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The New Collective
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The New Collective

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MD 3, Early
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    Exploration of a Date Part 1 of 2

    Posted on Tuesday 13 November 2018 @ 05:06 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Lieutenant JG Marbim Rejal
    Edited on on Tuesday 22 January 2019 @ 20:28

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Officers Mess
    Timeline: 23950826 - Following Quandary posts


    Having completed their task of redesigning a command console to not explode and injure or kill its user during combat and other situations, Miles holds Sav up to her end of the bargain and follows her to the Officer's mess area with a view of the space nearby. Sav waits for Miles to seat her, then smiles to him as he is seated. It was now waiting on a Culinary Specialist (or CS) to come by to take their orders. She had her replicator card handy so Miles and she could have a bowl of Schtarksian Stew with an Irish Bread pudding for dessert. She also knew that in the officer's mess, anything that could be gotten for the recipe from hydroponics would be used in their meals' creation.

    With their findings in one hand, Miles again reaches for Sav's free hand. "I was lucky you know. My grandparents lived far enough out of town that I could see most of the night sky from the roof. Watching the interplay of the stars at night is what made me want to leave Cardassia. I wanted to see what was beyond that veil above me." He looks down and blushes as he adds, "Of course I thought I'd be part of the Cardassian military which means I would have never got to meet you, nor have the opportunity to do what you and I just did, be experimental and try out new radical ideas." As he rubs her knuckles, Sav can tell he is nervous, "Will you tell me more about your growing up, until I first saw you, I'd never heard of your race, but you captivated my attention...I feel like I'm bungling this already..."

    Sav churr-giggles even as a light blush deepens upon her muzzle. She responds, "Nope, not bunglin', doin' fine." She looks up at the just arriving CS PO3. She hands him the data chip with the recipe and replicator data upon it and says, "Here you go, Petty Officer D'Andre. Two bowls of Schtarksian Stew, with the bowls being sourdough, ana Bread Puddin' fer dessert, bein' liberal witha spirits, pahlease."

    CS PO3 D'Andre smiles and nods. "Coming right up, Commander Tillatix. Be back in a jiff." He moves off to get their order.

    Sav now returns her attention to Miles. She churrs gently, thinking bout the time before Biggie Thompson had gotten ahold of her. "Well, Ah was born ona Apollonia ina Federation. Mah Parents immigrated there from L'Tandrey Protectorate in followin some friends, races of Sarteef, Sumerian, ana Kalentois. Theyun were tah only Mephs. Asa only Mephs, mah Father only had Mah Mom as wife, so weun were considered Nuclear Core Mephetian family. Mah Father got a job at spaceport, mah Mother isa Romance Novel Writer, so mah family isa considered middle class. Ah have an Older Brother, Veador, a younger sister, Kendra, and a younger brother, Estian. Estian is the youngest." She paused a moment, then asked, "Do yah have any brothers ora sisters? Why for with yer grandparents instead of parents?"

    Looking down at the table, Miles starts softly. "My mother died in childbirth, mine. I've never been able to ferret out who my father is or was. Because of their renown, and due to some powerful friends, I was given into the care of my grandparents rather than fostered by the Government. They're horticulturists, my grandparents. Issa, or Nan as I call her, works with scientists on Bajor to develop stronger grains that can be harvested in shorter time, due to the damage that my people caused to most of the farmlands on Bajor. My grandfather, Lutrak, or ChouxChoux as I called him, also works with several medical companies to create more homeopathic solutions in the face of so many injured that still exist across space after all the battles and wars we have had. Their passion though is their private greenhouse. They use it to grow the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen," looking up at her blushing muzzle he adds, "not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen though."

    Sav's expression softened with care and inquisitiveness at Miles' story. To have lost his mom before ever knowing her, and not having a father or part of a culture with other wives, must have been hard on him. Her blush deepened at his flirt with her. Since Diostros had his way with her, she had never felt pretty. It was only very recently, after her reconstructive surgeries, had she felt even looking normal, but with bad baggage internally, making her still feel not pretty. However, here was Miles, who she told what happened, and he was calling her beautiful. Her fur fluffed out more as she felt, embarrassed, at the rather nice attention.

    It was at this time that CS D'Andre came to their table with their food. He placed down the two sourdough bread bowls filled with Schtarksian Stew, along with two wine glasses of Sangria. He smiled to the two and said, "When your done with your meal, I'll bring out the bread pudding. It is always better when warm than cold."

    Sav managed to shake off her meandering thoughts and replied, "Thank you, Petty Officer D'andre. I will probably have another bowl, half filled, after I finish this one. Thanks."

