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Ghost Ship
Stardate 249680

Ghost Ship

Mission Day:
Day 1
Academy Days


  • Heading to sector 715

  • Speed:
  • Warp 5

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

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    The End?

    Posted on Monday 2 September 2019 @ 09:22 by Commander Melody Jones & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Lieutenant Michael Ki MD & Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Main Bridge
    Timeline: After The Hunt is on


    Melody stood watching the viewscreen. "Helm. Bring us out of warp and put us in standard orbit." She turned to Rejal "I don't like it. Where's the welcoming committee?"

    Sav dropped the ship out of warp and plotted a course towards the planet.

    Looking over his console, Miles actually shrugs his shoulders, "It doesn't make any sense Captain, there should be Borg here of some type, but my scans aren't coming up with anything. Unless they've learned to cloak themselves, we've either missed them, or have shown up early to the party, either way, I'm leery of sending down an away team, due to if the Borg show up, we Imay not be able to get our people back on the Merlin."

    Zim did not like anything about this. It seemed that things simply went from bad to worse since he came aboard the Merlin. If he had his way he would simply blow everything down there to kingdom come. However, as it stood right now they were in orbit and looking to see what would happen. He had nothing to report so he simply stood there grim faced and worked silently. Alone with his thoughts.

    Sav called out to the Captain, "Standard High Orbit achieved, Captain."

    Melody was still looking at the viewscreen. "Acknowledged helm. Can we get any sensor readings on the surface"

    Draxxs fingers flew round around his console. "It's looks like Borg signatures and evidence of weapons fire Captain."

    "I'm getting sensor readings, they just don't make a lot of sense. I show several areas of what might be habitation or rejuvenation chambers, but it also looks like the planet bears damage from Borg weapons...would they be fighting themselves if some were controlled by the Puppet Master, and others by the Collective?"

    Michael had been monitoring the bridge from Sick Bay. Something that he always liked to do, it allowed him to have a jump on things. It was the mention of Borg weapons fire on the surface that made him stand in his office. It all came together in the Doctor's head, well at least he thought it did. "Bridge Dr Ki here. I think if you scan for species 8472 you will find what you are looking for. The Puppet Master may not be Borg as we have been suspecting, but Species 8472. They have telepathic capabilities so that could be how they are controlling people. It would also explain the Borg weapons fire."

    “According to reports, the last time the Borg encountered Species 8472 they were defeated at every encounter until they were assisted by the crew of Voyager. A peace treaty was in the process of being brokered by Captain Janeway so it begs the question why are they back in our galaxy. Melody mused out loud.

    The young ensign at tactical spoke up “Captain! There is a Borg cube on an intercept course. It’s charging weapons.”

    “Red Alert! Shield up! Ready all weapons!” Melody called out. She turned to Rejal. “It seams you were right, we have company but are they The Collective or this Puppet Master?”

    She ship rocked hard suddenly. Tactical reported “Shields down to 80%”

    “It looks like they don’t want us here.” Melody said with a wry smile. “Evasive maneuvers! Lock phasers and return fire!”

    Sav called out, "Aye Aye, sir". She had already immersed herself into the Merlin and began evasive maneuvers. However, the Borg Cube was spamming the space around them. She managed to keep the main beams from hitting the ship, but enough secondary beams were hitting enough to become a concern.

    "If it was the actual Borg," Caroline said holding on tight to her chairs arms. "Wouldn't we have already had the whole "Resistance is futile" communication.

    "If its the puppet master, "Draxx said suddenly remembering the console they had recovered, "What if the console from the colony was built by the same people who wrote the puppet master. Can we use it somehow?"

    "Good point and good thinking Lieutenant." Melody said as she ship rocked hard again.

    "Shield are down to 53%. We've got minor damage to the secondary hull" Tactical reported "Captain, at this rate shields aren't going to last much longer."

    Melody tapped the comm button on her chair "Bridge to engineering. We're taking a pounding here. Firstly can we transfer more power to the shield and secondly, is there anyway of using the computer we recovered against this puppet master?"

    "Engineering to Bridge, We'll get you what we can! And I'll see what I can do." Breana replied before looking to her team.

    "Doyle, you take over here, I'm heading down to the console with Saski. A-Team, keep working on that power transfer, drop power from non important places to make it happen." As soon as she finished relaying that, a bag was grabbed and she headed out with the other woman to make her way to the console. Already her mind was racing with unanswered questions and possible idea's.

