New Directions
The New Collective
Stardate 249509

The New Collective

Mission Day:
MD 3, Early
Academy Days


  • Federation Colony

  • Speed:
  • Standard Orbit

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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    Melody brings backup

    Posted on Monday 3 December 2018 @ 19:50 by Commander Melody Jones

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: U.S.S. Luna. Head of convoy S-31, en route to Starfleet research base
    Timeline: Current


    Melody stepped out of the turbolift onto the bridge of the Luna and came over to stand by the Captain. The ship was still at Red Alert.

    The Captain looked up at her and acknowledged her with a nod before addressing the con. “Time?”

    “ETA 30 hours, 14 minutes Sir.”

    He then turned slightly to the tactical station “Convoy report.”

    “All ships in formation. The Sovereign is bringing up the rear.”

    “Have you been able to establish contact with the research station?”

    “Not since the initial distress call. Still trying Sir” The young lieutenant replied, working his console.

    The Captain turned back to Melody “I think you can relax somewhat Commander……..”

    “Sir!” Tactical interrupted him mid sentence “I’m picking up a faint transmission, pretty garbled. I’m trying to clean it up.” His brow furrowed “Station under attack; cube shaped…….Merlin responding…..”

    The knot that had been forming in Melody’s stomach got worse. The Borg always did that to her, part in the fact from her previous experience with them. Also the materials the convoy was carrying had taken a long time to develop. And she really wanted this mission to go smoothly. The last thing they needed was the Borg getting their hands on the latest experimental technology. “Can’t we go any faster?”

    The Captain looked at her, reading her expression then turned back to tactical “Signal the Sovereign and the Trieste to stay with the convoy, the rest of the fleet is to go to warp nine point four” He turned slightly “You too helm.”

    Helm responded “Aye Sir.”

    Two starships remained with the convoy while the remaining twenty accelerated to near maximum warp.

    Ensign Brooks reported “Warp 9.4 sir. ETA 7 Hours 30 minutes.”

    “Captain, I do have some……. Knowledge of the Borg. I could take the helm if you like……”

    The Captain replied “Thank you Commander. I’m sure when we arrived I’ll put you to good use, however I know you’ve been up for at least two duty shifts. Look. We won’t arrive for another seven hours. I suggest you try and get some rest. You look exhausted. I’ll call you to the bridge when we are nearly there.”

    Melody was about to protest but decided against it “Very well Captain. Please keep me informed if there are any further developments.”

    “Of Course” The Captain replied.

    With that Melody turned and headed back into the turbolift. She raised her voice to address the computer “Deck 6, guest quarters.”

    The door to her temporary quarters opened and she was greeted with the sound of a young girl singing to a computer playback of Mozarts’ Ave Maria.

    The young girl, who appeared about thirteen with long red hair, was so focused on her singing that she didn’t notice Melody enter the room. Ever since she knew they were going to face the Borg, she had been getting more and more nervous. Melody had suggested she practice her singing to take her mind off things and, it seemed to be working.

    Melody stood watching her with a subtle smile on her lips when the young girl’s eyes opened halfway through a verse and she noticed Melody standing there.

    “Ave maría. Grátia plena. Dóminus tecum. Benedícta tu…… Computer. Stop playback.”

    She moved over and embraced Melody hard. “You’re back! The acoustics in here are terrible.” She managed a week smile but Melody could tell she was on edge as she was.

    Melody reassured her “The quarters on the Merlin will have much better acoustics. Also I know the best spot on the ship for singing. It took me and a colleague a while crawling through the Jefferies tubes, but we found it.”

    The young girl chuckled for a moment then lowered her voice to a whisper and a haunted look crossed her features. “You won’t let them get me, will you? Promise me! You won’t let them get me!”

    Melody held her close “Of course not sweetie. I won’t let them get anywhere near you.”

    The girl let out a sigh and held onto her tighter.

    “Love you Mom.”

    Melody held her a bit tighter in response.

    “I love you too Sansa.”


    Commander Melody Jones
    Starfleet Engineering Specialist


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