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Changing responsibilities

Posted on Friday 16 June 2017 @ 14:31 by Commander Melody Jones & Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix

Mission: The Perez Nebula
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 239406.03


Melody had taken some time to reflect on the loss of the 8 crew during the Perez nebula incident. She had also personally contacted the family's of all 8 to express her condolences and tell them how bravely they had served and met their end.

This was the first time Melody had lost someone under her command. She had been told at the Academy that this would happen and she was trying to deal with it as best she could.

In front of her was a also a PADD with a message from Captain Barstow. It had good news on it.

This had brought up a lot of conflicting emotions in Melody, and she had to talk to someone, to get things out in the open. She had decided to talk to Save'ena about this, since she was her closet friend. Also she had some news for her as well.

=/\= Lieutenant Tillatix, could you please report to the ready room. =/\=

=/\= Commander Jones, Lieutenant Tillatix, on my way. =/\= Sav, in the CAG office, was filing the reports for the lost fighters. She knew Melody had already contacted the families, so at least that was taken care of. Still, the loss of any fighter and pilot was a cross to bare for the CAG.

After a few minutes, she arrived at the Captain's ready room. The door opened before she could hit the annunciator, so she stuck her head in and asked, "Hey XO, I'm here. May I please come in?"

"Lieutenant, please come in. First of all we've got some official business so we'll take care of that first."

Melody gestured to the seat on the other side of the desk. "I'm making you the ship Chief flight control officer. You wont loose any privileges or rank as a result of this. I've been very satisfied and impressed with your performance as CAG but as you trained as a bridge command specialist, I believe that you would be making more of your career by being on the bridge.

A large grin appeared on Sav's face when she heard the news. Churrs were coming from her as she responded, "Thank you so much, XO. Yes, I am a Bridge Command Specialist, and flying with my ship is what I have ever desired. Thank you."

Melody managed a smile "I also wanted to show you this." She handed her the PADD. On it was a letter.

Sav took the PADD and carefully read it, knowing something was up as her best friend had a smile upon her face.


FROM:- Captain John Barstow
TO :- Lieutenant Commander Melody Jones, USS Merlin
SUBJECT:- Promotion

Greetings Commander

Unfortunately, I'm required to remain at Starbase 306 for a while longer. I would like to congratulate you and Commander Miller. Effective immediate, both of you are promoted to the rank of Full Commander with all the rights and privileges of said rank.

My mission here is of utmost importance to the security of the Federation................


Sav could hardly contain her joy for Melody. Her eyes were wide open as she whispered out, "Full Commander..." She looked back up to Melody and shouted out a "CONGRATULATIONS!" She continued with, "This is soooooo AWEsome. I am so pleased for you, Melody."

Melody rose from behind the desk and and sat on the sofa on the other side of the room, indicating for Sav to join her. "That brings me onto the second thing I wanted to talk to you about."

Sav gladly got up and went over to the couch to sit beside Melody. She so much wanted to give her a kiss, but couldn't as they were still XO and CFCO.

Melody said, "I want to drop the ranks now. I need to talk to my friend. Being in Command, you have to maintain a certain...... level of emotional detachment. A Commander breaking down in front of her crew just isn't an option. So right now I'm just Melody and your just Save'ena, ok?"

Sav smiled and took Melody's hands into hers. She nodded, saying, "Thank you. I'm all yours, Melody."

"Good" Melody said. Tears then started to run down her cheeks and her breathing become choked sobs.

"I...... let eight people die.........and now I'm being rewarded................" She threw her arms around Save'ena and buried her face into her neck.

Sav put her arms around Melody and held her tight. She put her muzzle over Melody's head, even as she called out, "Computer, lock the door, CFCO command override, emergency and command staff only access."

The door now barred from untimely interruptions, Sav began rocking with Melody. "Shhh, shhh, Melody, Melody, you did NOT LET eight people die, no more than you could let a hovercar fail and kill its occupants, or let a Romulan fire his disrupter to kill another. The crew was in the right place at the right time, doing their tasks willingly and everyone who signs up for Starfleet knows they are only a mission away from death."

Melody brought herself close to Sav, taking great comfort in her words. "I know but I still feel responsible. I'm in Command. My orders placed those people in that situation. I also know I can't control every situation or predict every outcome. If we could we'd be gods. Yet, part of me........ Should I have anticipated the autodestruct going off?

Sav gently kissed Melody on top of her head, "No, no one could know that. Yes, you feel responsible. Yes, you were in command, yes, you are responsible for your crew under you, and yes, it hurts to lose people." Sav almost burst out a giggle, remembering other girls in the dungeons meeting their fates at the hand of those who enjoyed their suffering and deaths. It always hurt, and always let you know you could be next, as Sav almost was. Somehow, she managed to not let her past intervene as she held Melody close. She continued, "Command is a great responsibility. You put the best people you know of into key positions, then let the chain of command do its job. Trust me, each department head is feeling just as you are as they are responsible for the lost crew, just as you are. I lost darned good fighter pilots to a 5000 year old derelict in self destruct mode. Could I control any of that? No. But, it hurts none-the-less."