    With sudden intuition on his face, Miles turns, "Captain, let's get out fighters out there, have them target every borg weapon that fires at us. If we can destroy their weapons faster than they can repair them, we might give Engineering long enough time to do whatever it is they need to do. As for the Merlin, i'd stop using the phasers and go for the torpedos. They seem to take longer to recover from those, they're more kinetic force than energy. I didn't see any, but do we have any transphasic or tricobolt devices we can throw at them?"

    Melody nodded. "Make it so Number One. Let's give them more than one target to fire at. Tactical, load quantum torpedoes and prepare to fire!"

    The deck suddenly lurched violently and the lights flickered while there was a loud explosion.

    From the speaker beside Sav sounded a "Dammit!!". The borg's random firing had not been so random. Sav's golden thread said to zig, but her mind overrode her and she Zagged. Thus, the ship was right in the position for a fresh side of the cube so that a fresh batch of weapons could target the ship, and they fired upon one shield instead of everywhere...

    Above the mayhem Melody called out "Damage Report!"

    Tactical called out "Direct hit to the port nacelle, we're venting drive plasma! Warp drive is off-line."

    "What the hell happened?" Melody asked

    "The Borg ship targeted a large barrage at a single shield vector. It collapsed before the backup emitters could respond!"

    Melody gripped hold of the Captains chair. "Helm we need your finesse. Evasive pattern delta 2, keep our starboard side to the cube. Number One, Get those fighters out there! Fire torpedoes!"

    Sav called out, "You got it sir." Everything else was now forgotten. Sav immersed herself fully into the ship with its sensors now being her senses and its remaining drives being her wings. She intimately began following her 'golden' thread, ignoring everything else for now. The ship began shifting, rolling, and cross zagging in a pattern that made no sense.

    "This is Lieutenant Rejal, I want all fighters in the air now people. Start targeting the Borg weapon systems as they fire." Even while issuing the orders, Miles is rapidly inputting firing solutions for the multitude of quantum torpedoes in stock. Looks like he is going for overkill, firing two to three in tight-packages against any area of the Borg vessel that fires off a cutting beam, or energy weapon. When not working on the he is directing Ops work crews to manage hull breaches, fires, and damaged power relays.

    "Son of a.... " Lieutenant Tregan blurted out down in Engineering as the damage to the nacelle happened. A glance to crew that looked to him and he gave a shake of his head. "Don't stop what you are doing. We have to keep this boat afloat. You know the drill, fast temp patch works while we fight this battle.

    Reaching the computer, she was powering it up when the hit happened, grabbing it and the junior officer to keep balance between them all, Bree let out a few choice words. "What's the likelyhood that this thing will....." her voice trailed as she watched the monitor seem to come to life as if it connected to something outside of the ship. "Lieutenant, we need to hack into this computer and fast." A quick prayer to the universe to get on there side, and some fancy moving of fingers over the consoles had both women hard at work trying to get something to happen outside there ship.

    There was a hic-up in the firing of the Borg cube... it was short at first, and then it happened again for a few minutes longer.

    "Sir, Borg weapons fire is fluctuating!"

    Melody clapped her hands together. "Jones to Rathburn. Good work Lieutenant! You've affected their weapons systems. Any chance of shutting them down completely?"

    "I'm trying Commander." Rathburn answered as she gave a slight glance over to the officer with her.

    "Sir!" The ensign at tactical interrupted. "We've just had a major EPS discharge on deck 11. Many casualties."

    "Jones to sickbay. Doctor, your talents are needed on deck 11."

    "Acknowledged bridge emergency response teams are on their way." Michael responded from Sick Bay. He would be damned if he was going on his own, he had triage to handle.

    "Captain! The EPS system on that deck has sustained major damage. The power conduits are overloading! We're going to lose half the deck!"

    "Jones to Doctor. You're going to have to evacuate that deck and you have....." Melody looked at tactical

    He looked up, his face pale "Six minutes!"

    "Did you copy that Doctor?"

    "Acknowledged bridge...Ki out." Michael recalled the teams no use in sending them to send them back. He was going to do this quick and dirty. Michael brought the emergency transporters online. "Engaging site to site transports. Wide beam... We are going to beam everyone out in three groups directly to Sick Bay. All medical staff stand by for triage." One by one he brought the people from deck 11 over. Within five minutes he had everyone. "Bridge I have everyone with a minute to spare. Now if you can give me some peace and quiet to patch them up. Sick Bay out..."

