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    Lunch and a Proposal

    Posted on Thursday 26 July 2018 @ 18:44 by 1st Lieutenant Cara O'Reilly MD & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix

    Mission: Academy Days
    Location: San Francisco, Tera Solar System
    Timeline: Sunday, September 23rd, 2090


    Sav was sitting on a bench outside the dormitories. She was dressed in a nice knee length dress of a lighter green, with a darker green sash running from her left shoulder to her right hip. Underneath she had on a grey shorts for just in case of the errant stray wind. Her hair was done up in a pony tail with a slightly darker green bow to be between her dress and sash in color. Her accompanying purse was a forest green, with black two inch heal shoes and striped green socks mid thigh. She rather liked how she looked in this outfit that Rina had helped her find. And, it was fitting, as she was sitting here to meet with Rina.

    Sav churred gently as she watched a Varied Thrush inspecting a bush nearby. She liked the golden chest feathers, blue back with grey face markings of this bird. It was migratory to the region, and fall was the best time to find it. And, looking for this bird was why she was out here early for meeting Rina. She laughed gently to herself. She was not sure why Rina asked to meet her, and told her to dress nice, but she readily agreed to it. In all honesty, the only times she got out was when Kachiko or Rina would take her out somewhere, or she was roped into being duty wingman for girl cadet outings. And, she always, always let Kachiko know when and where. She was not ever going to risk another outing like her first one after a week at the academy.

    Sav closed her eyes to feel the sunlight upon her face. It was nearing 10:30 am, meeting time, and the sun was feeling good upon her fur. She quit worrying about Rina, knowing the spritely Caitian would show up on her own schedule. She only hoped this was not about her birthday, which was today. She turned twenty today. She had not celebrated any birthdays since her 16th. Right before her 17th birthday was when her 'incident occurred', when she was still sweet 16. Of course, the courts kept saying 17, so she did as well, but it happened a little over a month before that birthday. Sav suddenly had to stifle giggles as she thought about what such a birthday present she had received for getting ready to turn 17, what such a present.

    Rina stood behind a tree and watched Sav for several minutes. She loved how the girl looked with the sunlight dancing off of her fur. She fondled the small box in her pocket...her palms perspiring...her mouth dry. What if she was wrong? Was she making a huge mistake?

    A week ago she had learned that she was up for early advancement due to her high grades. That meant she would be graduating ahead of Sav. That also meant that she would receive her assignment first. When she first heard this she thought that that would work out well because it would give Sav time to arrange for the same assignment but that idea was soon dashed when she learned that the only way an upper classmate and a lower classmate...even if by only a year...would be assigned the same post would be if they were married. Even blood relatives did not get permission for same assignments if they didn't graduate together. And, even though Sav's grades were great....Rina had done so much extra credit work that she had gained enough advancement points to join the Junior class at the start of the second semester. So Rina had done a lot of thinking about what to do. Leaving Sav behind wasn't an option so she made a bold decision and decided that Sav's birthday was the day to implement it.

    Drying her hands on her shirt tails, then tucking them into her waistband, Rina picked up and acorn from the ground then came out from behind the tree and tiptoed over to the daydreaming Sav. Clearing her throat she said, "I'd offer a penny for your thoughts but all I have is this acorn," which she tossed into Sav's lap. "What are you pondering so deeply?"

    Sav seemed surprised at seeing Rina there as she looked up at her. She shook quickly to get herself under control. She stood up to give Rina a hug and said, "Thanks for the acorn, but, nothing really. I was just remembering a small detail about my 'incident', and it struck me as funny, tis all." She nipped Rina's neck, then stepped back and asked, "So, am I dressed okay for the occasion? You still haven't stated why or what, just that we are going out."

    Rina kissed Sav on the tip of her nose, wanting to kiss her lips but refraining from the PDA. "In...out....something like that. You look beautiful," she said, twirling Sav around like a ballerina.

    Sav blushed at the beautiful comment, then churr laughed as Rina spun her around. Sav always felt ugly, no matter who said she looked pretty, from what happened to her. But, Rina knew her intimate looks, helped her with an embarrassing problem when it arose, and did nothing to demean her, so with Rina saying it, she did feel 'beautiful', if just for a moment.

    "Come on," she laughed and took Sav by the hand as she led her down the walkway to a small vehicle parked against the curb, its emergency flashers flashing so that the campus police wouldn't ticket it for illegal parking. "Your chariot, my lady," she said as she opened the door and stepped back.

    Sav did a curtsy and then stepped into the hovercar, giggling while saying, "You're most kind, Sirrah." She scooted over to give Rina room. After Rina was in, Sav reached up to take Rina's jaw into her hand and moved it so they were facing each other. She now gave Rina a kiss on the lips, and stated, "I felt you wanted to do that, just not in open public, so in the car, I took the initiative. My culture allows kissing between intimate friends, honest."

