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The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

Mission Day:
MD 3, Early
Academy Days


  • Research Station

  • Speed:
  • Full Impulse

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

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    Pt 1 of 3: Quandary - Crew Seeking Exploding Consoles

    Posted on Tuesday 16 October 2018 @ 00:46 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Lieutenant JG Marbim Rejal
    Edited on on Tuesday 22 January 2019 @ 19:40

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: USS Merlin - Deck 3 Briefing room, Deck 1 Main Bridge
    Timeline: 23950826 - After Briefing on New Borg


    Sav followed Miles out of the Briefing room and towards the Turbolift. As she came up beside him, she said, "Actually, you wanted to see my console first, right? Scans of it, and then to the Engineering workshop."

    When they entered the turbolift, Sav touched the controls and the turbolift chimed out in its computer generated voice, "Destination, Bridge." It began moving up two decks.

    As it did, Sav said to Miles, "I like the details of your facial ridges.. they are nice.. and different from a couple of other Cardassian ridges I have seen. Is that one way you tell each other apart, the really neat pattern in them when you shift your eyes across the face?"

    Miles smiles and runs his hand over his face. "I never thought about it, but I think it has to do with the regions, or areas, and even bloodlines from whom we come from. I have seen some with almost no markings, which is not such a good thing. Mine mimic my grandparents' markings, and they come from a long line of scientists, scholars, and teachers. Thank you for noticing though, most people who see my face flinch or cringe away, as my race isn't too highly regarded at this point in time." Looking down at his padd for a moment, he then looks back up at her with a mischievous grin, "And yes, I would like to get a look at your console. Having seen some of the older ones in the museum at the Academy, I have a few ideas of ways to make sure you don't end up with another chest full of shrapnel."

    Sadness passed over Sav's muzzle and face when he said about how others looked at him. However, she brightened at the grin cast her way. She now responded, saying, "That is not right, treating a person as what is perceived about their race instead of them being an individual. Each is to their own, and a person should treat another based on the content of their character, not their appearance." She looked down at her chest, then back up to Miles and finished with, "And, yeah, this made the fourth time for shrapnel in the chest, I really don't want there to be a fifth, truly."

    The turbolift stopped and opened on the bridge. Sav led the way out and over to her console. Surprisingly, her console was rather intact. It was the console beside it that had given up the ghost. Sav leaned over it while steadying herself with a hand on its side. Of course, as she did this, she unwittingly showed curvacious backside to miles, as well as how her tail came out of her uniform, moved down a little, curved back up, and then curved over just at her ear height.

    Sav now moved aside a little and pointed out to Miles where an EPS junction used to be. "There.. for some reason, a main power conduit is routed into the base of the console with a junction box link to provide power for the console. That junction box is rated at 2x power level for surges.... of the console rating, not the main power conduit rating. Thus, and surge of greater than eight percent of main power can take out the junction box, and anything greater than fifteen percent lights up its life, as in kablooey. Why didn't they keep the main power conduits in armored runs and use emergency power conduits for the consoles, but with the junctions in the runs and not in the consoles? I... just don't understand."

    Typical male ... Miles says 'Huh, oh sorry," as he gets caught admiring some of Sav's nicer points. Then he tries hard to look impressive while blushing alot, "The power issues stem back to Captain Kirk's days. Their control systems were all electronic, so the buffers in place did fine. When Stafleet moved away from electronic systems and began using plasma to power everything, i dont think anything did the math about 'what happens when,' considering what we now know about the Borg, it almost would make sense to return to electronic consoles, its something they couldn't readily assimilate as its all wires and buttons. Maybe that is something we could do..." Miles gets a blank look on his face, and Sav can tell the gears in his head are working, "What was Voyagers weird shuttle called again, hmmm, oh yah, the Delta Flyer. It had both current and older electronic style controls and consoles. Maybe we could borrow from the specs when we get down and dirty making new consoles..."

    Sav has her head tilted gently to the right as she listens to, while studying, Miles. While his skin made it harder to see a blush, Sav saw it while catching the projected 'I am' to her. She found it cute and enjoyable, and then realized she found .. it.. cute.. and.. enjoyable. No trepidation as it would be before. She was handling herself around males better. Of course, it helped that there had not been any Cardassians shopping for sex slaves in Mr. Thompson's dungeon, but that didn't cross Sav's mind.

