Gathering Intelligence
Ghost Ship
Stardate 249680

Ghost Ship

Mission Day:
Day 1
Academy Days


  • Heading to sector 715

  • Speed:
  • Warp 5

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

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    Mission Briefing

    Posted on Friday 24 January 2020 @ 09:32 by Commander Melody Jones & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem & Major Richard "Wolf" Johnson, Psy.D. & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Lieutenant Michael Ki MD & Lieutenant JG Hayley Godding & Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim

    Mission: Ghost Ship
    Location: Briefing Lounge
    Timeline: MD1 0900


    Melody was the first to arrive for the morning briefing. She had the final departure PADD's to approve before the Merlin left Starbase. She sat down at the head of the table. One of the stewards brought in a tray of coffee and tea and poured a cup for Melody.

    Hayley was the very next to arrive by only a minute and took her place at the large table. She helped herself to a cup of coffee from the tray, pouring some cream and a dash of sugar into the cup.

    Rionuj arrived yawning. Having helped oversee the repairs and retrofits for the past month allowed him to make his own schedule and no he had to start getting used to standard shifts again, something he hadn't dealt with since his days at the Academy. The tall Andorian smiled at the ladies and grabbed himself a cup of coffee and added some cream to it. He wasn't sure where to sit so he sat next to Lt. Godding.

    Marbim wanders in, reading from a PADD and sipping something steaming that has a heavy spice smell to it. Looking around, starting with his boss he smiles, "Morning Mam, and everyone else." He then finds a seat close to the Captain, and continues looking through his PADD.

    A Padd in one hand, and a steaming cup of coffee in the other, Breana made her way over to one of the empty chairs. Between hanging out with Zoey and going over things down in Engineering, she'd been a little busy since she'd gotten back on ship. Now though, she was at least happy with the developments and life in general. A small sip of the dark, rich, brew had her waking up and focusing a little more on the room. A warm, respectful nod to all as she spoke softly. "Mornin"

    Caroline walked in and smiled at the coffee. "Good morning everyone," she said brightly as she helped herself to a cup and took a seat next to Breana.

    Sav walked in with a mug of coffee. She smiled at all the staff and said, "Morning." She sat down at the nearest empty chair.

    Johnson walked in behind Sav and took a seat toward the back of the table. He just gave a smile and quick nod as he sat down.

    The shore leave had been one of the best that Ki had in a long time. He more of a bounce in his step. As such he headed to the briefing room with a large smile on his face. Just before entering he saw the Chief of The Boat heading to the same location. "Morning Chief, how was your leave?"

    Zim smiled as he stopped to chat with the Doctor. "As expected, got a good amount of training in. We have to be vigilant, ever vigilant."

    "As the ship's doctor I am telling you, that for your own health you should take a break. If not you will work yourself into a grave." Ki smiled and slapped Zim in the back of the shoulder jokingly. The two men walked into the briefing room and took their seats.

    Once the entire senior staff was sat, Melody began. "Good morning all. I hope you are all well rested from shore leave. This mission Starfleet has for us looks relatively straight forward. We've been assigned patrol sector 715 and mapping of several star systems and analysis of the planets. "

    She looked around the table addressing each department head. "The mapping and planetary survey will be handled by science and operations. Starfleet Command wants a report on all our new and improved components so we can have a bit of a shakedown during the missing. Engineering, that's your department. You'll probably have to liaise with each department head for specifics."

    "Yes Ma'am, I'll make sure to get with each as soon as possible." Bree said as jotted notes down on her Padd to make sure she didn't miss anything.

    Melody continued "Apparently the new navigational uses completely different mapping algorithms and components so try not to get us lost Commander..." She looked at Sav with a wry smile.

    Sav giggled and said, "No problem, Captain. We'll get us to the destination required."

    Melody then looked at Ki and Miller "After our encounter with the Borg on our last mission, Starfleet has asked for a complete physical and psychological work upon the crew. Personally, I feel fine but Starfleet wants to be sure."

    Ki had to catch himself from sighing audibly. Michael Ki was the kind of doctor that expected patients to come to him when they did not feel well or needed something. However, it seemed that Starfleet wanted him to go to the patients. He managed a weak smile. "Very well Commander, I will have the medical staff begin physicals of the crew. However, it might be prudent to lead by example so perhaps we should start with the top." He smirked knowing that long tradition of getting ship commanders in for physicals was beyond hard.

    "I had a feeling you were going to say that Doctor," Melody said, resigned to her fate. "I will come and see you as soon as I have some free time."

    Caroline nodded, "Well we were coming round to annual psyche reviews again," she smiled.