    Sav returned her attention to her date, gently smiling, even as she now placed her hand over his to show support. "For having lost your mom, not known your dad, you have become a wonderful person Miles. I am sooo glad your grandparents got custody of you to raise you on Bajor instead of you being conscripted into Cardassian foster care or military. I would love to introduce you to my parents and siblings whenever we get near Apollonia, if you would like that."

    "I would enjoy that very much I think. My grandparents would love to meet you as well. During my time at the Academy the only friend I ever took home was Makarth, my klingon roommate. He was the one who got me to try Klingon foods, and taught me about moQbara, to use as a form of relaxation and as a self-defense form."

    Sav churred exotically and continued, "I was born at home with Tenlia's Mom helping my Mom. Umm, Tenlia's my best friend from school, one year older than me, she's a Sarteef. Oh, Sarteef's are Felitaurs. Anyways, I showed exceptional learning ability just after 6 months of age, over a year and a half before other mephit youths. I was placed into advanced learning classes in grade school and high school. I enjoyed the classes. However, my telepathy and telekinetics wasn't developing. I was tested and found to have very high natural mental shields as well as stunted telepathy and telekinetics. Anyways, when I was 4 and a half and with my dad at the starport, I flew his repair shuttle, and that is when Mom and Dad found out I am a natural pilot. I can pretty much fly any craft, and well. During grade school and high school, I took dance and music classes. I can play the synthetaur, rather good. My voice is okay, I hope."

    "I've never tried singing, for fear I would scare people off. I too play an insturment, its a Cythern, an 8-string musical instrument from Cardassia. I've been learning folk music and songs from fellow cadets, and from places I haven't heard of before. I rarely play it anymore as I've been way too busy. At this point it's probably covered in a layer of dust."

    Sav churr-laughed, saying, "You should dust it off then and give it another go... when I get another synthetaur, I'll play along with you." She then continued with her school life. "I graduated high school at age 15 and went into college. That was all going well, and I was going to my senior year at 17 when... um... Biggie Thompson captured me, which I already told you. The next six years is kindof a blur, but I graduated college, went onto advanced courses, then was sponsored to go to Starfleet Academy, took my cadet cruise on the USS Aster, then was assigned to Merlin as... wait for it... CAG, as in Commander of the Air Group. Right before going into deep freeze to save Sierra and I, Melody had moved me to CFCO. Anyways, my Brother is in the L'Tandrey Protectorate StarFleet, my sister is finishing college, and my younger brother is in high school. Umm, anything else you want to ask? I kindof have been monopolizing our time and would like to hear more about you, ayuh."

    "Wow, I had a very uneventful school life, well, with several exceptions that got me into trouble. I don't like bullies, which is not a concept my people understand or readily accept. I was reprimanded several times during school for standing up to bullies. That's part of the reason the Cardassian military didn't want me, that and they couldn't pin down who my father was, and without knowing for sure my genetic history they weren't going to let me in."

    Sav murred out, "mmmm, lucky for me, uh.. I mean Merlin.. "

    Stirring his stew for a moment Miles mutters something in Klingon (get on with it dufus). "I had a hard time at the Academy fitting in. Klingon's are more accepted than my race. I faced many fights to finish my dream, some in the classroom, some in the courtyard. When I was assigned to the Victory, I was happy. I was working to come up with shield modifications that would prove useful against Breen weapons. After several years it proved that we needed more research into the principles behind Breen weapons and their power systems. Given the chance, I jumped ship to the Merlin to try and prove myself...this stew is really good by the way. I've had this bread before but not in a bowl shape, it was in a loaf, and I was cutting chunks of it off and eating it with cheese and preserved meats in England. I don't remember it tasting this good though, maybe this time it has to do with the company, last time I was eating with Makarth, and watching him eat can unsettle some people. Watching you eat is more mesmerizing..." blushing he looks down at his food.

    Sav looked up at Miles as she ripped off a chunk of the bowl to eat with the dredges of the stew in the bottom. She churred at seeing his blush, besides blushing herself at his words. She never thought of herself eating, in how she used her longer tongue to help wrap and guide food into her mouth, or drawing back her lips to gently nip bites out of food, or in how she would shift her muzzle according to the teeth she was using. It was all about keeping food out of her short, silky fur near her mouth as much as possible, but did create a rather exotic appearance besides being dainty at the same time.



    Commander Save'ena Tillatix
    Chief of Flight Operations, USS Merlin

    Lieutenant JG Marbim "Miles" Rejal
    Chief of Operations, USS Merlin


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