    She replied, "That could be interesting, using a mix of comp modules and electronic modules. That would be less power intensive and also allow for more direct control with less hacking stopping that control. Of course, we still need to move the plasma conduits back to power routs and use taps from there, or the next surge will wipe everything out again anyway." She churred, the cross between a purr and a rolling r sounding erotic and exotic coming from her chest, and then added, "You're cute when you blush and posture.. and I didn't flinch from it. Nice."

    Miles smiles, and its a genuine one. "I have had difficulties understanding dating and mating rituals amongst other races, especially while at the academy, so I'm glad i'm doing it right this time." He sits on the floor to get a better view of the power cables/conduits running up from underneath the floor and down from the console to the floor. "What if we put in a buffer here, at the floor, so that when a surge of plasma or power in general comes, that it gets shunted to someplace else, like a battery, or a biogel pack that can store the energy for use later, that way the console wouldn't blow up, although it might still take damage." He looks up at Sav and that mischevious grin spreads to his whole face, "So, do the stripes on your tail designate something, or do they just add to your cuteness and sex appeal?"

    It was Sav's turn to blush lightly herself. She answered his question first, "My stripes are ofa familial trait. All Mehphetiahns have strahpe pahtterns ina tails, mah fahther has two stripes, mah mohther three, so Ah have two.. and.. umm, Ah ama glad Ah can ahppreciate yer flirt now... befer t'e surgeries ana imprint removals... Ah was not feelin aneh sort of cute ora smexy." She shrugged lightly and added, "Ah wasa lahke yah, difficulties dating or pursuin' guys because of what happened to me. I am better now, though." She pointed down to the blasted chunks of metal near the power conduit. "And, that was a buffer, rated two times console rating, and it blew from the surge and took the console out. We really need to get that power conduit away from here... and, sorry about my speech. It switches behtween mah accent ana crisp Tehrran from mah brain being pressed upon whena docs removed transporteh Beahcon from mah long tehrm mehmories. Been gettin' bettah, though."

    Miles gulps, and has a worried look on his face, "Someone put a transport beacon in your head, what sick and twisted individual did, dont tell me and forget I asked, I do not want this pleasant time together to go terribly wrong because I can't not ask questions..."

    Sav flinched at Miles words even as small trembles passed through her body. She let out a sad yet satiric giggle as she replied, "heh heh, more sick and twisted than you can even realize... heh heh.. with all he and they done to me." She took in a shuddering breath, then let it out with her eyes closed as she composed herself. She took a couple of even breaths and said, "Yeah, let's not go there and keep it nice for now. Maybe.. later... but not now."

    She seemed past the sudden mood as she once more looked at his face and asked, "So, what about lowering the power conduit beneath the console, a shunt buffer coupler connected there, then a buffer coupler inside the console to power the console. That way if a surge takes out the shunt, the above buffer can handle the remaining surge and also be a shield if the shunt explodes. Less damage to the console, and damper foam panels under the console top to help prevent shrapnel damage. Much less chance of getting body scramble by shrapnel again, yes?" Her face softened as she added, "Are my natural churrs pleasant sounding for you?"

    Miles lays flat on the floor and shoves as much of his head and upper torso into the floor to see how much space is available for the buffers and such that they are discussing. He also wants to get an idea of what else is under the flooring in this section to see if there is some way to buffer the empty space without causing any issues. I guess that leaves his backside exposed. When Sav asks about her 'churrs' he chuckles, "I do like them. To tell you the truth, everytime you've made one since I met you, I've gotten a warm feeling in my chest, thus why I asked you to dance, and am, well, courting you I believe is the correct term."

    Sav murrs gently as she gets a good look at Miles tight glutes and well formed lower back and thighs. It is always very nice to see a guy keep himself in shape. She giggle churrs gently, the sound becoming even more erotic than the usual mixture of exotic/erotic. She finishes her unusual sounds with a, "Ah t'ink yer rahght, Sirra."

    As Miles climbs back out of the floor, he starts at her feet and looks up her body very slowly, "There is something about you that appeals to me greatly, you are quite beautiful. As to what's in the floor, I believe there is enough "empty space" that we may be able to fill with dampening foam to help absorb some of the damage and kinetic energy that hits the bridge when we get shot. I haven't quite explored the Merlin yet, do we have a Ten Forward like the Enterprise, or a kitchen and eating area like Voyager, I was wondering if you'd like to share a meal with me...once we're done working on our brainchild."