    "At least we were able to pick up some more counselors on Risa and the Starbase. I'll get that rolling Captain."

    Melody made a note on her PADD. "Very good Commander. Now, we have some fairly new faces with our relatively new security Chief Lieutenant Godding and our Strat ops chief Commander Anidem. We're going to need to know more about the area we're going to be patrolling and also I think some of the crew could do with retraining on our combat skills. Also, we have Major Johnson rejoining us, now as our Marine Commander. The Major will be running some recon missions to get his new team settled in."

    Hayley smiled at everyone. "I'll be speaking to all of you about upcoming security drills and how they'll impact on your departments. If you have anyone in your specific sections who you feel could use a refresher on the basics, I'm more than happy to run some courses with them. I've been reviewing the logs regarding the Borg attack and there are some crucial areas we could use some beefing up on, particularly in Engineering."

    "Sector 715 last I heard only a few probes have been sent there. The last one was about 5 years ago, I'll get whatever info I can about that region of space and send the data to all department heads." The Andorian smiled, at the rest of the senior staff wishing he had more to add.

    "Commander Tillatix, I'll be getting with you about adding our birds to those missions," the Marine said with a smile as he sat forward and interlaced his fingers on the table.

    Melody stood and moved over to the window. "I know, while this mission will be a welcome change from dodging phasers and torpedoes that I can still count on each of you to give your very best. Is there anything else anyone wants to bring up?"

    Marbim looked up from his PADD. "Hello everyone, I'm Lieutenant Rejal, or I also answer to Miles. Besides being the XO, I am also the Chief of Ops. If you have any questions or needs you can always come to me and then I can brief the Boss," nods in Captain Jones's way, " outside of that Draxx, who's my second officer in Ops and I have gone over the ship and haven't encountered any issues, yet. I'm sure on our way there, something will happen, if not, perhaps some Ops drills might help find out whom we can count on in a pinch. You may have noticed that the stations on the Bridge aren't standard. After several run-ins with the Borg, Commander Tillatix and I worked out some new specs that should stand up to more punishment, and provide safety to the user by shunting excess power into other systems."

    Melody nodded. "Good point Number One. I'm sure while we are en route to sector 715 we can squeeze in some drills and other tests to make sure the new equipment is functioning correctly. Is there anything else?"

    Zim was not sure why he was invited to briefings and yet here he was. He listened to all that was said and the upcoming mission seemed pretty straight forward. One that he knew the ship would be ready for. However, it was his experience that the straight forward missions were the ones that always ended with death.

    Melody looked at each of them and smiled. "Good. We are in the final preparation for departure. I've got some final reports to approve before a quick inspection. Lieutenant Rathburn, I'll be joining you in engineering before departure to go over new systems and engine status.

    "I'll be ready, Commander." Of course now, the nervous butterflies hit her as she realized how much she was going to be counted on again, and how she really needed to try and not blow anything up again.

    Melody came back to stand behind her chair, resting her hands on the headrest. "Very good. Departure stations at 1300. Dismissed."

    Rionuj stood and made his way out of the briefing room and towards the TIC.

    Miles waited patiently until everyone else leaves, "The gentlemen working on the Merlin found something interesting during repairs and refitting. The section of the ship where the Borg were found was flooded with their nanites. The problem is, the nanites were all inactive like they were in sleep mode or something. They found and collected them all, but this may be a new form of attack we might want to pay attention to if we run into them again..."

    The mention of the Borg still made Melody shiver but she covered for it quite well. "We'll have to keep an eye on that and make sure any Borg technology we recover is properly stored. It might give us a tactical advantage."


    ●●● Commander Melody Jones
    Commanding Officer
    USS Merlin

    ●●● Commander Caroline Miller
    Chief Counselor/2XO
    USS Merlin

    ●●● Commander Save'ena Tillatix
    Chief Flight Control Officer
    USS Merlin

    ●●● Lieutenant Marbim Rejal
    First Officer / Chief of Operations
    USS Merlin

    ●● Lieutenant Michael Ki
    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Merlin

    >>>> Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim
    Chief of the Boat
    USS Merlin

    ●○ Lieutenant JG Hayley Godding
    Chief Security/Tactical Officer
    USS Merlin

    ●○ Lieutenant Breana Rathburn
    Chief Engineer
    USS Merlin

    ○●● Liuetenant Commander MRionuj ch'Anidem
    Chief Strategic Operations Officerr
    USS Merlin

    * Marine Major Richard "Wolf" Johnson, Psy.D.s
    Company Commander
    USS Merlin


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