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    New Counselor - Friends from the past Pt 2 of 2

    Posted on Friday 11 January 2019 @ 17:31 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller
    Edited on on Tuesday 22 January 2019 @ 21:19

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: CFCO Quarters
    Timeline: 23950827 - 2148 hours - First Night at Research Base Dock for Merlin Repairs


    Looking over to the diminished gift pile, Kachiko gestured towards the final candidate, "Looks like you're down to the last one, Sav."

    Sav churred as she answered, saying, "The really nice card. I wonder if there is a credit voucher inside?" She held it up for Caroline and Kachiko to see. The card was a very expensive embossed affair. The filigree upon the card was gold suspended in a polymer, the material of the envelope thick and exquisite. The envelope had 'Congratulations Saveena Tillatix' embossed in old english writing in the same gold polymer. It was a style of envelope found within Admirals, Royalty, and high Aristocratic circles. However, there was nothing denoting who it was from.

    Sav scrunched up her face as she really got a look at the envelope. She mouthed a 'Wow' as any embarrassment from earlier went away. Why the heck for such a card to her? She stated, "Pretty impressive envelope, huh? I am wondering if it is from the Ashata's." Sav turned the envelope around in hoping to find something about who it was from, but nothing was upon the envelope.

    “Have a look,” Caroline said. “Is there a seal or crest or anything like that indicating who has sent it?

    Sav hrmmed, "No, not really, so it's not from the Ashata Family. They would have used their family crest and also would have written it in Mephetian, or in the minimum L'Tandrey." Sav thought for a moment, trying to place who would have written her a congratulations note for graduating the Academy. "Well, there is the Captain of the Aster, or the Evaluation Captain of the Academy, or maybe even a standard note-card from the Diplomatic Corp in San Francisco. After all, I am considered a 'visiting dignitary' due to the treaties with the L'Tandrey Protectorate. Any ideas before I open it?"

    Caroline shook her head, she had no clue.

    Kachiko shrugged, "Beats me, girl."

    Sav turned the envelope around in her hand and snorted, "Whoever did this didn't need to get such a fancy stationary for me. This thing exudes wealth." She brought it up to her mouth and began exhaling on it, letting the moisture and her mouth enzymes react upon the glue of the envelope. After a couple of minutes, it began peeling. She grinned to Caroline and Kachiko, saying happily, "I learned that from my mother." She carefully peeled back the flap and removed the card from within.

    Sav slowly turned the card around to really look at it closely. Everything was so beautiful, and seemed really expensive. The card was a hand painted affair, beautifully done, showing a scene of space with an Intrepid style vessel zooming off, a partial planet fading into the lower right of the card. Behind the ship, in its 'wake', was a 'Congratulations Saveena A. Tillatix'. The paints were metallic and crystalline, a heaviness to them, as though painted in suspension of precious metals and fine particle precious jewels. Sav let out a 'Whoaaahhhh' as she held it up to the light to let that light reflect and scintillate through the crushed jewels suspended in the writing ink. The card was easily worth the price of a hovercar or large parcel of land in the frontier.

    Kachiko arched an eyebrow. She'd seen cards like this before, usually at the scene of a homicide.

    Sav finally spoke, "It's gorgeous. But.. it must have been for someone else. My family is one of the poorer families. No WAY would I get a card like this. It's got to be a mixup. So, well, let's see if the inside has any clue as to who it should have been to." Sav opened the card and inside was embossed Olde English writing in the same gold lettering as on the envelope. She held it out into the light so that Caroline and Kachiko could see the very expensive ink continued with the writing inside. Sav brought it back and read it out loud.

    "Dearest Saveena, I am so enthused that you graduated from StarFleet Academy, and the tales of what you did on your ship, Impressive, Most Impressive. You have Given so much of Yourself for your people, and all of Yourself for Me. It warms my heart that you push on in your career and life, always remembering your Sacrifice of Yourself for others and their Pleasure. As it is in the Mephetian Core, as I will always cherish You. I look forward to Meeting with You in the future as You claim what is yours in life as I extend of Myself for You. I look forward to following your career and what it means for Apollonia, and Myself. Best Regards, Sidra-Kan and Diedra-San Saveena, Federation Councilman Diostos Eurytlus."

    “Excuse my language here Sav but isn't that the evil SOB who put you through hell?” Caroline said recognizing some names and words from Mephetian culture.

    Kachiko hadn't yet gotten that far in Save'ena's story, so this was all new to her. Regardless, she chose to hold her tongue for now.