    Miles looks over at his Captain "Captain, I've got the computer working on my program to target the Borg ships' weapons as they fire. I can head for Deck 11 to help with the blowout, and maybe buy Dr. Ki some more time..."

    “Sounds like the good doctor has things in hand Lieutenant.” Melody mused. She turned to tactical “Time?”

    “Ten seconds!”

    Melody passed the comm button “All hands brace yourselves!”

    The Merlin was dodging the Borg's weapons, keeping tactical distance with the planet, and trying to buy engineering time as Sav maneuvered the ship about. She found no fresh shield to turn to the Borg Cube for this, but shield three was the strongest, so she turned the ship to take it on that shield and hoped tactical was putting emergency power into that shield to help. The time ticked down and....

    A powerful explosion shook the ship. From tactical the ensign reported “Sections 6 though 19 on deck 11 destroyed. We’ve also lost transporters and long range sensors. Captain. The Cube seems to be restoring weapons control.”

    A small, unheard groan sounded out from the speaker beside Sav. As she was fully immersed into the ship, she felt those systems go off line as well as the electrical cascade failures. All was as pain to her. She briefly wondered why Tactical did not bolster the shield, but quickly brushed it aside. She was now using maneuvering thrusters and impulse to get the planet between them and the Borg pronto to give engineering some time.

    “Jones to Rathburn. We could really use a miracle right about now!”

    "I'm working on it Commander." Breana replied, a hint of frustration in her voice as she gripped tighter to the console. Nothing like trying to work on something when you're fighting not to fall on your ass during a ship battle!

    "There has to be way...." Bree muttered. Saski shrugged with a shake of her head as if to say she couldn't figure it out. Dropping down, she popped the bottom panel off and looked within it again. Frowning as she looked at the wiring, shaking her head. "What it I..... No, I better not mess with those, it might break any and all connection we have." She rambled to no one in particular. Standing back up, just in time to fall back on her ass as the ship rocked and rolled again, Bree let out a couple more choice words before grabbing the console. Trying that again, she was up and working the console. "There has to be a way...." She muttered again before taking a moment to stop and study the codes that where flying by with a cant of her head.

    Spotting a code that seemed to happen before they where hit, Bree's eyes widened a bit before she once more started working on putting a few added codes in, changing the ones up that she spotted. Maybe if she could freeze the attacks before they left the cube, the explosions would do internal damage to it and not them? Kinda like plugging up the end of a gun.... Rathburn nodded to herself a moment as she mentally crossed her fingers before another hit rocked them.

    "Dammit!!!" She blurted out before slamming her fist down on the top of the console.

    "Ma'am! Don't break it!" Saski blurted out seeing her chief hitting things and the monitor go blank a moment before suddenly symbols appeared on the screen, one at a time... changing almost every second. "Umm... Lieutenant....." The junior officer added with wide eyes. "I think you broke it...."

    "Maybe it's rebooting?" Rathburn said with a frown as she could do nothing now but stand and watch the screen with a tilt of her head.

    Sav felt the energy buildup and began pouring speed in a vector away from the cube and planet. She new there was not enough time, but she had to buy the ship enough distance to survive.. she hoped. From the speaker came a mantra of 'Faster, faster, faster, faster...'

    Suddenly everything went crazy.... The ship rocked and rolled as explosions happened. In the cargo bay the computer terminal exploded sending both Breana and Saski went flying back. Outside, the Cube and planet almost simultaneously exploded.

    The bridge was in darkness, illuminated only by the flashing of the red alert lights. Melody picked herself up from the floor. Her ears were ringing and a small trickle of blood ran down her forehead.

    She called out "Report!.......... Report! Are we all still in one piece?"

    Zim pulled himself to his feet. "The ship is still intact, major casualty reports from all over the ship. The shields are down in the aft ventral. Teams are trying to get it back, but we are unsure if we can stay ahead of the damage. Communication with Dr Ki has gone down."

    At the helm, there was only static coming from the speaker. Sav's body was flung to the floor and had been thrown in between the seat and console, keeping her nearby and in contact, except for the brief time when her body was initially thrown away from it. Usually Sav would 'jump' right back to her body, but she had never been this fully immersed when contact was lost... and she was lost.

