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    Lieutenant JG Artis Lomar

    Name Artis Lomar

    Position Chief Science Officer

    Rank Lieutenant JG

    Character Information

    Gender Male
    Species Trill (Unjoined)
    Age 43

    Physical Appearance

    Height 6'1
    Weight 190
    Hair Color Blonde
    Eye Color Blue
    Physical Description Artis has the traditional trill "spots" which run from the top of his forehead, curving below his ears, down beneath his uniform.

    Typically wearing some form of unshaven facial hair, Artis otherwise keeps the hair atop of his head neatly trimmed and prepared. Physically, a generous metabolism and a habit of exercising as a means of killing time while computers complex calculations, Artis is fit with a sturdy frame, broad shoulders, and legs that reflect a joy of biking. Though generally serious, the occasional smile and laugh reveals wrinkles that creep along his lips and eyes.


    Spouse T'Pri Lomar (divorced)
    Children Samyl Lomar, 17, current residing on Trill with his mother.
    Father Mazor Lomar, 76
    Mother Malor Lomar, 75
    Brother(s) Jola Lomar, 48, Artist
    Sola Lomar, 48, Businessman
    Kavix Lomar Sio (Joined), 46, Researcher
    Sister(s) N/A
    Other Family N/A

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Serious to a fault, Artis likes schedules, routines, and boring predictability. A know-it-all who always leans towards outward curiosity, he is more than willing to put in the work to learn, master, and otherwise answer the questions put before him. Stubborn, as well, Artis hates losing and often holds grudges that even the other party doesn't quite understand the source of. Quick to judge and to dismiss, his mother often thanks that he is so good at his job, otherwise no one would want to speak with him.

    The serious side of him translates, thankfully, to a serious work ethic that has earned him a reputation as a stern boss, but also as someone guaranteed to meet a deadline. Impeccably on time, Artis is one to constantly check his watch to ensure his own timeliness, and never hesitates to point out the failures of others in this regard.

    An independent thinker, Artis prefers to work alone or only with those he trusts to stay on-task and focused. A Vulcan-like predisposition to rules, Artis struggles with the urge to experiment and tinker with regulations when it comes to problem solving, and always files his own reports in duplicate.
    Strengths & Weaknesses +Serious Professional
    +Deadline Master

    -A bit of a stick in the mud
    -Never afraid to judge
    -Not one to think on his feet
    Ambitions Though not to add to the rumors that Artis likes to run his problems, but the science officer has a passion for deep space exploration and research, and to be on a journey to areas unknown would be a life goal met.
    Hobbies & Interests Artis' three favorite hobbies would be bike riding/cycling, reading, and writing lengthy letters to his son. Professionally, his interests are in astrometrics, cartography, and quantum physics.

    Medical Record

    Injuries During various skirmishes from the Dominion War, Artis suffered several lacerations and burns - all easily treated afterwards.

    His knees are in need of therapy or they will eventually turn harmful - from excessive biking.
    Mental Health N/A

    Personal History Artis Lomar was born in 2351 on the planet Trill, the fourth son of Mazor and Malor, two scientists in the field in geology. The family was loving and, most of all, loud, with family meals often splitting into multiple arguments and passionate story telling where nearly everyone spoke and no one really listened. Even to the naturally quite Artis, it was enjoyable. His older siblings, the twins Jola and Sola, were brave, successful, and inseparable. Kavix, the middle brother, was often Artis' companion on childhood adventures, but as they grew apart in schooling, the two themselves separated to find their own paths.

    There was no pressure to be perfect in the Lomar family; no push to follow the family legacy into geology. When the twins went off to art school, the celebration was just as big as when the middle child was accepted for joining with a Trill symbiot.

    Smart, brave, and generally despite a love for his family, lacking in any real connection to their home planet, Artis did the only thing made sense to him - and applied for Star Fleet Academy in 2369. Scoring high on aptitude tests and with a strong academic background following him from Trill, Artis officially began his career in science. Star Fleet offered Artis the opportunity to specialize in astrophysics, a field he found himself naturally gifted in, and through fierce competition with a Vulcan classmate T'Pri, he came to define his own self through science and hard work.

    Through four years at the academy, T'Pri and Artis built a fierce competitive relationship that was often exploited by their classmates - and even teachers - as an opportunity to get some of the best work made. It was natural, of course, then that during this time T'Pri and Artis would also form an intimate relationship. The two married a week before graduation from the academy as a means to grease the wheel and be positioned together.

    In 2373 the two received their first postings, but despite their admittedly rushed marriage the two were separated, as the needs of the onslaught of the Dominion War trumped any preference for couples to stay together. T'Pri was stationed on an undisclosed weapon research station, and Artis was assigned to the USS Sutherland, a nebula class star ship heading towards Bajor.

    The war meant that for Artis that majority of his scientific duties were on sensor read outs and research into augmenting shields and weapons - or what his Chief of department referred to as "strategic science". His calm-under-fire mentality often earned Artis praise from his superiors, and when the Chief of Science was killed during one particularly nasty battle, Artis was promoted to Assistant Chief following the previous owner of that title's promotion to chief.

    Although the Sutherland missed the battle retake DS9, she continued to see incremental skirmishes that helped hone Artis' skills with sensors and "strategic science" - it also hardened his already solid stoicism, as the constant drip of names of academy classmates passed by his eyes on published KIA lists.

    Following the eventual defeat of the Dominion in 2375, T'Pri's request for a transfer, which was granted and she joined her husband on the Sutherland. In 2377 they had their son Samyl. The two parents, now free of war-mandated endeavors, began to further practice heir skills as science officers. Over the years, however, T'Pri lost her love for research. Her time spent on the experimental research station immediately after the Academy had jaded her, and T'Pri struggled for a long while with the conflicted logic of helping to build better weapons.

    Over time the two began to argue, and, in 2381, when T'Pri was granted a leave of absence and transfer to Vulcan, all arranged without Amir's knowledge, the two agreed, in a dispassionate argument, to separate. Their son would go with his mother to Vulcan.

    In 2382, during a major refit of the Sutherland, Amir was transferred to Deep Space 7 as a research posting, where he made a name for himself - albeit a small one - in the field of astrophysics and shield design as it related to prolonged skirmish fire. Unlike his wife, who had moved further away from science because of the war, Amir found himself more motivated than ever to use science in conjunction with the more military aspects of Starfleet.

    Following a decade of research, mixed with visits to Vulcan and Trill, Amir chose to move back into deep exploration, and requested and was granted a transfer to the USS Merlin.

    Service Record 2373 - USS Sutherland, Jr. Science Officer
    2374 - USS Sutherland, Assistant Science officer
    2382 - Deep Space 7, Science Officer and researcher.
    2393 - USS Merlin, Science Officer