    Sav's voice dropped away after reading the councilman's name. She sat there, just breathing, as a war was waged inside of her. The words of the card were delving deep into very personal meanings for her as well as the signature being signed with L'Tandrey words for Ship Sister and Girl Friend of Fiance Status. Mephetian core values were one husband, one male, until the day you died. By the expense of the letter, the words, and the knowledge of the core values, Diostos was letting her know that no male would ever have her as he had taken all and she was bound to him, as his fiance, until he came for her pelt once more, and he had the wealth, power, and time to do so. And, some parts of the missive were keyed to the psychic imprints, and also of a special one inside of her, hidden, that had only been brought out once before by Wolf and Melody within her quarters. While the other imprints were gone, the special one remained. That entity surged forward, burying Save'ena for the moment.

    The young Mephetian dropped the card and slid forward onto the floor, taking on a subservient position as she was now upon her hands and knees before Caroline and Kachiko. Her palms were up to show no claws bared as she said in a very sultry voice, "Uniqueria is here, masters. This walking husk is ready to become Master Diostros' bedspread, my body and life to give." She glanced about, then asked, "Where is my master? Where are his blades?" Even as Uniqueria said this, there were small tremors and jumps within her body as something deep within fought back, Sav now trying to come back to the fore.

    The blond could feel nervousness in her stomach. This was another imprint/Overlay. She threw the underwear gift from earlier over the card. Clearly something about it had set this off. She didn’t want to find out if it was going to set off further ones, so eliminated the visual stimulus immediately.

    The name Uniqueria rang bells. She had spoken to Wolf. It had been in his report but that was from two years ago. She desperately tried to remember the details.

    “Your master is not here Uniqueria,” she said firmly. “You are not required at this time.”

    Uniqueria looked up in confusion at Caroline. Her ears and eyes roved about even as her nostrils flares with multiple small breaths through those nostrils. She did not smell, see, or hear Diostros nearby. As the Uniqueria imprint was being trained in the dungeon, then reinforced via the paid off Counselor at the Medical Center, she had never been privy to the loss of senses due to the later Toluene poisoning. Uniqueria sat back on her legs, her arms held out palm up across her thighs as her muzzle shifted down towards the floor. "My Master is not here. Why have I been summoned? To be sent to him, perhaps? On the next courier?" Meanwhile, one ear suddenly twitched randomly while the tail vibrated once not in time to anything being said by Uniqueria.

    Caroline looked at the other woman straight in the eyes. She didn't know too much how telepathy worked, but knew from her file read on this lady Kachiko could do it. She assumed she just needed to try direct firm thoughts.

    ~Sav is in there still. Shes fighting to get back. Look at her body language. Nothings in synch. We need to help her get back~

    Kachiko had opened herself up to try and get a read of things and 'heard' Caroline's thoughts. She glanced at the pretty Blonde and offered a faint nod.

    "Your master is gone and we are at loss to your summoning. I would like to speak with Save'ena again now please," Caroline said firmly. "Save'ena Tillatix, Star fleet Commander and daring pilot."

    Uniqueria was still getting her special imprint psyche to realize that Diostros was not there, and so she was slow in forming an answer for Caroline. However, before she could say anything, Kachiko spoke out.

    "Uniqueria, you will submit and permit Save'ena Tillatix to come to the forefront. That is, of course, if you don't want me removing you from my friend and shipmate," Kachiko spoke with a growl, her words echoing in the Mephetian's mind, a hint of the small human's telepathic power giving the skunk-like woman a sharp headache as a demonstration.

    Uniqueria had turned to show listening to Kachiko, even as she kept her eyes downcast. And, once again, before she could formulate a response to answer, slaves were meant to be seen and used, not to have a mind of their own, the headache blasted through Sav's brain. Uniqueria embraced the pain as this was the whim of her keeper, and her keeper's right to do so to her. However, something else was occurring that now caught Uniqueria unawares. The Proper Pronunciation of Sav's first name several times had reached in to the Mephetian's psyche, calling Sav forth, while that same pronunciation had no bearing on Uniqueria.

    Caroline wasn't sure if threatening the imprint was the right move but they were about to find out. She had no idea as to the other women's abilities as to what she could do telepathically in this situation. She assumed she was talking telepathically as if she struck Sav physically in any manner it was going to open an ugly can of worms around assault on another officer.

    She was remembered more of that report, she thought suddenly. Melody had slapped Sav and ended up in the brig for that reason. She needed to remember the rest. How had the previous Counselor helped get Sav back and in control?

    The twitching increased as the formidable climbing claws came out of their sheaths. Uniqueria answered her keepers, but wasn't very coherent. "I ah do not uhhh know of this um 'Save'ena Tillatix', I am Uniqueria.. Not uh no, not Uniqueria, yes Uniqueria, No..No..NO... not Uniqueria... I AM Save'ena Amil'ia Til'la'tix (Sah-vay-enah Ah-mil-eeah Til-lah-tix)... NOT UNIQUERIA!"

