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    Some Enchanted Evening, Scene III

    Posted on Wednesday 10 July 2019 @ 01:06 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Lt. Marbim Rejal's Quarters.
    Timeline: Night after Groundfall Post


    Sav walked with Miles towards his quarters. She was not thinking about 'sleeping' in a male's place, but thinking about sleeping with her friend and trying to be boyfriend's place as a supporting friend. It was only that thinking that kept other deeper ingrained traumatic thoughts from coming to the surface.

    She churred in happiness as her tail would come around to brush along Miles back, letting him know he had someone to be there with him for the night while his mind dealt with what he had seen on the planet. She was especially happy he had chosen her, not because of them becoming an item, but because he knew of her past, and chose her anyways, without any preconditions. Sav may not be able to go through with this, but she was going to try as not only that this was to help Miles, it was also to help her. She had to start becoming functioning again around guys if she was ever to get to a place to be able t marry and have kitlings, life's ultimate goal for any female, that of motherhood, to carry on the family, and the species, besides the emotions, feelings, and joys of raising the kitlings and seeing them off onto their life's adventure.

    At the door, she waited for Miles to open the door, then went inside. Her eyes immediately adjusted to the lower light in the quarters as she went in further to allow Miles in behind her. She looked around, then looked back at Miles and said with an inquisitive air, "Remember your job title? You got us into the wrong room... no telltale signs of anybody living here." She was barely holding back her laughter.

    Standing behind Sav he spoke quietly, "I've seen other peoples rooms, with all the bric-a-brac and mementos, I don't have any."Sliding past Sav he moved to one wall, where his Klingon warspear is hung. "My friend gave me this. It was given to him by his father. The first time I bested him in combat, this was my reward." Moving to his desk, he slides his numerous padds and his gearbelt out of the way to reveal an actual picture of an attractive female Cardassian. "This was my mother. I never knew her. She died in childbirth. When I left Cardassia for Starfleet, this and the earring I wear are the only two mementos I brought with me." Still not looking at Sav he says, "I never planned on finding love out here, much less with someone as gorgeous as you. I feel bad that my place is 'empty,' I'm rarely here, spending much of my freetime either training on a holodeck, or spending as much time as I can cobble together with you."

    Sav inwardly kicked herself for her try at humor. She hit him below the belt, hurt him, as he didn't understand she was joshing with him. She dutifully followed him to each of his mementos, listening intently as this was his life. His last statement really tore at her. Her emotions running high, some tears fell as she came over to take Miles into a hug. She did not, could not, look at him. She sniffled lightly, then replied, "Miles... I am soooo sorry for my words. You have more nick knacks in your cabin that I do, so I tried to josh, joke, with you a little, trying for a smile and chuckle. I... I... blew it." Her tail came around his back to press up against him, a Mephetian full hug to him from Sav.

    She continued, "You have had such a hard life... Lost you mother, being hated among a strange country, fighting always... Melody's mother captured by the Mechani, Melody born into Mechani Captivity escaping and only know ship life... David having been in many combats, nearly blown up, having to always do his duty, his companions all gone... all of you have had such hard lives... and I always seem to refer back to me... me and my soft one.. only one bad spot, really..."

    Sav began tugging at him towards his small couch, getting him to sit down, her at his side, her tail still behind him, her clenching around his chest as she held onto him as though for dear life. She reached up to nip at a neck ridge, then she spoke in a low tone, "I'm not gorgeous, I'm a mess, I should be profusely thanking you for showing interest in me.. so, thank you Miles.. I'll hold you till you feel better, I promise."

    Placing his hand on her lower back he looks her in the face, "You're not a mess, you're gorgeous and I'll take on anyone who says otherwise. As for the ribbing, I understand. Maybe you can help me liven this place up. I don't spend much time here, just to sleep and change clothes. When I'm awake I seem to gravitate to my office, and my operas. That's where I do the most amount of thinking and work." Burying his head into her neck he mumbles, "You smell good."