    As Miles eyes look at her feet, Sav tilts her head questioningly at why for her feet. However, as his eyes climb, she starts to blush a little, even as unconsciously her training in the dungeon comes to the fore. As his eyes climb, she shifts her body to the side a touch while opening her legs and straightening her back to bring forth her chest a little while still in her crouch. Her hands come up to each knee to be palm up to show no claws, while her head moves down and shifts to the left to prevent her from looking into her 'master's' eyes. The pose was a harem pose to tease at glimpses of the slaves wares to a prospective buyer without outright showing them off, yet. Even as her body reacted this way, her mind was active on what Miles told her and she answered, "Ah ama beautiful? Th-thanks. Uhh, yer backside tis verah nice as well, umm, ifin a lady is allowed tah say such." She managed to break out of training to now look over into his eyes, smiling. "It's been a while fer datin', thanks. On sharin ah meal, dehfinehtly. So, did you take a scan of the space so we can go to the workshop to create a mockup and try our ideas?"

    Seeing her in such an odd pose, Miles reaches out and and 'helps' her to stand tall, then he runs his hand softly down the left side of her face. "Yes, beautiful. That's a word not used oft by my race, yet one I learned about when I first entered the academy. The architecture, the artwork, the ships, my heart soared during those few first years. It soars now." He gives a slight bow to her as he removes his hand from her face, then adds "Milady, shall we retire to a workroom, I have the dimensions of what we have to work with in my head."

    Sav gets up with him guiding her up, but then his hand comes up to the left side of her face. She flinches away from the hand, but then manages to quell herself to let the hand touch, then stroke down her face. 'Not a slap.. feels nice' runs through the back of her mind. She looks questingly into his eyes as he speaks to her, even as her light blush gets becomes darker. She opens her muzzle to speak, but does not know what to say. However, this does give Miles the chance to see her very needle like front teeth, then with the omnivorous side and back teeth. She manages to close it, then says demurely, "Ah ama at ah loss fer words... Ah am glad I can give your heart reason to soar, and mine to feel wanted and pretty.. thanks."

    She reached up to squeeze his hand, then snorts out in a light laugh, saying, "And, while I am loving this, we are on duty and need to get to the workshop. I have the dimensions and electronics scanned on my wrist computer, Tilia, and we can input everything directly into the holofield of the workshop to create a 3d model of the two forward consoles to manipulate and create hard copies of our findings for the Captain and XO. Shall we head to deck 30 with an Engineering Support Lab reserved in our name?"

    Miles gets a funny look on his face as he stares at her wrist, "Your wrist computer has a name, how cool." He's obviously tech-geeking out. "And yes, let's retire to a workshop to see what we can do." He'll make sure he grabs his padd, and any large chucks of her console cover that is intact enough to scan for an idea he has.

    Sav churred as he got excited over Tilia. She went with him side by side off of the bridge. As she did, she brought up her left wrist and rotated it. The wrist computer looked like a crystalline sculpture as it was made of crystalo-ceramic electronics and materials. It looked like it was formed around her wrist even as various small muted lights chased about the internal circuitry of the device. "It's an L'Tandrey wrist computer. As it is psi based, Ah can interact with her with my stunted telepathy and of course my telekinetics." Now on the turbolift, she reached behind her to touch the panel and the turbolift voice said, "Deck 30, junction 3, engineering support labs."

    Sav now reached up to touch a part of the surface and an interactive holographic display was now seen above her wrist computer. "This isa Tilia's interactive display when Ah ama needin' tah show sometin'. Otherwahse, ah just see t'e display ina me head and interact witha her t'at way."

    Hesitantly Miles will reach out to touch the computer, "She's beautiful, just like you." He will then clear his throat and look elsewhere for a moment then add, "Sav, I, um, I don't know how to ask and not be blunt, something Cardassians are being good at I guess. Who hurt you. I feel as though each time i touch you, you are experiencing some dark memory. You dont have to tell me if you wish, I will respect that, and i'm not going to stop flirting until you say so, but if we are to continue this relationship, then I dont want to do something that will hurt you, or bring you pain."

    The turbolift stopped and announced, "Deck 30, Junction 3, Engineering Support Labs 1 through 5." The doors opened and Sav took a hold of Miles hand. "T'is way, common, to the Suhpport Labs, then ahnswers, ayuh." She led the way to support lab 4, where a seal lock was upon it. She touched it and the doors opened for them. She grinned as she said, "Ah reserved it fer us, ayuh. Entre' vous, pahlease."

    Miles smiles and scrunches his face as he says slowly, "Merci beaucoup belle." He then wanders through the door.



    Commander Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    Bridge Command Specialist
    USS Merlin

    Lt JG Marbim "Miles" Reja;
    Chief of Operations
    USS Merlin


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