Melody's ragged breath slowed as she regained her composure. Sav was right. It did hurt, but having her there, hearing her words made Melody feel better. She lifted her head and looked straight into Sav's eyes. "I trust you. Completely. Always. Without question."

Sav gently kissed tears away from Melody's eyes, then put her muzzle onto Melody's shoulder even as she tucked Melody's head onto hers. "Okay, now common, let's get this cry over with as we are both fems, both have emotions, and need a good cry every once in a while." Sav squeezed Melody with her hug, just happy to be there for Melody, and having Melody there for herself.

For the first time since the incident, Melody felt herself finally relax. "Don't let this change." she murmured in Sav's embrace "No matter what happens. Me and you, what we have together. Don't ever let that change."

Sav churred gently, holding Melody, protecting her, her best friend, and possible future wife as well. It was going well with the dates with David Scarlett. Just, she wish they could track down whoever was watching Melody. At least the captain's ready room was one hundred percent secure and they could share and cry together without the perp watching. She whispered in return to Melody, "Always, you and me, no matter the changes around us... may we grow and continue to be together."

As she held her a niggling thought crept into the back of Melody's mind. During bridge officer training, one of the tests was to see if she would order someone to their death to save the ship. Could she...... would she order Sav to her death if it was necessary?

Melody pushed that thought from her mind. She didn't have to worry about anything like that. Not now anyway.

She had heard so many of tale of relationships falling apart because they couldn't cope with differences in ranks or people even transferring to different posts as a result.

She really didn't want that. She would always rather have Sav here, with her.

She took a deep breath "Sweetie. You know my feelings for you. I don't want our personal relationship to be affected by our professional one. Or vice Versa."

She took her hand and looked at her lovingly. "On duty, I'm your Commanding office and I have to treat you as such. When we're off duty......." she lent forward and planted a very passionate kiss on Sav "That's a different story."

Sav churred as she snorted out with a little humor. She replied, "I sure hope so, to both accounts. No way should we let our personal lives interfere with our duty. You know the Mephetian core.... if I need to do something to save the ship, and you, and it means I might not make it back, that is duty and honor. When off duty, I'll slug you for any such suggestion." She leaned in and gave Melody a kiss, "Duty is a difference of knowing the need and acting upon it for the needs of the ship and crew rather than self preservation. I know it, with all my heart." She gave Melody a light kiss, then asked, "So, after duty.... shift..."

Melody get a devilish smile on her face. "How about this evening you come over to mine for dinner. Then afterwards we can......" she now whispered breathlessly in her ear "celebrate properly."

Sav churred, "I think that can be arranged... let me check my schedule.." Sav scrunched up her face, saying "nope, nope, nope, okay, evening all clear, just for you."

Melody stood and straightened her uniform. She sighed "Back to business for now I suppose. Computer, release the door lock."

Sav shook herself to get her fur and uniform into proper alignment. She looked up at her commanding officer with an expectant expression.

Melody thought for a moment. "On second thoughts, I've decided that your rank is not suitable for your new position." Melody moved back over to the captains desk and removed a small wooden box from a side draw.

Sav raised an eyebrow, the churrs dying from her chest. As the previous CAG position had been of a higher position than the CFCO, and even though she was the first Lieutenant CAG in history as CAG's were generally Commanders or Captains, she should have expected that there was no way Melody would be able to keep her at her rank of Lieutenant. So, she steeled herself for the demotion to Lieutenant J.G. and resolved to return to Lieutenant as quickly as she could.

As Melody came back with the box, Sav reached up to remove one of her pips so it could be exchanged for the half pip showing Lt. jg. She nodded to Melody, saying, "I'm ready for the new rank, Sir," even as she reached out with the full gold pip in readiness for exchange.

Melody raised an eyebrow before continuing "Therefore I'm promoting you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander." She opened the box to reveal the half pip to be in addition to Sav's two solid gold pips.

Sav was astonished at hearing the words of her new, higher, rank. She blinked, then murred in surprise, "Lieutenant Commander? So, this is in addition..." Sav grew a big smile upon her face as she accepted the pip. She reached up and put back on the second gold pip, then added the third half pip. She rubbed her fingers over the three pips, not truly believing they were there, yet. She turned and beamed to Melody, "Thank you so much, Melody... I mean, Commander Jones. Thank you so much."

Melody extended her hand to Sav "Congratulations on your new position Commander. I won't keep you from your duties any longer."

Sav stood up and gracefully accepted the hand, and resultant handshake. She replied, "Thank you sir. It is so good to be flying the Merlin for you, Commander, XO. I won't let you down."

Melody smiled. "That thought never occurred to me. Just don't scratch the paintwork." She echoed the words Barstow had told her when she had taken the position. "Dismissed."

Sav saluted, then did an about face, mindful of her tail. She strode to the door and went through it as it opened. However, as she was most of the way through, she stopped, momentarily, to shake her tail twice in affirmation, then once in commitment for that evening's entertainment. Her tail responses performed, she finished going through the entryway and the doors shut behind her.


Commander Melody Jones
Executive officer
USS Merlin

Lieutenant Commander Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
Chief Flight Control Officer
Bridge Command Specialist
USS Merlin


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