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Lieutenant Lysia T'Seng

Name Lysia T'Seng

Position Assistant Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human / Vulcan
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2" / 1.57m
Weight 110 lb / 49.9 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Slim build, athletic, dark eyes.


Father Isamu [Deceased]
Mother Ure
Other Family Lysia has an Aunt, Maru Ichinomiya on her Mothers' side.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lysia is an only Child, born to Isamu and Ume T’Seng in Toyohama, in the Hiroshima Prefecture of Japan.

Her mother resided on Vulcan for fourteen years as part of the Federation Embassy Staff, entering into marriage with Isamu during her time there. Alas, after her Father passed away after an accident at their home. Ume and Lysia moved back to Earth to be close to her only remaining Family ... After schooling she attended Hiroshima University where she studied Engineering and Mathematics. At the age of seventeen already a year ahead of her fellow Students, it was agreed that she would move to the United States to attend Starfleet Academy.

Her first assignment was at Utopia Planitia Fleet yards where she began to show a distinct interest in the Operations side of the facility. She was moved to Administration following a request from herself.
Lysia was assigned to the USS Merlin on SD 239305.16 where she took her position as Acting Operations Officer pending the arrival of the new COO. She is currently Assistant Operation Officer.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Lysia is motivated, eager to learn, confident but not to the point of arrogance.

Weaknesses: Tends to over-think problems but without this trend affecting her competency.
Ambitions Hopes to climb through the ranks and attain a Command role in due course.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts. Lysia is an advanced exponent of Suus Mahna. She has also been secretly trained in Tal-shaya, [At the insistence of her Father] ... She continues to advance.
Physical Training. Linked with her Martial Arts training.
Cinema. Lysia has a fondness for 20th century Earth cinema.
Reading. Interests in various genre's.

Medical Record

Injuries Summary of Physical Examination ::

Name : T'Seng. Lysia. Lieutenant
ID SC-23062-962 ::

Fracture of 4th & 5th lumbar vertebrae following boating accident. [Fully healed]

Otherwise fit and healthy.
Mental Health Summary of Psychological Examination ::

Name : T'Seng. Lysia. lieutenant
ID SC-23062-962 ::

Lysia underwent a full psychological evaluation at Star Base 194 prior to her arrival on the USS Merlin. Evaluation passed - No issues.

In summary : Ensign Lysia T'Seng is fit for active duty at this time.

For full psychological evaluation report please contact:

Doctor Arron Leslie
Chief Medical Officer
Star Base 194

Medical Records
Vulcan High Command

Personal History Lysia was born to Isamu and Ume on SD 236702.27 on the Vulcan Home-world. Attending school for her early rears this was sadly interrupted when her Father died. Her mother, feeling she needed to return to her ancestral home, returned to Earth after the funeral. They settled in the small community of Toyohama, Japan, where her mother was born. She attended school there, only moving away when her parents allowed her Aunt to accompany her to the United States of America to enrol in Starfleet Academy.

Her Aunt, Maru, remained in the U.S. for the following four years until Lysia graduated from the Academy. Her parents had taken the time to travel for the first time to attend the graduation, and only then did all three relatives return to their homeland.

Her first assignment was at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, Mars, where she was part of a group of Officers working on among other things research and development of advanced structural integrity fields. Her enthusiasm for Engineering began to wane though, and she began researching other options. She had continually shown an interest in the Administration side of the facility, and at her request was transferred with the option to return to her former academic endeavours if she so chose.

The following year it was brought to her attention by her supervisor, that an opening on the USS Merlin for Operations Officer might test her abilities. Nt having served on a Star Ship prior to this it was something of an initial worry, but she had never shied away from a challenge and knew that if her career was to be as an active Starfleet Officer then she needed to at least give the position serious consideration. Her Supervisor took the idea to the Head of the Fleet Facility who agreed, and both put their personal recommendations to the application. Lyais was assigned to the Merlin on SD: 239305.16 where she took up the position of Acting Operations Officer pending the assignment of a Chief of the Department.

With the arrival of Lieutenant jg David Tan on the USS Merlin, she was retained as Assistant Chief of the Department. On Stardate 239406.25 she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant ...

Service Record 2387 ~ Star Fleet Academy ::

238707.24 - Began as First Year Cadet, Starfleet Academy.

239107.10 - Graduated Academy, rank of Ensign

239110.21 - Assigned to R&D Division, Utopia Planitia

2393 ~ USS Merlin ::

239305.16 - Assigned to the USS Merlin.

239305.16 - Assigned Acting Operations Officer.

239307.06 - Assigned Assistant Operations Officer.

239307.20 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

239406.25 - Promoted to Lieutenant.

Commendations ::

No commendations awarded at this time.