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    Wild horses

    Posted on Thursday 22 August 2019 @ 16:53 by Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Commander Caroline Miller

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Holodeck

    Nothing like having a great day planned, at least she hoped it would be a great day. Introducing someone to something that scared them always made for a slight challenge, but she was pretty sure she could handle it. Having made arrangements with Caroline to meet in the holodeck for some horse lessons, Bree made sure to get there a little early, after all she was looking forwards to some horse time herself.

    Plugging her personal program in, and making sure the safety was on for Caroline. Breana stepped in and was instantly transported back to home. To the lush green fields, cattle and a few other horses way off in the distance, but first and foremost was a fenced in pasture and a barn to one side. The program had been set to remind her of home and allow her to move freely in places she wanted to. But, for the moment, Bree was happy with the pasture area.

    "Computer, load Kiptaki free ranging and..." She thought for a moment before adding "load Dreamer saddled and ready to go. Also load a basket of grooming supplies and treats."

    As she finished saying what she wanted, everything started materializing before her. A black and white 'Gypsy breed' horse roamed off to one side of the pasture. A light cream colored palomino looking horse stood ready to go before her. And hanging from one of the fence rails was that basket.

    Computer, start program" Bree said after a moment. Not that much would happen, other then the horses where able to move freely now. With the exception of Dreamer, who stood patiently waiting near the fence. Climbing up onto the top rail a little ways down, Bree sat and relaxed, enjoying herself and relaxing for a bit while she waited for the head doctor.

    "Oh!" Bree said suddenly. "Computer, load Holly free roaming near Dreamer"

    As the words left her mouth this little white prissy looking horse, no bigger then a Great Dane appeared roaming around and munching on grass.

    Caroline walked in not really sure what to expect. Nor had she known what to wear. Having reviewed horse riding in the computer she had settled on some denim trousers, a t-shirt and some boots. The blond had tied her hair back and looked different to her usual appearance. "Bree," she smiled at her. "Thank you again for offering to do this. Oh my, " she said nervously as she got closer. "They are big horses,"

    Hoping down, Bree looked to Caroline with a smile. "Glad to see you, and trust me, these three are gentle as can be." Glancing over, she gave a soft little whistle. Suddenly the little white horse, no bigger then a Great Dane, seemed to prance around Dreamer and towards Bree and Caroline only to slow as if picking up on the womans nervousness. "I figured I would start you small and let you get at least a feel for being around and touching one. This is Holly"

    "I think your right there. Hi Holly," she said. "Now then your not going to bite my elbow are you?"

    Holly gave a shake of her head in a no, her mane fluttering down along the elegant neck before settling once more.

    Caroline nodded. She approached slowly and put her hand out to pat the horse gently. "Like this. Oh this isn't that bad. Your have lovely soft hair Holly."

    "This program is based set up as a replication of my home. These are horses on our ranch, Holly there is a trick pony." Bree said with a smile as she glanced from Caroline, around the holodeck, and back to her. Stepping closer to Dreamer while the talked, a hand lifted and ran lightly over the smooth neck of the palomino.

    "May I ask a question?" Bree asked, as she watched Holly give a little nuzzle to Caroline for more pettings.

    "Yes of course," Caroline replied her eyes not leaving the horses. She did seem nice and tame. She carried on stroking her muzzle.

    There was a slight hesitation, perhaps the fear that the Commander might take her question wrong or she'd be accused of being disrespectful caught her, though she took a deep breath, her attention shifting to the horse as she took the reigns of Dreamer and slowly walked the somewhat bigger horse a few paces towards Caroline. "When we were doing the holographic Puppet Master/O'Hara thing.... I noticed a... twitch.... I was just... wondering about it. I mean if it's none of my business don't hesitate to tell me." The last part quickly added.

    Caroline smiled at her nervousness. "Its okay. Its recent. Its probably no secret myself and your predecessor didn't exactly gel. From my point of view it wasn't personal just me trying to get her to respect the chain of command and act a bit more starfleet like. She took it a lot more personal. She ermmm. made a holographic version of me - I had the computer report it to me if anyone did something like that .... and I viewed the programme. She had us in a boxing match and beat my version to a pulp. I don't understand why someone could hate someone so much when all I did was my job and try to help her."