    Sav surged to her feet, her claws at the ready, looking wildly about. Within her mind, she was back in the dungeon, the last memories of Uniqueria frozen at that time when the final touches of the new person Sav was to become were embedded into her. Her sight now saw but did not 'see' Caroline and Kachiko. As no one was within her personal space trying to do direct consequences to her, she did not strike out. Instead, she backed away from them, her dungeon keepers, growling, "NO.. I will not submit... I will not become someones harem slave.. stay away.. stay awAY!"

    "No you will not submit Sah-vay-enah," Caroline repeated her name as she had said it. She remembered now Wolf had done that. "No one wants you to submit, we want you back here with us."

    Kachiko was slowly catching on to the problem. She stepped forward, speaking quietly, her voice echoed in Save'ena's mind, "Sav, darling. Look, it's me, Kachiko. I'm here for you, take my strength and fight!" The diminutive Commander focused, trying however she could to lend Save'ena her mental & psychic strength. If anything, she could serve as a beacon to lead the real Mephetian back to the surface and take control of herself once more. '~Savvy doll, come to me. Follow the bright light.~"

    In the distance of the fog of her mind, a pair of blazing blue eyes, eyes that the Mephetian knew all too well; could be seen. Kachiko's instructions to follow echoed in Save'ena's mind as the potent telepath fought to exclude 'Uniqueria' from the exchange and keep her away from Save'ena's psyche.

    The 'new' personality, Uniqueria, was once again fully submerged. It has been put into place by medial tasks, constant repeating, reinforcement, basically, tried and true techniques for brainwashing. Sav's mind, used to compartments, had managed to create a compartment just for it, and it was now back into that compartment once more. As it was basically now a split personality of Sav, counseling and time would be needed to remove it. First, though, was getting the conscious Sav to know it was there instead of just the 'unconscious' Sav.

    With Uniqueria being once more buried, her name being said, Kachiko once again making mental contact, and her friends asking for her back, Sav's foggy sight forwarded from the dungeon and into the 'now' of the Academy. She came out of her crouch and looked around the room, realizing she was not in her dorm room. She started to say, "Kachi..." and stopped, her mind catching up that another person was there. She continued, saying, "Advisor Captain Bayushi, Cadet Tillatix reporting... as ordered?" She looked at Caroline and continued, "Ma'am, I.. know you... can't place you at Academy though..." Sav was looking really confused even as a myriad of memories of past and now swirled through her mind as it tried to catch up after being taken back to the dungeon so abruptly by her 'other' personality.

    Caroline sighed with relief and shot Bayushi a relieved look. This was Sav. A confused Sav but Sav none the less. Whatever the other woman had done had helped immensely.

    She was clearly in her academy days. "I'm your previous physician and now your counselor onboard the Merlin. Just relax Sav, it will come back to you."

    Kachiko sighed with relief, "Sav, sweetie. Please sit down."

    Sav blinked as her mind took in 'physician', 'counselor', and 'Merlin'. Events seemed to cascade through her mind as she obediently sat down. Yet, even in that, some of the Dungeon training came to the for as she sat in a way to just 'hide her wares' and yet be provocative. It would take a while to break the hard ingrained habits of that time in the dungeon. She lilted out in a still, small voice, "Merlin?? Merlin... Caroline... Reiko.. I.... ??"

    With that said, Kachiko knelt down and scooped up the card, fingers using the end of her uniform sleeve to avoid tainting it with her fingerprints any further, "Sav, darling. You just had an episode. It seem that you have another personality hiding up in your head, that comes out when the man who wanted to own you name is mentioned. Don't mention it now, please."

    Sav shook her head in trying to clear it. The timeline memories blurred forward as Sav remembered she was opening Academy gifts with Caroline and Kachiko... but there was the dungeon she just fought from. She looked very confused as she said, "Wait, what? Another personality? I.. I was back in the dungeon... Academy.. now here.. I'm.. confused... what..."

    "I have been in this exact position, doll," Kachiko reached over and gently stroked the Mephetian's long hair. "Before we had a chance to meet at the Academy, I heard a trigger word and an alternate me took control of me. I attempted to murder a friend of mine, whom was a target I was programmed to get close to and terminate."

    Sav listened to Kachiko, even as she churred lightly at feeling her hair gently combed through by Kachiko's fingers. Her expression turned into angst as she asked, "Wait, exact position? Alternate you? There was an alternate me? I.. I.. didn't.. try and kill you... like Melody.. did I? Do I need locked in the brig? For all our sake's?" Sav's thoughts turned to the claw blockers and if she needed to put them on, again. She said, "Claw blockers... where are my claw blockers.." Then, her thoughts turned to Kachiko and what she said, and so Sav asked, "Uh, You stopped you, yes? Yes?"

    Kachiko nodded, fingers still combing through her friends' long hair, "Yes. I will not speak her name, as that may bring her back to the forefront."