    With a smile, Rina put her arm around Sav's shoulders and said, "V195...proceed to the coordinates I gave you," and the car pulled away from the curb and made its way through the campus traffic.

    Sav snuggled against Rina, only half listening to her instructions to the Hovercar computer. That was the main thing Sav missed from Apollonia, you drove the hovercars, while on Terra, they drove you around. She shifted her head to give Rina a nip on her neck, then hoping that Rina knew, yet, hoping she didn't, Sav asked, "So, something special about today for you?"

    "Every day with you is special," Rina said as the car pulled onto the expressway and sped out of the city.

    Sav churr-giggled and replied, "Tis the same with yah." She settled back to be snuggled up against Rina, enjoying being out with her.

    Soon they were gliding across the bay on the iconic Golden gate Bridge and Rina pointed to the skyline of the city they were leaving. "I forget how impressive San Francisco is," she said.

    Sav opened her eyes to look out where Rina was pointing. She churred and replied, "Wow... that IS impressive." Sav, herself, had never really took the time to look as she preferred outdoor areas, but, still, the city silhouette was impressive.

    A minute later the car left the bridge and the expressway and began traveling up a road that wound around the base of the hill. Forest on one side of them and the bay on the other. Soon the community of houseboats disappeared and gave way to beaches and surf carved cliffs and rock formations with an occasional seal perched on top. The car slowed and turned into a viewpoint that seemed to float over the side of the cliff. The doors opened and Rina slid out, extending her hand to Sav. "Grab that basket on the floor on your way out," she said, referring to the wicker basket at Sav's feet.

    Sav reached down to grab the basket with her right hand as she reached out to grab Rina's extended hand with her left. She gladly let Rina help pull her out of the car. Now up and standing by Rina, she took in the sights about her. She murred in pleasure, her churrs a constant low noise in her chest, almost like purring. She said to Rina in an exotically, husky voice, "This is beautiful, Rina. An outstanding spot for a picnic, with an outstanding lady who I am so glad is my BFF. So outstanding.... "

    Rina led Sav down a flight of stone steps to a sand covered outcropping of rock. She looked to make sure Sav was keeping up then moved to a very narrow path that wound through the brush. It hadn't been used a lot so there were some rough spots but Rina held out her hand and guided Sav over them. Soon they stepped onto the sandy beach at the bottom of the cliff. It was an small cove with cliffs for walls and rocks jutting up through the surf to protect them from the spray as the waves crashed against them. They had a clear view of the San Francisco skyline, Alcatraz Island and the Golden gate Bridge on one side and the remnants of what used to be the Oakland Bay Bridge on the other. A few seagulls soared over head and their cries and the occasional bark of a seal echoed in the cove. The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun was soothingly warm. The smell of salt water and sage brush scented the air.

    Sav gladly followed Rina down the steps and through the trail to the spot she picked out for the picnic. She reached down to help but was shooed off by Rina. Sav did not understand why Rina had to do everything for her today, but, Sav decided as it was her birthday, even though nobody knew about it (Her thoughts), she might as well enjoy it. So, she went over to an outcropping and sat down in the sunlight, her legs tucked under her. She closed her eyes to hear the surf crashing nearby, feel the salt spray of the ocean tickle her nose and mouth, while her whiskers vibrated from the relentless assault by the waves coming in.

    Rina took over the job of preparing their blanket and spreading out their meal. When she finished she looked over at Sav sunning herself on a nearby boulder and smiled. As she got to her feet she checked her pocket and walked over to the boulder. Leaning over Sav, she gently kissed her on the lips.

    Sav was surprised at the feel of Rina's lips against hers. She had accidentally dozed off, feeling at ease in this spot while being out and about with Rina. She reached up to hold Rina's cheeks in her hands, returning the kiss and even tasting a little of Rina's lips. Opening her eyes, she shyly said, "That... that was nice.. ornery, but nice. T'anks."

    "Care to join me?" Rina asked, gesturing towards the picnic.

    Sav got up with Rina helping her and went over to the spread out feast before her. She squealed out, "It.. LooKS.. GREAT..... RINA RINA RINA... wow, yer pullin' out ala stops today... making me feel really special.. ah will haveta take yah shopping later tah return the favor, m'kay?"

    Rina wasted no time. She took Sav's hands in hers and dropped to one knee.

    Sav's head tilted as her body stilled. Why the heck was Rina dropping to a knee before her? Weren't they supposed to sit at the picnic blanket and partake of the bountiful feast before them?

    Transferring Sav's hand to one of hers, Rina reached into her pocket and took out the small velvet box. "Savvie...you are the love of my life and I can't imagine spending one day...even one hour without you," she said, emotion thickening her voice. "I start the next semester as a Junior do next year will be my last at the Academy. By next Spring I will know my permanent assignment. The only guarantee that you will be able to join me will be if we are married." She used her thumb to flip open the box and held it up to Sav. "So, my love....will you marry me?" she asked. Then....without waiting for an answer, she added, "it's all been arranged. I have talked to the Chaplain and he can get us a license and we can be married next Friday."

