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The New Collective

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MD 3, Early
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  • Operational

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    2nd Lieutenant Bilhana Karki

    Name Bilhana Batsa Karki

    Position Company Executive Officer

    Rank 2nd Lieutenant

    Character Information

    Gender Female
    Species Human
    Age 28

    Physical Appearance

    Height 122cm
    Weight 70kg
    Hair Color black
    Eye Color brown/implant
    Physical Description "Hana" has a short stocky frame. Muscular shoulders and core, verging on barrel chested build. She keeps her rather long hair in a bun of braid using it to frame a round soft face that has a almost perpetually 'sour' look.
    The only distinguishing marks on Hana is a slight discoloration on the right side of her face, and a Ocular implant on the same side if one looks close enough.


    Children Hanka Karki. (Neice:16. Lives with Hana)
    Father Garvesh Karki: Master Sergient.
    Mother Kaneila Patel Karki: PhD Politcal Science. Chairman of Himalayan Commonwealth.
    Brother(s) Saudis Karki. (Star Fleet Officer, USS Georgia)
    Eejun Karki. (Deceased, 2379, Age:29)
    Sister(s) Kwina Karki. Research and Developmment, Vega Colony Teraforming Unit. (Age:39)
    Other Family A large extended Family. Including 5 Nieces and 2 Nephews.

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Bilhana "Hana" has been in all her duty stations considered a fine example of professional efficiency. But also stern and unbending. Having few friends and being argumentative and stubborn are the key elements that have slowed down her career in star fleet. If she could ever learnt to navigate the personal and political part of her job she might progress more.
    But this slow progress doesn't seam to bother her. She's more or less content to execute her duties as a executive officer now. She has a deep almost spiritual love for her work, believing that the work is just as much about the effort as the end result.
    She however still believes in and holds true the ideals of star fleet. Exploration and diplomacy. She's just far to pragmatic to think that everything will go as planned. The scientists and doctors need security and some times a show of force to work to there full potential.
    Strengths & Weaknesses +Physically tough and stronger then her height would indicate.
    +Disciplined and studious.
    +Aggressive and fearless in the face of danger.
    -Stubborn and argumentative.
    -Perhaps to aggressive in situations that don't call for it.
    -"Sour" Personality.
    Ambitions "It is better to die than live a coward."
    The motto of the warrior cast of her people is a ideal that Bilhana has lived by. Failure is not to be feared. Unwillingness to try is to be feared.
    Bilhana lives her life day to day, caring for the people and facilities that are in front of her. Her men, her niece herself. Her ambition extends only as far as is practical. One day she would like to return to earth, living in her native land again. Preserve the traditions of her culture. But she is a 'in the now' person. And for now, the corps is her homeland.
    Hobbies & Interests Bilhana is a veracious reader. And a nominally successfully published author, having published a number of short books on the culture and history of the Hamiliyan people. As well as a few select pamphlets on small unites tactics and ship boarding.
    She is a accomplished mountaineer and climber.
    She has a keen interest in anthropology.
    As a Gurkha she has a keen interest in Martial arts. Both for physical, professional and anthropological reasons.
    Wrestling. Brazilian Jujitsu. Sambo and Aki-Jujitsu making up the bulk of her 'work martial arts" Preferring to grapple or throw.
    Paancak Silar and Arnis as well as the Traditional Gurkha Kukri making up her "Cultural Studies"

    Medical Record

    Injuries Scar from stab wound on abdomen.
    Slight durmal irritation on upper right side of face.
    Some residual pain / headaches.
    Optical implant right eye.
    Mental Health Hanas mental health is considered well within the normal paramaters of a star fleet officer. She shows some sings of anxiety and a bit of anger. But this seams to stem from being a bit to serious about her work.
    She does show some anamosity to Cardassians do to the death of her older brother. But this does not move into the relm of xenophobia or racism. While her experaince with the borg left her physical damage she adapted well after phyiscal hebabilitaion.

    Personal History Bilhana was born in Kathmandu to Kaneila Patel Karki, at the time the vice chairman of the Hamaliyan Commonwealth. A political entity in the unified earth government representing parts or all of Pakistan, Nepal, India, Butan, and Tibet.
    Her father a star fleet marine having reached the rank of master gunnery sergeant as of 2395.
    Almost all of her formative years where concentrated in and around the mountains of the Himalyan range. Living with and around her grand parents, still living in small communities on the slops of the high mountains. Taking a keen interest in the traditional cultural practices of her people.
    Bilhanas performance in school was a mixed bag, showing great ability in literature, arts and social studies, but showing little interest or ability in math and science. She was a physically active and some what reckless child, by the time she was in her pre-teens climbing dangerous peaks and spending days and weeks alone out on the steeps of Nepal and Tibet.
    It was early in her life that Hana decided that she like her father and brother would take the traditional duty of her cultural caste. Joining star fleet as a marine, upholding the gurkha traditions. This was only slightly dampened in 2379 when her older brother Eejun was killed in the line of duty, the shuttle he and his marine fire team was on being destroyed by a group of Cardassian separatists.
    Four years later Hana herself joined star fleet, showing a talent for small arms and units tactics in her first few months of service after boot and AIT. Quickly being assigned to a boarding team in Star Fleets anti-piracy and smuggling task force.
    She served with distinction for five years, authoring a number of training pamphlets and holodeck training programs. Being wounded in 2387 with a knife wound to the abdomen.

    In 2389 she attended office candidate school and she was transferred to a anti-borg task force as unit leader. Her unit suffering higher then excepted casualties and 2391 being almost totally wiped out. Hana herself suffering servear plasma burns on the face, requiring the replacement of her right eye and two years of recovery. At this time her late brothers daughter moving in to help Hana.
    Once she was more or less recovers she spent a two year rotation in the Corps Training Cadre. Teaching boarding and small unit tactics at Star Fleet Academy.
    In 2395 she applied for transfer back in to fleet service, looking to take a XO position at star fleets soonest need.
    Service Record 2367 Born Kathmandu, Earth.
    2385 Enlisted in Starfleet Marine Corps. E-1.
    2385 Training Depot: Boot and AIT Advanced Infantry School, Dahka.
    2385 Promoted to E-2.
    2386 Training Depot: Bridgeport, High Altitude traning and logistics school.
    2386 Training Depot: Marine corps mountain Warfare Training Center.
    2386 Promoted to E-3.
    2386 Training Depot: Camp Reed: Mars. Advanced shipboard tactical school.

    2386 Assignment to 149th Marine Detachment, 1st Battalion. Star Fleet sixth fleet
    Anti-Piracy task force. USS Jakarta.
    2387 Published in star fleet inside Marine, producing a number of holodeck and text documents
    on ship board boarding tactics and planet side disembarkation tactics.
    2387 Promoted to E-4.
    2388 Wounded in action, knife wound to Abdomen while undertaking customs inspection.

    2389 Transferred to emergency anti-borg task force USS Churchill.
    2390 United Consolidated with Marine Attachment on USS Brazil.
    2391 Wounded in action. eighteen month recovery time.
    2393 Application and Attendance to Star Fleet OCS. O-1.
    2394 Posted to Star Fleet Marine Training Cadre Star Fleet Academy while being medically cleared for service.
    2395 Transferred back to fleet arm.