    Caroline replied "Just....." as she made her way to the tactical station. The body of the ensign was lying on the floor. Caroline quickly checked for a pules. She looked up to Melody and shook her head slowly.

    The emergency lights came on showing the devastation on the bridge. Melody looked around slowly before turning back to Caroline. "Damage report!"

    Slightly out of her depth, Caroline took a moment to respond. "Main power is offline and there is a partial failure in the main computer. Life support is holding at 70%. There is a hull breach on decks 30 and 31 along with the damage on deck 11. Emergency forcefields are holding. Long range sensors, transporters, warp drive, weapons and helm control are all off line. The comm system is down too. Twenty crew members are dead. Fifty have been injured, some severely. It appears that both the Borg ship and the planet exploded. We are currently adrift. The fighters we deployed are holding position near by.... The shuttlebay doors are also off line"

    Melody took a deep breath. "Send out a general distress signal." She turned to Rajel "Take a search party and survey the ship starting with the critical systems. Deploy damage repair teams immediately and when you find our chief engineer please send her to the bridge." She turned to the helm. "Commander are you still with us?"

    While people were reporting, Sav managed to splice together enough circuits to find her way back to the helm. She had missed what was reported, but then saw through the few intact bridge sensors Melody looking at her 'wedged?' body at the helm and asking her question, which she heard through her ears. She was able to modulate the static of the helm speaker, "Aye ssss Aye ss SSSsir. Got ss Ssome ss Distance ss Between ss Usss ss and ss Planet.. ss but ss maneuvering ss down."

    "Hang in there Commander. When helm control and some engines are back online, lay in a course for the nearest starbase when the fighters are back onboard."

    Sav's body curled about the base of the Helm Console as the speaker said, "ss On ss It ss SSsir, ss Helping ss with ss Autotomic ss Connections sssss Will ss inform ss when ss moving ss again." The light background static was heard once more.

    Miles picks himself up off the floor as he survey's the bridge, tapping his combadge he sends out an all ships' message - "Anyone with medical training please report to Sickbay for further instructions, we will survive this people. Any Security team members, or Marines that are active, meet me in Main Engineering, we will be conducting floor by floor sweeps looking for injured people, and other damage. All ops and engineering crew members, report to your closest duty stations and begin repairs." Checking that he has his phaser, toolkit, and tricorder, he turns to his Captain, "I won't let our lady sink Captain, also, you might want to check on your family and see where Draxx is, I could use his help to keep our life support up and running."

    "I'm still here," Draxx said from underneath a console panel now damaged. "Don't worry about me. Nibbles is the one planning to see me off not some faux borg. Do you want me with you Lieutenant or shall I stay and man ops here?"

    Looking at where Draxx was Miles gets a big grin on his face, "Taking a nap during a battle, tsk tsk tsk, I told you the optimum place is close to the warp core, the vibrations are soothing." Helping his compatriot up, "You stay here, monitor what's going on and let me know of anything major going amiss. I'm heading for Main Engineering, then deck 11 to survey the damage. Keep our repair teams busy. We survive this, maybe we'll make Nibbles a place to stay in our office, might be nice for her to get out of your stateroom." With a laugh, Miles heads for the lift, the doors close as he begins to hum one of his operas.

    Sav was long gone from the bridge once more as she moved through the helm control and power circuits in trying to get damage control and Tertiary cutovers to activate and allow the ship to move once more. Her marks for damage control were always top notch perfect, and this was why. The 'pain' of the ship being wounded overrode any pain from her body, so she did not know if anything was amiss, except that nothing was coming across as life threatening, so she would be good to go for a while.

    Zim stood at his console a trickle of purplish hued blood trickled down his face from a laceration on his head. "Ma'am permission to leave the bridge..." He spoke through gritted teeth the smell of combat had awakened the Capellean blood. There was a report of a three person boarding party that had come aboard the Merlin. It was time to do what he did best.

    Everything had gone crazy down in Engineering. Doyle was sending the engineering crew all over the place to assess the damage so he'd have a full report ready, after all... computers were also at work 'trying' to run scans. Every so often he was working on contacting Breana.

    "Tregen to Rathburn.... " Those words kept repeating, finally bringing her around. "Rathburn here.. hold on a second Doyle." She responded as she gingerly sat up and glanced around. Seeing Saski still knocked out, Bree called out to her before wiping her own forehead. Great... I did something screwy this time. She thought to herself as she tapped her badge. "Medical needed in Cargo bay three ASAP."

