Hey, Melody, how are you doing? I heard you took on an EPS conduit, and lost."

Melody reached and took Sav's hand. "Hey Sweetie. I'm ok, just slightly crispy around the edges."

"It's good to see you sitting up, Commander." David said, genuinely relieved, but unsure as to their previous 'first name terms' status during their recent outing, "I have to admit a certain amount of relief, that shock you received would have killed most people, we thought it had done for a few moments until Stephanie managed to coax some semblance of consciousness out of you." he said as the nurse checked her bio-readings.

"You should be commended Lieutenant." the nurse said as she finished, "Neurons receive synaptic inputs primarily onto their dendrites, this function is severely limited during electrical disconnection episodes, or electric shock. Keeping the Commander here conscious allowed her brain function to firstly re-route, then commence the synaptic healing process. As her brain hadn't suffered 'physical' trauma it could begin the process of ...."

"Thank you nurse." David said, a wry smile forming, "But you lost me at synaptic inputs." the nurse grinned and made to leave, turning to Commander Jones as she reached the door:

"Not too long OK Commander, you still need to rest and recuperate." ...

Sav stayed silent and remained just holding Melody's hand. David and Melody had been on the mission, not her. So, she would just listen and be there for support, at least until Melody said to go as per the nurse's orders.

Melody nodded at the nurse, then turned back to Tan

"Well. It looks like the mission was a success David. Please tell Stephanie thanks for looking after me. Has she got back to her parents safely?"

"It was, thanks to your help, I have to admit I was a little skeptical of bringing anyone else into this, given the possible outcomes, but it worked out OK, thanks to your skills in the pilots seat. If you hadn't disabled that second ship before your, accident, I'm pretty sure we would be in their hands now, or worse." David said, nodding to Sav who was listening intently, "Stephanie and her parents are grateful for your help, they are on the Merlin as we speak, and they will likely want to tell you so themselves once your out of here. I have to admit, I'm glad that this wasn't anything 'official' otherwise we'd be writing reports for the next week." he said with a wry grin. He knew he would need to let the Captain know what they had been up to, and the fact that the Exec' got her injuries helping him, but he had the feeling Steph's parents had done so already ...

Sav smiled to David for him filling in the gaps. Being unofficial helped, but still, there was a lot of paperwork for any mission in starfleet. Melody would be up to her eyeballs shortly. She squeezed Melody's hand, then brought it up to her muzzle for a short kiss before bringing it back down to its starting position. Sav snorted out in light humor, "Pilot extraordinaire she is, for sure." She smiled to Melody, "How long can we stay before the nurse chases us out, or my handlers come looking for me?"

Melody gave Sav's hand a squeeze back "You can stay as long as you like. Having you here makes me feel much better." She added with a wink.

She looked back to David "We'll have to go on another little trip sometime, it was rather fun."

He could see that the two women wanted some private time so he took the hint:

"I'm all for another outing, maybe something less strenuous and with a little less casualties. OK, I'll leave you ladies, I have a Family that are expecting me back. We're having Stephanie and her parents over. i'll pass on your thanks to them, but I know that her parents had asked to speak to the Captain expressing their gratitude." he waved as he left and headed back to his quarters ...

Sav waved back, calling out, "Thanks for coming, David." She returned her attention to Melody, "Umm, I need to go get a chair. I don't think I'll.." Sav was interrupted by a nurse bringing over a chair for her, with a tail notch. Sav sat down, letting the nurse fuss over her a bit, then looked back at Melody. "Okay, better, now I think I can stay longer. How long do you think you'll be in here? We have to go do some reentry surfing tomorrow, right?"

Caroline returned and surveyed Sav. "No I'm not clearing her for anything other than recovery tomorrow. No surfing of any kind."

Sav giggled, not sure if Caroline knew she was joking or had taken her seriously. Still, her response came out as the 'straight-man' in a comedy act, and Sav could not help but find amusement in it. She, herself, was not supposed to be out of bed for more than a couple of hours herself as she was still recovering from her earlier major surgery. Sav now had to add, "Shoot, there goes our alligator wrestling and seventy percent off sale at Sacks too. So, movie?"


Lieutenant David Tan
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