Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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CAG - XO - Security - Claw blockers and Stalker

Posted on Friday 31 March 2017 @ 00:04 by Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Melody Jones & Lieutenant JG David Scarlet

Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
Location: Deck 2, Senior Officer Quarters
Timeline: MD38: 1930 Hours


Sav was sitting at the table by the kitchenette, her arms and head on a pillow. Her loose pajama top was pulled up and over her head, making for a funny sight. Behind her, Melody was busy giving Sav a neck and back massage to help with Sav's tension and 'ants', the pins and needles happening as her body got rid of the stored toxins within her skin and far lymph nodes. The doctors had said it would take a full three months to get rid of the buildup, but that by two months the ants should be fully gone. What should be left would be just sporadic numbness here and there.

The door annunciator chime activated. Sav's muffled voice was heard from the table, "Melody, could ya check ona door ana invite t'em in?"

Melody went over to the door and opened it. She jumped slightly as she saw Lieutenant Scarlet on the other side. "David...... I mean Lieutenant. What brings you here?" she tried to sound casual. She hadn't brought up the subject of David with Sav yet and she wasn't entirely sure how she would react. She bit her bottom lip.

"Hello." Scarlet said firmly without a hint of surprise at Lt. Jones opening the door. "We have a few things to discuss. May I enter?"

"P......Please come in" She turned to Save'ena "Sweetie, we... I mean you have a guest."

Sav had heard David's voice at the door and quickly shifted her shirt back down over her back as she sat upright. She churred gently, "Please, come on in, Lieutenant Scarlet." She stretched lightly, then got up to go meet David in the main meeting room of her quarters.

She came up to Melody and David and curtsied to David. She said, "Welcome tah mah ahbode."

"Sav, there's something we need to tell you." Melody shifted, a bit uncomfortable. "In order to draw out our mysterious Peeping Tom who has decided to watch me thought the ships systems, David and I have come up with a plan to make it look like we are involved. Hopefully this will cause whoever it is to make a move."

Sav blinked at this sudden outburst of information from Melody. From 'hello' to 'stalker' caught her off guard for a couple of seconds. She looked between David and Melody, her thoughts trying to catch up.

Scarlet raised an eyebrow. "That sounded non-chalant and casual." He said sarcastically. "I would also assume since we're being so casual about it that you've already cleared the quarters."

Melody winced slightly. 'Silly girl' she thought to herself. If the stalker was watching them now, she just tipped him off to the entire plan.

With David speaking, Sav was able to catch up from Melody helping her with her 'pet ants' crawling under her skin to remembering the stalker that had been watching Melody in Sav's quarters before shore leave started. She looked at David and shook her head in the negative, saying, "Not yet..."

"But I did come here to see how Save'ena is feeling." He said calmly, pronouncing her name correctly as she had requested so many times. "And... if you're feeling up to it... to help with an investigation."

Sav churred at hearing her name pronounced correctly for her birthright. She held up a hand, saying, "One second, Lt. Scarlet..." She moved over to the main desk and touched the surface. Trace routines appeared as Sav closed her eyes for a few seconds. In opening them, she said, "Room secure. No one is monitoring us at this time." On the desk, an alert panel showed activated. She added, "If someone turns on surveillance, the desk will chime with an incoming message from Counselor Azai."

Scarlet nodded and didn't bother bringing up more about Sav's ability to interact with technology on such a direct level. He would have to keep it in mind for the future though. "Understood."

Moving back over to the two, Sav went ahead and sat down in her easy chair, moving it into a more resting position. She smiled to David, "Okay, in answer to your questions, I am doing much better than before we went on leave. I would assume yah had gotten an updahte ona me surgereh tah remove toxic nylon meshes, imprints broken, ana transporter transpondeh ina me brain. Ah just still feel the toluene slowly being pressed out from my skin and extremities, causing it to feel like fire ants eating away under my skin. My pet ants, as it were. I had tah relive t'e experience ofa dungeon ana almost dyin' fer Dasoda tah break the imprints, though, and so I am slightly jumpy feeling a little out of sorts. It comes and goes, though, and getting better."

"It has obviously taken a lot out of you, and your recovery may be a long road... but it is the correct course now so it'll be worth it." Scarlet said with an approving nod.

Sav nodded and replied, "Light Duty isa fer t'ree months fer me body. Counselin isa however long ita takes, probably. Ah gather me first ana only time experience wasa wee tad outa normal, ayuh.. heh." Sav grimaced as she whispered to herself, "Bad Sav.. Bad Sav.. think something else.. something else..." Sav settled down and took in a deep breath, then let it out. "Okay, what investigation and how can I help?"