    About that time two other crewmen came storming into the bay. "There you are, you're wanted on the Bridge. Though maybe it might wait till she's been seen by Medical?" One asked as they glanced from Breana to the other.

    "I got this, see to her." Breana said softly, damn her head was throbbing, as she motioned to the other woman. Getting up slowly she felt her leg buckle a little and she glanced down to it and noticed more blood trailing from a nice gash. There were other cuts and likely a lot of bruises going to be happening but she wasn't thinking about that. At the moment all she could think about was the fact she blew up the computer.

    One of the two crewman went over to Saski to stay with her, the other stayed near Bree as Rathburn determinedly made her way slowly up to the bridge. Reaching the bridge, the walking Zombie of a women looked around with the total.... 'Oh shit' look.

    Melody looked over as the Chief Engineer entered the bridge. "Glad to see you're in one piece Lieutenant. I asked for a miracle...... Not quite what I had in mind but...."

    She turned to Caroline "There is an emergency med kit on that bulkhead. Would you just give Lieutenant Rathburn a quick check and Commander Tillatix as well, she seems rather out of sorts." Melody added with a concerned look on her face.

    Caroline nodded happy to be in much more familiar territory. She reached the bulkhead retrieving the med kit. Zim was attempting to leave with blood running down his forehead. "Two seconds ladies."

    The hissing static was clearing up from the speaker as Sav put helm onto tertiary systems. The speaker announced, in a semi-hollow voice as Sav's attention was focused on damage control. "No worries, Commander, I'm being kept busy."

    Melody then turned to Zim "By all means Chief. I don't want any uninvited guests. Be careful."

    Harris nodded and turned on his heel to leave the bridge. There was an eerie calm as he stepped into the turbolift. Not many people knew that while Klingons fought for honor and spoke of the love of combat. Capellans simply fought for the sheer joy of it all. The Merlin was about to learn that now.

    "Wait master chief," Caroline sprinted after him standing in the turbolift doorway whipping out a dermal regenerator. She ran it over him closing the wound. "That will hold you for a while but you need to go to sickbay once this is all done and get properly treated by Dr Ki's team." She defiantly refused to move so the doors could shut until she had his agreement on that.

    All feeling, all emotion had left Zim's face and body movement. There was only two things in all existence in his mind, there was him, and there was that which threatened him and his home. This was the Capellan way, the way of life on Capella IV. He only acknowledged Caroline out of respect for the rank she earned. "Yes Commander I will see the Doctor once our home is secure. Thank you Commander." His words slightly robotic and spoken through gritted teeth. Once she was satisfied he entered the turbolift and headed for Deflector Control.

    A console beeped and an ensign who had been repairing went over and had a look. "Captain, we're being hailed. It's the USS Apollo"

    Melody let out a sigh of relief "Open a channel" then speaking a bit louder "This is Commander Jones Of the USS Merlin. I can tell you that you're a welcome sight."

    "Greetings Commander Jones. This is Captain Campbell of the Apollo. Got yourself into a spot of bother I take it?"

    "You could say that Captain." Melody answered with a wry smile.

    "Do you require assistance?"

    "Some damage control teams would be nice and perhaps a tow to the nearest Starbase?"

    "No problems Commander. Stand by for our teams. Campbell out."

    Melody turned back to Rathburn. "Once Commander Miller makes sure you're ok I think we better have a chat about what happened Lieutenant."

    "You have a fractured femur, I'm giving you something for the pain. You are also in shock Lieutenant," Caroline told Bree. "You will be okay to talk to the Captain for a few minutes. I'll come patch up your bleeding once I know what state Sav's in."

    "Thank you." Breana said to Caroline as she gave her something for the pain. "I'll see you later." She added softly before looking to the Captain with a slow deep breath taken. As far as she'd come in the time since she'd been on this ship. That past worry crept up on her at times, and seeing the damage she'd caused... even by accident... had her on edge.

    A slow breath was let upwards to blow a strand of hair out of her eyes before she spoke. "I'm ready when you are Captain."

    Melody took a deep breath. “Well it appears you not only blew up the Borg ship and the planet as well. What exactly did you do?”