    Sav giggled and churred at his breath tickling along her neck fur. She tilted her head to allow him better access to her neck, enjoying the touch flirting by him. A light blush was appearing on her muzzle as she tried to think of something to say to him at his words, but, as this was directly aimed at her, not another, she was at a loss. So, she murred a gentle 'mmmm' as she continued to hold him, then reached up to press his head further into her neck. Her right hand began caressing down his neck and back as her left hand began to stroke across his belly, feeling his taught muscles. She churred, saying in a whisper, "Delicious, I feel... delicious..." She tilted her head to nip at a neck ridge again, then said, "You smell, and taste, good too, Miles."

    She tucked herself into him, and found herself falling asleep. She woke with a start and said, "Common, let's get to bed, easier to cuddle and easier on our bodies when we fall asleep."

    Sliding his arms under and around her, Sav gets a good idea of how strong MIles is as he stands up with her in his arms, and walks them over to his bed. While standard in design, his comforter and sheets are all made from Cardassian Silk. Sleepily he says, "I generally sleep in my boxers, hopefully, that's ok..." Once he's got Sav on the bed he'll slide his uniform into a pile on the floor, leaving him in tight silken boxers.

    Sav's first reaction as a surprised 'huh', but then she settled down with a churr-giggle as Miles carried her. As she is being put down, she whispers out a 'nice' at seeing his comforter, even as she ignores a tinge of rising angst within her. If she was going to work on getting over her fears about being alone with a guy, even to sleep, she could think of none better than Miles. He had done absolutely nothing to get farther intimate than what she was ready for, and that was helping her immensely. She inhaled a breath at the uniform dropping and seeing him in his boxers. She let it out and replied, "That's okay with me. I need to get into PJ's myself."

    She started to go over to his closet to get a pj, and stopped, realizing that was the point, it was his closet, none of her clothes were in there, and here she was, in just a Mephetian lounge wrap. She swallowed, then turned back to him, a blush creeping up once more. "Umm, Miles? Do you have a shirt I could use for a PJ for tonight? I realize this is not really kosher, borrowing something from you like this, but... may I?"

    With a bow and an assist up, Miles grins, “My closet is yours milady. There should be something in there that will fit your sleeping attire needs, and if not, I’m sure I have replicator credits enough to create one to suit your needs.”

    Sav did a quick look through and brought out a button up shirt, saying, "This will do nicely. Thanks." She went back to the bed, then added, "Here is how the wrap works." She turned her back towards Miles and lowered her tail. She reached behind herself to undo the final clasp of the wrap. She reached up her right hand to pull on it, bringing the six inch wide cloth over her left shoulder, baring it to Miles. Her hair was pulled forward and to the right side to make the unwrapping easier.

    She now unwrapped three wraps from about her torso, baring her back to Miles even as the soft swell of her bosom could be seen just showing to him. She undid four wraps about her hips and upper thighs, baring her panty briefs. She now unclasped the final clasp from the base of her tail. She coiled the warp about her left are with the right, then put it onto the bed.

    Miles could now see that the two stripes along her tail started at her neckline as two stripes two inches wide, went down on either side of her backbone, and then when they went onto the tail, the grew wider as the tail grew wider. Sav now swung her head to bring her hair to lay along her back again. The hair had natural small striping, the same color as the tail stripes, throughout it, and it was from the roots out. Her coloration was rare for a Mephetian, and striking.

    She now put on the shirt, fastening the three buttons in the middle. She checked how it hung on her hips, then turned around to face Miles. She was blushing and feeling very shy. Her right hand was gently rubbing over her lower abdomen, just above the panty line. Miles could now see that the grey coloration of her fur extended down along her front and just before the sides, and on down onto her inner thighs. She patted the bed and said, "Please, lay down first, then I will snuggled up into whichever side you want me to, okay?"

    Sav can see that Miles is ‘excited’, looking down he mumbles, “um, sorry, I um,” then looking up at her he starts moving to the bed.

    A nervous giggle is heard from Sav. She replies, "Tis alright, yer a male, ana yah find me attractive." She had seen plenty of 'excitement' being out as a wingman for others on dates, so it truly didn't daunt her, well, except that this was now, them alone, and hence why the nervousness.