    This sudden marriage proposal caught Sav completely off guard. She knew she and Rina had been getting very close, with intimacy, but she had been viewing everything in the Mephetian way, as in Rina becoming a bonded wife so that when a male chose to marry them, they would be a package. How could Rina marry her when Rina wasn't a Male?

    Sav grabbed Rina's hand into both of hers. She was blushing furiously and trying to figure out how to tell Rina of her feelings without breaking Rina's heart? She licked her suddenly dry lips. She now managed to speak, "Rina, I... this is so... I mean... shoot.. we can't marry... not yet.. I mean... yes, I love you.. but.. as bonded... not as male... and my body... I'm not ready."

    Rina stared with her mouth open and let go of Sav's hands, letting her own fall to her lap as she sat down on the ground. "Bonded? What the hell.....I don't understand," she muttered and closed her eyes trying to grasp what had just happened.

    Sav went down to her knees and wrapped Rina into her arms. She churred, trying to bring comfort to her hopefully still wife lover.. if she could. "Bonded... bonded is Mephetian custom for wives together... when a Male asks either you or I to marry, we come as a set, if you agree to such. I see you as my bonded, my wife lover... but you aren't male, we can't have kitlings, I cannot marry you... and I can't marry a male right now either, not with this damnable mesh inside... I would slice him to ribbons if we tried to consummate our marriage... heck, I would slice you to ribbons if you tried anything with me as I have done for you... I don't want that.. I don't want that..."

    All that registered in Rina's mind were the words, "I cannot marry you." She swallowed hard against the lump in her throat. She felt stupid for not having researched Sav's culture before making a complete fool of herself. She shook her head. Looking at Sav she said, "sorry, sweetheart. I don't do menage a trois. I am monogamous. And I definitely don't do males. I am not maternal by any means and have never planned to have children."

    Sav's mental process went for a loop. She did not know what menage a trois was, but did know monogamous. She was also, one male for the wives so all would remain clean, have kitlings, and raise them in an environment that would allow the kitlings the best chance of growth and becoming outstanding citizens. However, she was floored by 'don't do males', which was followed by the 'never children'. Those concepts were very foreign to Sav, her entire culture centered around the male and becoming the most wonderful female of all, a mother. She tried to say something, but nothing was forming.

    Rina got to her feet and walked over to the blanket looking down at the spread she had had prepared at Sisko's Creole Kitchen...a popular haunt for Cadets. "This was supposed to be a celebration of your birthday and our engagement. I'm sorry I assumed we were on the same page." She shook her head again and walked out to where the waves ended and began rolling back into the bay.

    Sav was able to turn her head to follow where Rina went, but she remained frozen in place. Her mind was under assault by the alien concepts created by Rina, what Diostros took from her, and that devilish mesh preventing her from ever marrying a male, or female for that matter, until it dissolved. Hot tears began go flow down her cheeks from the emotions sundering her within.

    The sand under Rina's bare feet was cool and she dug her toes into it as another wave lapped at her feet. "You can eat if you want. I've lost my appetite," she said, sadly as a tear escaped and ran down her cheek. She, quickly, wiped it away.

    Sav turned her head away and looked down at her lap. Tears now flowed faster from the hot drops to a more steady stream. She heard a sob and realized it came from her. She was a Mephetian, one sworn to protect and help others, and she just tore up her best friend, and one whom she wanted to become bonded with. And now she learned that Rina would never, never, ever become a bonded with her as she was into girls only. Sav was lost, and the thought trampled through her mind was, 'Outstanding, Sav, another great present to you... not enough to lose your hymen, almost your life, your ability to marry for your 17th birthday, now on your 20th birthday, your grasp of someone to be dear is torn asunder as you kill her emotionally and scar her forever... welcome to your AFUed life, Darling Sav.'

    She managed to quietly say, "Mine is gone too. I... love you as a dear, intimate friend, a bonded, I guess as a wife would be looked at, but, I want kits, I need a male for completeness... and in my needs, I have hurt the one I love... I know there is nothing I can say that will give you any solace... tis the way of the universe peeing on my life. I.." Sav paused, then continued, "No matter what you do, say, or want from this point on, Rina. I, myself, will always be your friend, your intimate, your bonded help. You may slap me, hurt me, kill me, give my pelt to Diostros, I don't care... I have hurt you and I cannot undo it. *sighs* I.. am sorry.. and am me. If.. If you need to request another room from me, please, do so. But, if you want a trusted intimate BFF, one who carries no malice, and one who will love you till you leave on the next path of your journey, I am yours, Rina, I am yours."

    Rina was full of conflicting emotions so she simply turned and said, "yeah. Maybe," and began tossing the food to the birds. She gathered up the blanket with the plates in it instead of putting them in the basket and began the trek back up the cliff stairs. Soon they were back in the vehicle for their silent ride back to the Academy.


    Cadet Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
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