    "I was taken to Vulcan to have it removed from my head, and in so doing my telepathic talent was realized and unlocked. Thankfully that happened on Vulcan, or the input would have driven me crazy before I could learn to block it out," Kachiko sat next to her friend. "I can help you to cope with what you're dealing with, now, but I can't remove it myself. I don't have that level of ability, like a Vulcan does with their mind melds."

    Sav's expression and eyes suddenly cleared up, like a fog just lifting away. She took a breath in, the slowly breathed it out. She shook herself, then said, "It feels like I'm waking from a drawn out dream." She looked at the two, then asked, "Caroline, Kachiko, are you two okay? And, Kachiko, dealing with? Uhhh, talking.. about... alternate me. You encountered an alternate me?"

    Kachiko glanced over at the Counselor, "Yes. Seems that your abuser from the past? I won't speak his name either, sent you a card for your graduation. Something about it triggered your imprinted personality, the one they forced on you in that dungeon you told me about? It came out in you and both Caroline and I were able to help bring you back in control of yourself."

    Kachiko's eyes turned to the Caroline, "This is your realm, Madam Counselor."

    "Caroline," Caroline informed the other woman with a small smile. Madam Counselor sounded like she was a presidents wife or something. "I think I will likely have to get a Vulcan in to help with this. That imprint is far deep in your psyche Sav. Counselor Wolf determined from the previous incident that speaking your name, pronouncing it correctly was the link to help you get control and fight back. I'm sorry it took me awhile to remember that report. I last looked at it 2 years ago."

    "Whatever you did telepathically, I can't begin to understand, but it obviously helped. Also I agree with you," she nodded at Kachiko's suggestion, "It not wise to speak any names further and I want to get that graduation card looked at Sav. Please. And then potentially destroyed so you don't have to have that experience again."

    Sav looked between the two, then her eyes opened wide as she remembered. She hissed out, "The CARD.... THAT CARD!!" She began shaking as she looked around for it, saying, "You can have it... you can take it... it was.. it was.. nasty. That bastard Diostros must know some about L'Tandrey and Mephetian culture... how he phrased that card..." Sav groaned as she bent over, hugging herself, tears coursing down her cheeks. She whispered, "I feel terrible."

    "I know," Caroline said miserably, she went and hugged her. Releasing her a minute or so later, she motioned to Kachiko for the offending card and hit her comm. badge. =^=Miller to Science. Please lock on to the object in my hand. This needs containing and testing. Its dangerous. I will come brief you further in due course.=^=

    For whoever answered credit, they didn't ask any questions and the card disappeared.

    Sav took in a shakey breath, then let it out. She now said, "I.. can say of what was IN the card. Umm, 'Mephit core' means when a Mephetian Marries, it's for life, no divorce, Diostros way of saying I am his, forever. And there was was 'Sidra-Kan', meaning ship sister, crew and willing to sacrifice for the good of the ship, and it was coupled with 'Diedra-San', saying I am his heavy dating girl friend to become fiance, just need the ceremony to be married. There were some other terms, I don't remember them, but it was all dealing with how he bought me to be his, and I am to sacrifice myself for his pleasure and to become his bedspread, just as he paid for... to be his Uniqueria... I... I... have a headache." Stabbing pains were shooting through her head after her explanation to them. 'Gads, what an insidious card' trampled through her mind.

    Caroline nodded. She went to Sav's replicator. "Replicator pattern Medical file 156-B. Medical authorization Miller Alpha three five." A small tool materialized. Caroline picked it up and started moving it slowly round Sav's head. "This should help with the headache. You know we are NEVER going to let you marry that man. If he gets his hands on you again, we will come rescue you. Its that simple."

    Sav held as still as she was able for Caroline's treatment. The stabbing pains went down to throbbing, and then down to manageable. She smiled up to Caroline as best as she was able and said, "Thanks, it helped. And, yeah, thanks, marriage with him is a death sentence. I surely don't want that, surely."

    Her eyes closed as she started to slump forward, but then she caught herself as her eyes flew open once more. She shook her head to stay awake as she said, "Sorry, I'm just really sleepy right now. I just feel worn out, I don't mean to chase you away, honest."

    "Thats understandable Sav," Caroline nodded. "We will leave you in peace. In fact I would suggest sleep. I can prescribe you something to help if you like?"

    Sav managed to scrunch up her muzzle as she thought about it, then said, "Please. More than likely, I'll be wide awake when I lay down, even though I am falling asleep while sitting here. That always seems to happen, to most, I think."

    Caroline nodded and ordered another hypo spray and a glass of warm milk from the replicator. She pressed the hypo spray to Sav's neck and passed her the milk. "Doctors orders and I hope it helps with some sweet dreams."

    Sav murred in thanks as she drank the milk as she headed to her bed. She barely finished her drink and climbed upon it when she was out, past dreamland and into healing sleep. She did not notice Kachiko and Caroline leave after making sure she was resting peacefully.


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