    Once he gets close enough he leans in and looks her in the eyes, “I don’t begin to comprehend how you cannot fathom how beautiful you are, and if I ever find out who hurt you, they will rue the day I come to call.” Before she can respond he kisses her, softly at first, then more hungrily until he comes close to passing out from lack of breathe. At that point he collapses onto the bed, facing the door and with his back to his window. “I am sorry if I’ve gone to far, but, I don’t know how else to express to you how you make me feel...” At the point he isn’t sure if he’s overstepped a line and she’ll leave or if she’ll stay...

    Sav found it endearing when he came up to her and stared into her eyes, and a mist covered them at his words for her. The kiss, though, was a surprise, but she liked it, and leaned into it, but then began leaning back as she became unsure of what was happening as he pursued it harder with need. Random memories came to the fore as she battled them, and him, and hoping he wasn't going to press further and take more from her than she could give this at this time. Then, he stopped and Sav heard the bed make a noise. She swallowed, then opened her eyes to slits, looking at where he was, while also listening to his words to her. Her body is lightly trembling as it was trying to make a decision of fight or flight.

    Sav looked over Miles body again, then back to his face, and she stamped her foot down. "no.. No.. you're fine.. I'm the one being a tease... I.. I need this... to see if I can sleep, be secure next to you.." She came over and sat down beside him. She sighed, then took in a breath to speak. "I can tell you're physically excited for me, your kiss shows that as well. Miles, please hear me out, then decide if you want me to stay with you or not. I'm.. Mephetian. We don't go to 'home base' until marriage. That said, there are stages of dating... Like where we are at, first base, and maybe some second base tonight.. depending upon how I react. I will get to that. If we become heavy dating, then second base and third base are allowed. As a fiance... well, as making a baby is out, you can guess what is allowed. Now, me."

    Sav grabbed both of Miles hands and held them while putting them onto her very silky feeling inner thighs. She closed her eyes and breathed a couple of times, then opened her eyes. "I already told you some, but, basically, when I was 17, I was kidnapped into for an Orion Sex Slave training Dungeon. I was there over the summer, then sold to a Federation Representative for my virginity, life, and pelt. So, my first time was this rep tearing me up and I would have been dead if it wasn't for a raid by the IPA Marshals. They were prepping in the hospital for a special mesh weave to be put into me to hold me together while I healed. That was not to be. A Starfleet Research Institute, in this Reps back pocket, got me from the main hospital and implanted a cadaver mesh with Toluene toxic glue in it. When that didn't immediately kill me, they used psychic counselors to implant false memories into me to protect the rep. It was just recently that the bad mesh was removed before it did kill me, my organs and beauty repaired, the memories and false personalities removed, and I could start working on overcoming my last six years of fears of Diplomats, Counselors, Doctors, and Males. My.. only time was not for the faint of heart. And.. Miles, before the surgery.. my... well.. wasn't for the faint of hear."

    Sav begins rubbing her thumbs over Miles hands as she finishes with, "So, I still have nightmares, still have issues, but have gotten to the point to date this wonderful, understanding guy who is helping me with my fears. So, if you want, I want to sleep cuddled with you, my head on your shoulder, my leg across yours and my arm across your chest. Just, if I wake up screaming, please please please, know its not you.. its my memories. So.. do I stay or leave?"

    "Stay. I will hold you if you wish, or you me, just to have you this close is, what did you say earlier, delicious and comforting."

    Sav nodded, echoing, "Delicious and comforting." She pointed to the bed, "please, lay down." She climbed up next to him to snuggle up to him. Now, it was the two of them, in a room not her own, and Miles was most definitely male. Now, with the mind able to wander, the entire situation crashed into Sav. Her body began to tremble and she couldn't seem to stop it. She giggled nervously and whispered, "Sorry.. I can't seem to stop the trembles. Just.. be here... and I will be here for you." She snuggled closer, whispering, "You're here for him, Sav, for his day.. now be here for him.. be here...." Her trembles lessened, then went away as her breathing calmed down. She had fallen asleep.



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