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Ghost Ship

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    Petty Officer 2nd Class Pete Burg

    Name Pete Burg

    Position Yeoman

    Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

    Character Information

    Gender Male
    Species Human
    Age 40
    Starfleet ID

    Physical Appearance

    Height 6' 2"
    Weight 170 Lbs.
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Dark brown
    Physical Description Burge is tall and in shape. He has been in Starfleet since the age of 18 and it has become habit to work out every day, though he is not overly muscular. He keeps a beard, trimmed, and short cropped hair. His eyes can get as far off look, having seen much in his time and seeing much conflict.


    Father Simlon
    Mother Netal

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Burg has been enlisted long enough to have served in the Dominion war and other smaller skirmishes. He has become very to the point with what he thinks and does not often hesitate to share his opinion regardless of the other persons rank. He is very squared away after a life time of military service. On the other side of that he knows how to have fun and has learned that there must be more than the uniform and service.
    Strengths & Weaknesses Burgs biggest strength is his attention to detail. He has a great eye for patterns and can normally spot when something is out of place. As with most Starfleet personnel, he believes greatly in loyalty and never leaving anyone behind. This has been cemented by his time in the enlisted corps. Both can be his biggest weaknesses, however, causing him to overthink some situations. This has lead to slower promotions due to performance reviews.
    Ambitions To get to the coveted Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet, the equivalent to becoming an Admiral for an officer with the exception there is only one spot for the highest rated enlisted member of Starfleet.
    Hobbies & Interests Burg loves weapons, from the first pistols to the most advanced current day weapons. He studies publications with the most current information and can often be found on the fireing range honing his skills. He also loves old cartoons, such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc. He says they help him to forget about his adult responsibilities for a while. Burg can also be found in the holodeck in holonevels such as the three muketeers or working on simulations of building motorcyles.

    Medical Record

    Injuries 2373 - Various Beam weapon burns
    2373 - Sharpe force trauma to the stomach, shoulder, back, face and leg
    2375 - Broken arm
    2375 - Broken leg
    2375 - Blunt force trauma to the head, back and knee
    Mental Health Suffers from nightmares. He relives various battles and sees the dead over and over. He also gets jumpy when there is a loud crash or noise. Counselors who have observed him unofficially have diagnosed him with PTSD.

    Personal History Pete Burg was born in a small Texas town just outside San Antonio on July 19, 2351 to a civilian repair technician and a homemaker. He grew up with a strong sense of family, with his mother able to always be there for him and his father, once Pete was about 8, taking him on service calls after school and on school holidays. While with his father Pete learned how to repair everything from PADDs to computers to replicators and even small, personal shuttles. When he wasn't out with his father his mother made sure he knew how to cook, patch his cloths and everything else that comes with everyday life. Between both parents Pete learned that he loved working with his hands and being able to not only repair, but create things from what many saw as nothing.

    When Pete started school his grades were above average until high school. When he hit high school he became bored and unchallenged by the work. His parents couldn't figure out why his grades were so low when he could rebuild a hover vehicle engine in a few hours. He tried explaining his bordem and his parents had a hard time understanding, telling him he needed to try harder and stop chasing girls. He finally gave up trying to tell them and started to hide in work doing repairs for his fathers business. Some of his fathers customers were veterans of the on going Cardassian war and would tell him about heroics and awards they received. Pete listened intently and watched the news coverage of the conflict. By the time he was 18 Pete had decided what he wanted to do and entered Starfleet.

    While he wanted to be an officer he did not want to wait the full 4 years to get out into the field, afraid the fighting would be over before he got there. So, he enlisted in the 2 years enlisted officer training program with a specialization in security and operations. While the Cardassian and Klingon wars had ended by 2373 when he graduated from the program the war with the Dominion was just starting. Pete was assigned to the USS Dauntless security department, which was part of the 7th Fleet. Pete had just started settling in when the fleet was ordered to the Tyra system to defend against the Dominion. This was where Burg saw first hand that war was rarely as glorified as the stories he had heard made it seem. Out of the 112 ship fleet that entered the system only 14 survived the attack. The Dauntless had been one of the first ships in and had been hit hard during the opening salvos. This had left them vulnerable to boarding and Burg, with the other officers, fought the Jem'Hadar intruders. Pete suffered multiple cuts and beam weapon burns from the encounter as well as seeing nearly his entire department slaughtered before the battle was done.

    After the battle he found out most of his class had been wiped out during the attack, costing him most of his friends. Pete was then transferred to a Federation Colony on Daner III. He was thankful for the new position away from the front lines so he could try to wrap his mind around Tyra. Unfortunately that calm didn't last as the Dominion started pushing through the Federation to hit core worlds such as Betazed. The Dominion troops landed just after Petes 21st birthday and started attacking the colony without warning. The civilians were trapped and the Starfleet base had been bombarded from space and destroyed. Pete, along with a mixture of Marines, medical and other officers, took to the mountains outside of the colony. They made trips into the colony to attack Jem'Hadar soldiers in hit and run maneuvers, doing their best to keep the civilians out of the fight as much as they could for the 9 month occupation. In the waning months of the war the Dominion governor ordered everyone in the colony killed and their bodies displayed for Starfleet to see when it arrived on the besieged world. The officers, now calling themselves the Rangers after the training program many of them, including Burg, had attended decided they could not let that happen.

    In a last and desperate move that none of the group expected to succeed they attacked the building at the center of town that housed the military governor and troops. With the Jem'Hadar in retreat the group was able to storm the building, killing or capturing the remaining Jem'Hadar. Unfortunately, it cost them fifteen of the 30 surviving officers and it wasn't before the Jem'Hadar had executed 200 civilians because Pete had convinced them they needed to wait. Sarfleet arrived three days later and declared the war over and won. The surviving Rangers were decorated for their resistance and rescue of the colony, though the loss of so many hung on Burg. Deciding he'd had enough combat he requested transfer to operations and was assigned to the USS Fitzgerald as an operations specialist.

    While on the Fitzgerald his department chief noticed that Burg had trouble with being decisive, often overthinking every decision. It was suggested that Pete see the counselor, but, he resisted. He did not want to relive what he had seen. With his war record the ship CO decided to allow Burg to continue to serve in his post and directed the department head to keep an eye out. The operations head decided to put Pete in the computer library for the duration of his tour, which served the Crewman fine. The ship CO, who had been one of the few Tyra survivors, was promoted up to the Admiralty. On his promotion he asked Pete to come be his Yeoman, knowing that the Crewmans career would be over if he was allowed to stay where he was. Burg agreed and followed the man to Starbase 685.

    For the next 10 years Pete worked and kept his head down, only getting one last promotion to Petty Officer 2nd Class where his peers had made Chief and Senior Chief. The Admiral finally decided Pete needed a little push and reassigned him to the Merlin on it's launch. It was a move Pete himself had been thinking over, so, when the orders came down he reported to his new ship as the Captains Yeoman.
    Service Record
    Ranks and Promotions:
    Given rank of Crewman Recruit on enlistment
    Promoted to the rank of Crewman Apprentice upon graduation and assignment USS Fitzgerald
    Promoted to the rank of Crewman
    Promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 3rd Class and assigned Starbase 685
    Promoted to the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class


  • USS Dauntless - 2373 - 2375 - Security Specialist
  • Daner III - 2375 - 2378 - Security Specialist
  • USS Fitzgerald - 2378 - 2383 - Operations Specialist
  • Starbase 685 - 2383 - 2393 - Yeoman to Rear Admiral Scott, 4th Fleet Commander
  • USS Merlin - 2393 - Present - Captains Yeoman