    She didn't go into detail at the help, not aware if news of O'Hara's suicide attempt had reached Bree of not. And she didn't need to be aware certain parties had tried to order her to conceal facts so that the woman hadn't of been unceremonsiously thrown out of starfleet for ignoring orders. Still despite all that, O'Hara had treated her with blind hatred.

    "Its a little un nerving, thats all, "Caroline said honestly.

    Bree couldn't help but to blink a little as she heard what her previous boss had done, a slight shake of her head as she pondered that. As mad as she'd been at Jael, she wouldn't even had dared pull a stunt like that. Perhaps she needed to read up a little more on O'Hara to see what all she might have missed on things. Then again, she hated reading about peoples pasts... preferring to give them a chance instead of assuming they would be a certain way. One lesson she had learned from that Bull.

    "I was just wondering... next time I know to not use her as a hologram for anything." As they talked, she'd slowly moved dreamer up closer to Caroline, the bigger horse giving a soft little puff of warm air against the counselors arm as if to remind the woman she wanted pettings also.

    "Oh don't worry about that. I'll reconcile it in my head and that twitch will disappear again. I hope .." she murmured. "Sorry am I neglecting you?" Caroline said to the horse. "So whats a trick pony then?" the blond asked curious.

    Breana couldn't help but to smile as she noticed Caroline was relaxing enough not to be scared by the bigger horse begging for attention. Looking to Holly as she spoke to the horse. "Holly, what is one plus two?" The horse then stomped a huff on the ground three times. "Three? Are you sure?" The horse gave a shake of his head in a 'yes' fashion.

    Caroline smiled. "Thats really clever Holly. What else can you do?"

    "Holly, can you go down so Caroline can come have a seat?" As the small horse slowly lowered downwards, it's legs tucked under and out of the way, Bree smiled. "Have a seat? And don't worry, small horses where meant to pull carts and stuff. A person sitting on them is alright."

    "Okay," Caroline nodded. She looked at the horse and wondered how she was meant to sit on her. Did she climb on, one leg each side like a rider. Did she sit with her legs to the side like woman did way back in the past. She was a little unsure. "Ermmmm ....." she said nervously.

    "Oh!" Bree said with a slightly sheepish look. "Sorry." Moving over to Holly, she took a second to slide one leg over the horse and straddle it as she lowered. "So this is how you sit on them." With that, she eased off the sturdy small horse and stepped away to allow Caroline the chance.

    Caroline copied her and really hoped the poor horse wasn't lumbared with a heavy human. It felt very odd. More so when the horse decided to stand up again. "Woah," she said softly finding her balance again. "Are you going to teach me to ride?" she asked.

    "I am... not on Holly of course. I just want you to get used to being around them and the feel of them first." Bree grinned "You know the old saying, you have to stand before you walk... well... you're standing. Dreamer will be the one you learn to walk on."

    "Okay," Caroline nodded. "Lead on teacher." The horse felt odd underneath her but she wasn't frightened. Mind you though in the back of her head she knew it was a holoprogramme. Real horses were probably a lot more irratic.

    "Alrighty then... lets start with getting you off Holly. You just want to swing your right leg out behind you and over the horses rump to slide off his left side. And then we will get you up on Dreamer." Bree said as she moved to make sure Caroline was able to get off the smaller horse easily.

    It took her a couple of attempts, not used to swinging ones leg over the rump of a horse. "I take it grace comes with practice," she giggled as her feet hit solid ground again. She stroked Hollys nose gently. "Thank you for letting me sit on you."

    Holly bobbed her head before wondering off a little ways to munch on some grass.

    "I think... before we get you on a horse. We should let you just relax and enjoy the view. Try riding them next time... for someone who's scared of horses you did really well today." Bree said with a grin. "I don't want you to get nervous now. What do you say we go get a drink and chill out? Try riding another day?"

    "Yeah horse staying still is one thing. A moving one totally different," Caroline agreed. "Yes lets get a drink," she smiled at her new friend.


    Commander Caroline Miller
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    Occ - they all look handsome horseys ;)


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