Re-living the Past
Stardate 249501
0100 Hours

Mission Day:
SL 1


  • Docked at Starbase 306

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  • Docked

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  • Under Repair/Refit

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  • Under Repair/Refit

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  • Under Repair/Refit

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    Lieutenant Galeraz Zephyr

    Name Galeraz Zephyr Dr. XMD

    Position Assistant Medical Officer

    Second Position Assistant Medical Officer

    Rank Lieutenant

    Character Information

    Gender Male
    Species Artemisian
    Age 31

    Physical Appearance

    Height 5' 10"
    Weight 185
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Grey
    Physical Description Medium Athletic Build. He plays rugby and does Kick boxing


    Spouse Looking for a wife
    Children None
    Father Revdenkin
    Mother Mazerana Zephyr
    Sister(s) Vektenda Zephyr

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview As with all Artemisians, he is very curious about the galaxy about him, as well as stubborn on setting onto a course he knows he needs to complete. He found he had desired curiosity to learn about differences and commonality of physiology between other races, and thus he pursued the Xenobiology courses at StarFleet Medical Academy.
    Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - He is calm and laid back, taking the situation in stride as it comes up. He is very focused, diligent, and thorough. He loves discovery of the new and finding out how it relates to the known. He is extremely inquisitive. He has a strong Moral Compass, knowing just how wrongs can happen because he is from a Genetically altered race that the Federation council is still fighting over whether to let them in or out.

    On a physiology point, Artemisians are very radiation resistant, up to 3200 rads in one sitting before it starts to affect them. They also are immune to cancer and recover quickly form any illness. Their cells are also more resistant to mutation. They are resistant to phasers and similar weapons on low settings, and recover more quickly. They remain 'young' looking till they die, but when they do, they decay in a couple of hours.

    Weaknesses - As he is focused and stays the course, this can make him overbearing and stubborn. When he is on the trail of something new, personal space isn't even realized. His looks and easy demeanor when not persuing his interests make him a target as a 'ladies man', and he goes along with that to a point. Yes, he has several exes who really don't like him now.

    Because of their cell breakdown being sped up for dying, certain transplants are very difficult, and the loss of a finger is permanent unless immediately gotten into a nutrient bath to keep the severed part alive.
    Ambitions To become a renowned Xeno Doctor to attract various races to learn about them and grow his knowledge. He also would like to start a family, but is not sure if he can have offspring with one who is not his race due to the genetic modifications.
    Hobbies & Interests Rugby, Kickboxing, the latest medical journal for reading. He loves taking care of exotic plants, which helps with his hobby of going out on dates with exotic beauties. His rugged good looks help immensely in this endeavor.

    Medical Record

    Injuries No accidents, illnesses, or concerns as of this date.
    Mental Health Straightforward, immensely curious, and stubborn in getting through his tasks. He has passed all evaluations and knows he is good, and is good with the ladies. His confidence is backed up by his actions. But, he is not boastful. He will not exaggerate and if he doesn't know something, he will find out.

    Personal History Galeraz was born to Revdenkin and Mazerana Zephyr in Trenchette, Territory 301, frontier colony world of Artemisian II. His true decent is Italian, but is now an Artemisian, a genetically altered Terran to survive a high radiation zone colony. The Artemisians were moved from that colony to a new one, Artemissian II.

    His childhood was the typical hard work on his father's ranch while his mother was on Trenchette's city council. During his aptitude testing, he gravitated towards interest in how biologicals worked, and helping them to heal from injury. This was encouraged as he took extracurricular courses in high school dealing with medical.

    At this time, as the Federation Council was going over Artemisian request to join, the invitation for some of the children to go to starfleet came up. Galeraz took the entrance exam, passed, tried for medical, passed, and launched himself into his courses.

    This was where he met another young cadet who was applying herself into the medical field with a passion that rivaled his own. One Cadet Caroline Miller. They had several courses together and ended up studying together. They went out on 'dates', but the dates were of to get out and away from schoolwork and labs, not for dating. Thus, they became very close personal friends, enjoying each others antics and humor.

    Both were in the same graduating class. Caroline went to the Siegfried, Galeraz went to a frontier scout, USS Anteres. He was there a year when a position came up on the Federation Starfleet Outpost at Argelius II. That place was the crossroads for many a race coming through, so he took it, and never looked back.

    As of this time, he has treated races from many galactic powers, and enjoying the gleaning of knowledge and of different races physiologies. He is the Federation's Leading Xenobiology Expert on Races from the L'Tandrey Protectorate, which includes L'Tandrey themselves (Vulpinoid Race), Sumerians (True to roots Terrans), and Mephetians (Skunk looking Humanoids but without the meanness or squirting gland in the buttocks.)
    Service Record 2362 - Born to Revdenkin and Mazerana Zephyr
    2367 - Pre-school checkup. All normal
    2375 - Pre high school aptitude tests - Medical aptitude
    2380 - Graduated High School
    2380 - Accepted into StarFleet Academy
    2388 - Graduated Starfleet Medical as Xeno-Doctor
    2388 - Posted as junior doctor on USS Anteres
    2389 - Posted as Doctor at Starfleet Outpost 785 on Argelius II
    2393 - Still there, loving every bit of it.