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    Some Enchanted Evening, Scene II

    Posted on Monday 1 July 2019 @ 17:43 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal
    Edited on on Tuesday 9 July 2019 @ 01:29

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Officers Lounge
    Timeline: Following Groundfall post

    Leaving Chief Rathburn in Shuttlebay 2, Marbim made his way by turbolift to his spartan quarters. Once haven showered with water and soap versus the sonic, he looks over his minimal amount of clothing options. Moving to the replicator he makes a request, "Cardassian Day outfit, without the silly hat." Once the replicator finishes his new outfit he taps his computer console, "Computer, location of Commander Tillatix?"

    Computer *Commander Tillatix is in the Officers Lounge sitting at Table 13.*

    Sav was changed out of her duty uniform and into a Mephetian Lounge Wrap. It was similar to a tunic robe, but one attached it to their tail, wrapped it about the body covering key areas, then over the left shoulder and down to the clasp at the tail. Normally, that would be it, but Sav put on some undies for propriety sake, and that she would be sitting in a chair and not having her legs folded under her on a ground pillow like typical Mephetian custom. The wrap's color was a light green. She was waiting on her meal, well, really, snack, if you think about what she ordered.

    Sav hears someone approaching her table and looks up for the waiter, only to find Miles coming over. A large grin appears across her muzzle as she joyfully says, "Miles! Great to see you. Please, have a seat... *giggles* I like your outfit." It was then her eyes opened wide as she quickly looked down at her bosom to make sure her wrap was in place and properly supporting her feminine features.. it was. She let out a quick sigh of relief as she turned her attention back to Miles.

    “Thanks, I had it made for you to see me in...and was hoping you’d like it.” Once he is seated, he’ll wave a waiter over and order a Cardassian stew, with some dark bread and a synth ale. Looking her over his face changes, “Wow, you really are as beautiful as I remember from our date.” He then blushes and fusses with his napkin and silverware.

    Sav blushed lightly as well, the coyly responded, "I bet you say that to all the ladies you meet, you scoundrel." She now leans forward, showing some of her cleavage, as she 'psst' to get Miles attention. Whispering, she said, "You don't need to get embarrassed complimenting me.. all girls need that to feel good about themselves... I love it, ah truly do. Yah don't cross any lines, and yer genuine.. so feel good about it, mmm'kay?" Her eyes sparkle as she adds, "tis a reward fer yah efforts, ayuh." Sav's blush grew darker as she knew she was teasing with her bosom, and it should be making her anxious, but this was Miles, and it was making her giddy with flirtatious fun.

    When he catches himself staring at her bosom, she can tell he's enjoying the show, "So, um, food, yes, food would be good, wait I already ordered right, good good, so what else do you like to do besides watching the sunset on alien worlds, I chose last date, lets plan another before we end up unable to spend time with each other." The fact that this is almost all done in one breath is kind of amazing. Looking around, Miles makes sure that no one else has picked up on the fact that he sucks at small talk with pretty girls.

    Sav watched Mile's eye's and expression as he noticed her blatant flirt. He was genuinely caught off guard, loving what he was seeing, but not in an offhandish or ownership way. He was positively turned on, in an enjoyable way, and not possessive way. This endeared him to Sav as he finished his speaking, and then his glancing round to not be caught looking, yet had to look. Sav churred in pleasure at how he had reacted. This was like being back in college, before the incident on Mr. Thompson's island. She posed her muzzle between her hands and smiled to him. Now she said, "I will gladly choose the next. I want a picnic, then hiking, in my natural setting." She stretches a little, showing off her lithe body to him, and continued with, "My race are natural tree dwellers. Would you mind climbing trees and exploring houses built into large growing trees, then partaking of a bonfire with dancing to show life as it is?"

    Leaning in closer and covering whichever hand is closer, in a quiet voice Miles replies, "I would brave the volcanos of Klingon Homeworld if it meant I got to spend time with you. And while I did excel at the physical portions of my exams, climbing is not one of my more advanced skills, so as long as you promise not to giggle too much at my antics, then yes, I'd love to see your homeworld and dance with you under the stars."

    A light churring was heard from Sav's chest, almost like a pur from a large feline. She gave his hand a kiss, then said, "I promise to not giggle, too much, at your antics... and I look forward to that dance, don't you forget you promised, either."

    An 'Ahem' sounded beside the table and after space was made, put down in front of Miles his order of Cardassian stew, with some dark bread and a synth ale. The food for Sav was a sausage minestrone soup with steamed vegetables on the side, along with a dark synth beer. The waiter left. Sav blushed lightly as she took in her meal. She said to Miles, "I.. felt a little peaked after shift, but not really hungry, so I just ordered some veggies and soup. I hope that's okay."

    Snickering, Miles looks at his order, "I came off shift with a headache, and this stew was my mothers' cure-all to most things that ailed me, so I figured it might help clear my head." Holding his spoon but looking outside he adds in a soft voice, "I wasn't prepared for what we saw down there. The death, and wanton destruction was sickening. I hope we can pull some data off the computer we salvaged, someone deserves some payback..." looking down at his hand, MIles realizes he has all but mangled his spoon. Looking from mangled spoon to stew, he sighs and works on straightening his dinner implement out, while looking at Sav, "Remember, no giggling from that side of the table."

    Sav was looking with concern at Miles from the moment he said 'headache'. Her expression grew even more concerned as he told his tale about what had happened. That he mangled his spoon didn't even dawn on her. She said in a husky, emotion filled tone, "Miles, I'm... I'm sorry to hear you have a headache, and some emotional trauma from what you saw." She stood up, picked up her chair, and moved it beside his. Sitting back down, she leaned over to cuddle up to him, giving him what support she could. Churring lightly, she says, "I hope this helps. Umm, you can use my spoon, then I'll eat when your done, okay?"