Scarlet just sighed. "Tell me at any time if it's too much, but I want you to tell me about the claw blockers you wore a while back. They seemed custom made and I want to find out who designed them in the first place." He finished with a bit of a growl to his voice. Save'ena was a part of his crew, and he wanted to have a few words with the people who had done this to a crewmate.

Sav looked down at her hands while a deep blush began appearing on her muzzle. She did a quick shake of her head to clear it even as she said, "At least I can talk ahbout ita now. Twas not able tah befer due tah imprints." She took in a calming breath, then let it out. She looked back up to David, saying, "They were created by Mr. Thompson through his company of Thompson Exotics. When Ah wasa cahptured fer dungeon ana trainin tah become someone else property, to prevent me from using my claws on trainers, he had them put on. Surprising thing was, he ahlreahdy hada t'em mahde fer me whena cahptured. He musta been plahnnin' it fer ahwhile."

Scarlets grip tightened so much that the pad he was holding had started to groan in protest. Animals.

Melody winced but tried to cover it up. She still got chills when she heard Sav talk about her time in the dungeon.

Sav snorted out in light humor, "Ah got plahns whena at Starfleet Medical Center. They were used to prevent me from harming Docs, and when I had access to a computer, Ah manahged tah find plans ana downloahded t'em tah use fer evidence ata trial, but 'evidence' had already been lost and the plans became inadmissible."

She shook her head and whispered 'Inadmissible' as she looked over at the control surface. Her eyes widened as she remembered what happened just a few moments ago and then she looked back to David. She now realized she had accessed the computer without pretending to access routines, in front of the Chief of Security. She panicked, a shocked expression coming over her face, and then pleading eyes looked at David as she said, "Pahlease, Melody Knows, no one else... able tah fly with ships been me only escape, please keep it a secret, I don't want to become even more special than I already am fer slave trade..."

Melody looked to Scarlet to see how he would react.

Scarlet just shrugged. "I just saw you access the console using standard protocol and user interfaces." A slight growl came to voice as he continued. "Besides... as long as you're on this ship and I draw breath you'll never have to worry about the slave trade again."

Looking down at his PADD, Scarlet noticed the slight flickering of the interface. "Besides, the courts only had information from corrupt sources. I want to build a case against all of them, especially the star fleet personnel. More than anyone... they should have upheld some sort of code of conduct and honour befitting the uniform."

Melody nodded. She also had been thinking of how satisfying it would be to see those responsible for Sav's treatment punished. She stood next to David as he went on.

"And if the courts don't like it... there are other ways." Scarlet half mumbled. Accidents do happen after all.

Sav winced at hearing this last part. She closed her eyes, thinking about the meshes, bio bed healing fields off line, the anesthetic going off line in the middle of surgery, the dungeon chores and beatings, in as always, 'other ways' could happen. She shook her head, "No.. pahlease, don't. Too much hasa happened ahlready.. too much. Don't descend tah their level, pahlease."

Scarlet simply frowned and nodded. "Understood Save'ena. I just want you to know that you're safe here... with us. No one is going to harm you." He understood her hesitation and her reaction to what he said needed to be done. However, he also understood that sometimes even the highroad was covered in mud. He could do what needed to be done, and he could keep Save'ena from finding out.

Sav sighed as she drew her legs up to her bosom, wrapping her arms around them. Tear began falling from her eyes as she continued, "Ona courts, everahtin sealed.. Ah lodged ah complaint, Ah did, ana mah reward wasa counselin ana imprints fer me troubles." She looked up at Melody and David, a wan smile appearing on her muzzle, as she said, "But, ona Starfleet Medical Research Center, what happened there is not under court seals. The surgeries, the mesh, the counseling, none of that is under seal by the courts. Does that help?"

"Yes. It does. We can get a copy of that information, and start following it back up the chain." Scarlet replied with a quick nod. He glanced at Melody. "I may need some higher clearances to get all the information, I only ask that you give me a little bit of a wide berth on this." An officer randomly asking for a bunch of files for training purposes didn't raise as many alarm bells as you would think.

Melody moved over and sat down next to Save'ena, putting a supporting arm around her. "Don't you worry about it Sweetie, I'm sure David here will protect you, as will I."

Sav nodded to Melody's words. She replied, "Thanks. I know he, and you, will." She nodded towards David as she asked, "You will help with clearances for him, right?"

Melody looked at David and smiled. "Sure thing."

Sav nodded and replied, "Thank you Melody." She smiled up to David, "And thank you Lieutenant Scarlet, verah much, ayuh."


Lieutenant Save'ena Tillatix
USS Merlin

Lieutenant Commander Melody Jones
Executive Officer
USS Merlin

Lieutenant David Scarlet


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