    Great... here it came... Rathburn didn't have a good answer for what exactly she'd done and she nipped at her lower lip a momeny as the disapprovinh look of the bull crossed her mjnd. Taking a deep breath before she spoke, slightly nervously "Honestly Captain... I don't know. The computer seemed to instantly connect to the borg cube when I powered it on. I noticed a code flipped though right before we would seem to get hit so I tried to hack in and change the code. The first time it seemed only to add a break in the firing system then, that last time... I umm... was hoping to jam their firing system. But i seemed to have made a slight oopsy?

    “As I said Lieutenant not exactly what I had in mind but..... it did save our skins..... In a sense. Good work. I want you to report to sickbay and get that leg fixed. Then when you have been patched up I’ll be needing a full damage report and as many primary systems you can get back on line while we’re towed back to Starbase.”

    "Yes Captain, I'll get right on that." Breana breathed as a smile touched her features once more as she headed off. Thankful for the pain medicine Caroline had given her. She was now starting to really take in just how much damage her oopsy had caused and she sighed softly.

    "Sav talk me through what happened with you," she said. "I haven't got a tricorder configured with your chip so the readings are off. We are going to have to do this the old fashioned way or get you to sickbay."

    A questioning churr came from the speaker. "Umm, Commander Miller, you removed the chip during the surgeries on the starbase as it was false and designed to hide the toluene poisoning killing me. You're tricorder should be reading fine... it took a hard knock, try resetting it."

    Caroline shook her head confused for a moment. "Your quite right I did didn't I?" she said finally. "And your talking through the ship," the blond doctor asked confused.

    A 'hrrm?' sounded out from the speaker, then the speaker said, "Oh, I thought you knew. Sorry for not letting you know earlier. I am a cyberapath and join with the ship during increased needs for piloting.. and also damage control for automated switchovers."

    Sav's injuries were minor, considering the state of the crew. She had internal organ bruising, two cracked ribs, her left femur dislocated, as well as her right shoulder. Her vital signs were elevated due to the injuries, and that Sav was fully immersed into the Merlin and helping with repairs.

    The speaker sounded out louder, "Captain Jones, integrity shielding fully restored, inertial dampers at 85%. We can be towed as long as the Apollo takes it easy at first. Maneuvering thrusters at 32%, partial impulse to 15%. A tow would be nice right now, yes."

    Melody looked over to where Caroline was tending to Sav’ena. “Thank you Commander. Now I want you to concentrate on getting yourself back in one piece. Damage repair teams can take care of the ship.”

    The speaker sounded one more time, "Aye Aye, sir." The speaker showed off as Sav's body shifted, then she took in a deep breath and said, "Owww... my body feels almost as bad as the ship."

    "As the transporters are down, I'm sorry Sav but I'll have to do this the old fashioned way or we will have to carry you to sickbay. This is going to hurt. I'm popping your leg joint back in. Its been dislocated. Please …" Caroline said nervously her eyes flicking to the her claws, "Don't move." She pushed firmly and there was a loud pop.

    Sav nodded and relaxed, and then her body flinched at the femur going back into place. A groan escaped her and then she said in a small voice, "ooowwwwieeee".

    The blond breathed as she wasn't unintentionally attacked. "I'll give a few minutes and then we can do the shoulder,"

    Sav nodded as she blinked back tears. She shifted a little to let her body get comfortable, well, as comfortable as was possible in this situation. She snorted out in light humor and replied, "A few minutes sounds good... thanks..."

    There was a gentle rocking motion as tractor beams locked onto the ship.

    Tapping his combadge, Marbim checks in, "Captain, Deck 11 will need some serious repairs done, it took a beating. The shields are holding at this point. I was going to take a team down to the lower decks, unless you need us someplace else?"

    Melody acknowledged. "Copy that XO, continue with your survey. Bridge out."


    ●● Lieutenant Marbim Rejal
    Acting First Officer / Chief of Operations
    USS Merlin

    >>>> Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim
    Chief of the Boat
    USS Merlin

    ●● Lieutenant Michael Ki
    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Merlin

    ●○ Lieutenant Breana Rathburn
    Chief Engineer
    USS Merlin

    ●●● Commander Save'ena Tillatix
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    USS Merlin

    ●●● Commander Melody Jones
    Acting Captain/Executive Officer
    USS Merlin

    ●●● Commander Caroline Miller
    Chief Counselor
    USS Merlin


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