    Resting his head on top of hers, he lets out a held breathe. "Thank you. This is what I needed." Sighing while looking at his spoon, he tries to stifle a giggle, and then lets out a short burst of laughter. Once he is in control of himself again he lightly says, "I am Miles, destroyer or flatware, fear me..." he'll then accept Sav's spoon and begin to eat his stew...

    Sav giggled at his words, adding in a small voice, "destroyer of flatware... reaver of meals.." His saying just seemed to need an extra 'oomph' to it, at least how the movies always had it. She puts her arms about his waist and holds him, her eyes closed, with her churrs being light but constant. Her tail over to be behind him and began giving off restoration energy, similar to a biobed, one of her unconscious actions when trying to console/help a person she cared for in need. Miles was hurt, and she would do what she could to help.

    While he is eating, Sav notices he is unconsciously humming something. Once he gets about halfway done he stops eating, cleans his spoon and hands it to Sav, "I know it's not my place to ask, nor do I want to pressure you into anything, but would you consider spending the night...I, I'd like to feel your arms around me..."

    Sav reluctantly lets go of him to take the spoon, knowing she needed to eat, and she would also eat half like he did and hand it back to him. She listens to him as she reaches for her food, then stops when she hears 'spending the night'. Her entire body flinches from remembrances associated with that wording. She managed to get out an "Ummm..." as she tried to recover herself.

    She drops the spoon and grabs around his waist again, trying to show him its not him, its her, as she works to get out of her mind's terror. Little shakes can be felt coming from her. With the initial shock wearing off, she manages to say, "Ummm, to hold.. to sleep... right? Have me be there for you for comfort, yes?"

    Making sure no one is staring, he will reach out and kiss the end of her nose lightly, "Yes dearest, comfort, I think we both need that more than anything right now, now be a good girl and eat some food so you don't pass out on me in the middle of the night." His mischievous grin is back, and Sav can tell he 'wants' her from the amount of heat cascading off him, but, she can also tell from his eyes that he just wants to spend time with her.

    The tremblings in Sav's body lessen. She quickly darts in for a peck across his lips, then releases him. She picks up her spoon and begins eating, not trusting her voice yet. After eating the food halfway with Miles watching intently, she licks the spoon off, then dips it in her water glass for a wash, dry's it, then hands it to Miles, saying, "Heya, me Tarzan, yer turn." She giggles slightly as she once again takes him into arms, not caring if he has to eat around her. As she snuggles into him, she says, "Thanks for understanding. I... am not ready for.. physical yet.. but want, umm, need, the emotional to build up to anything more.... thanks for letting us take it slow..." She shudders slightly, gripping him harder, as she whispers, "My only time is still burned into my mind... and body, by that bastard.."

    Resting his chin on her head he says, "I will move as fast or slow as you need and want. I, I've wanted you since I first saw you, and I never imagined I'd find someone to spend, well, time with. Again, my people, marriages are arranged and are fueled by power or wealth. Having the choice of a friend, or mate, is foreign to us. I got a small taste at the Academy, but even I didn't fully commit, emotionally. I want to with you. Now, should we share a dessert before, well, do you want to see my place, or do I get to see yours." The last part is said lightly.

    She clenched at him harder when she heard the last. She snorted out a cleansing breath, then said, "Yours. I'm.. not ready to have a guy into my safe place.. not yet." She stayed for for a couple of breaths, then stated, "Cheesecake, with cherries."

    Miles will raise his hand to summon a waiter, "Cheesecake with cherries big enough to split, and we might need another spoon, that one seems to have lost a battle," pointing out his mangled one. Once the waiter leaves, he continues, "My place, hmmm, its kinda bland, just warning you up front."

    Sav perked up at this. Bland meant she could get nick knacks for him, which put her into a differing state of mind from earlier. She released her hold around his waist to now scootch a little to be able to face him directly. She rested her muzzle on top of her hands with a smile, her whiskers twitching, as she tried to be cute for him. She churrgiggled a little and said, "Oh, now I know why you want me as your girlfriend, to spruce your place up and make it more homey, eh? You realize you will have to take me shopping so I can do that, right?"

    "Shopping, shopping for what exactly, and no, I want you as my girlfriend for a variety of reasons beyond your ability to spruce up my hitherunto bachelors pad," although he's laughing, Sav can tell he's somewhat worried too.

    Sav found it cute that he seemed a little worried about what she said, and about not for shopping. She giggled and replied, "Don't worry, it'll be mainly stuff to make your place into your own mancave.. of course, I reserve the right to buy that offputting trinket once on a while that I guilt you to must display in your room for a bit before I allow you to take it down, you know, just because." Of course, Sav would never ever do that, but it was fun saying it to find out Miles response.

    Scrunching up his face he says, "I admit defeat, you have won, or as the Earth colloquialism goes, 'Yes dear, whatever you say dear'." His mischievous grin is back. As the waiter approaches Marbim stands up, and offers his hand to Sav. Looking t the waiter he says, "You can feed that to someone else, we're going on a walk, thank you though that looks delicious." Turning to Sav he says in a low voice, "We can always replicate one in my quarters...."

    Sav grabbed his hand to stand up at his urging. This was nice, a guy taking the lead, and right now, nothing bad happening in her head. She churr-giggled and nodded, did a light curtsy to the waiter, and then followed Miles out of the Officer's Lounge.


    ●●● Commander Marbim Rejal
    First Officer / Chief of Operations
    USS Merlin

    ●●● Commander Save'ena Tillatix
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    USS Merlin


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