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Lieutenant JG Sardon

Name Sardon

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Zaldan
Age 32
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Sardon is a typical Zaldon large muscular male. He has a very angry look on his face most of the time and seems unapproachable but that is just on the surface. Sardon keeps his hair cut tight and with in regulations and rarely lets his facial hair grow to more than stubble. His webbed hands the only thing that makes him look different than a human.


Father Karton
Mother Lysa

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like the rest of his species Sardon like clear and concise speaking. For most Zaldon common courtesy is construed as fake and while Sardon is bothered by it he has learned to deal with it on a daily basis since he joined Starfleet. On the outside Sardon appears unapproachable and surly, however he is quick to laugh and has been known to appreciate a good joke. The Zaldan do not lie and Sardon is no different, which is perhaps what has drawn him to Engineering as machines and computers don’t lie.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Doesn’t Lie
+Knows his way around almost any technology
+Easy to laugh
- No Tact
- Easily Angered
- Doesn’t back down from a challenge
Ambitions Sardon first ambition was to leave Zalda and join Starfleet. While in the academy he found himself more comfortable in the company of machines and technology. Sardon like fixing things and was good as a Damage Control Specialist and was an ok Assistant Chief Engineer when he wasn’t arguing with the rest of his team. Coming aboard the Merlin fulfills his current ambitions as he finally has his own engine room.
Hobbies & Interests Sardon is obsessed with his job, but as a hobby he finds himself looking up ancient technology and trying to replicate it. He is constantly amazed out how some of the simplest mechanics can still serve purposes in modern day.

Medical Record

Injuries No Major Injuries
Mental Health Besides a cultural insistence that other species hide the truth through courtesy and political correctness. Sardon shows great awareness and the ability to adapt to lots of pressure in the field.

Personal History Sardon was born on Zalda or as many of the rest of the Federation calls it Dolium V. Sardon like his race abhorred deceit and lies and was raised to find most of other species need for political correctness offensive. He felt comfortable around other Zaldan and spent most of his life thinking he would grow up on Zalda becoming diplomat like his father. That was until the day his father took him aboard a Federation Starship. They had just gone on a short mission to Klingon Space. The Zaldan had long since brokered the peace between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

During his time aboard the ship Sardon found himself wanting be a part of a crew that traversed the stars and discovered new planets and cultures. When he returned to Zalda he told his parents of his plans and worked hard at his studies. With his father’s position as a diplomat for the Zaldan people he was admitted to Starfleet Academy. Upon arriving in San Francisco Sardon found that while his studies weren’t too difficult he didn’t quite fit in with his classmates. He found very few friends mainly from the Vulcans attending the Academy and ended up in quite a few fights.

In his second year in the academy he was called in front of a disciplinary board for a small fight that was started when another cadet was trying to apologize for sitting in his seat in a class. When Sardon tried to explain that the cadets over courteous behavior infuriated him his time at the Academy was put into question. It was later that year that he met Lieutenant Commander Robert Clarke and Engineering instructor at the University. Clarke was a no nonsense instructor who always spoke his mind and frequently was outspoken in front of cadets and other professors alike. It was a fast friendship and Sardon showed an aptitude for fixing things and making things from very little resources.
It was this relationship that led Sardon to graduate from the Academy and his first posting aboard the Excelsior Class, USS Ravenclaw, as a junior Engineering Officer.

His first fleet assignment didn’t go as well as most thought as he often disagreed with his chain of command and felt his talents were being underutilized. It was until the Ravenclaw took heavy battle damage from some unknown alien species in a system it was exploring that Sardon first had the opportunity to shine. Sardon was put in charge of a damage control team to a section of the ship that had multiple hull breaches. His quick action lead to the lives of many of crew saved and ultimately the ship holding together long enough to limp away.

The Chief Engineer of the Ravenclaw took his surly argumentative Engineer and promoted him to Damage Control Specialist. Sardon liked his new position and there was always things breaking aboard the older vessel. Sardon felt that machines could not be deceitful or lie and they almost spoke to him and in this new role he found that for the first time he fit in with his fellow crew. Just as he was beginning to feel comfortable aboard the Ravenclaw, he was called into the Captain’s office and offered the Assistant Chief Engineering position aboard the Insignia Class, USS Regal. It was early in his career but he knew that he couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

When arriving on the USS Regal Sardon met his new Chief Engineering Officer and was happy to see he would be working for a Vulcan. Syaral was a good and fair Engineer and upon meeting her he felt almost at home. The two of them made a good team and managed to keep the ship running for many years. Sardon started to have feeling for his Vulcan boss and though he knew that they may never be reciprocated he was compulsed to tell her, as Zaldans really don’t understand keeping things from people as a matter of tact. Syaral was flattered by the suggestion but saw it illogical to start a relationship with her direct subordinate. Regardless of the awkwardness the Engineering team aboard the ran flawlessly with Syaral’s Vulcan efficiency and Sardon’s natural talent.

After seven years, a new position has opened up. The USS Merlin and Excalibur Class starship needs a Chief Engineer, and they have offered it to Sardon. His final ambition having his own engine room is at his fingertips. Will his cultural upbringing stand in his way, or will the crew of the Merlin learn to trust the surly man from Zalda. Only time will tell as Sardon begins his journey aboard the USS Merlin.
Service Record

Ranks and Promotions:
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, Graduated with a Degree in Applied Starship Engineering SD 238408.17
Promoted to Ensign upon his first assignment aboard the USS Ravenclaw as a Junior Engineering Officer SD 238410.23
Promoted to Damage Control Specialist aboard the USS Ravenclaw SD 238602.12
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and transferred to the USS Regal as the Assistant Chief Engineer SD 238709.29
Assigned to the USS Merlin as the Chief Engineering Officer SD 239406.01


  • USS Ravenclaw, Junior Engineering Officer

  • USS Ravenclaw,Damage Control Specialist

  • USS Regal,Assistant Chief Engineer

  • USS Merlin,Chief Engineering Officer