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Ghost Ship
Stardate 249680

Ghost Ship

Mission Day:
Day 1
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  • Heading to sector 715

  • Speed:
  • Warp 5

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

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    Saturday 12 October 2019 @ 10:09

    2nd Lieutenant Alex Richards

    Name Alex Richards

    Position Platoon Leader

    Rank 2nd Lieutenant

    Character Information

    Gender Male
    Species Human
    Age 23

    Physical Appearance

    Height 6ft 2in
    Weight 19st
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Black
    Physical Description Although quite slim in appearance, Alex takes very good care of his physical fitness. He gives off the appearance of being quite a scrawny looking kid, but in reality he's quite strong and agile, running rings around others who look twice as imposing.


    Father Clarance Richards
    Mother Diana Richards
    Sister(s) Marcy Richards (16)
    Carla Richards (11)
    Ellie Richards (7)

    Personality & Traits

    General Overview Alex is your atypical marine type, full of gusto and bluster, as well as the ego to match. However, he was quickly singled out for his tactical and analytical mind over his other classmates, being able to look at the whole problem objectively and surveying potential options that otherwise might not be considered. His 'out of the box' thinking had him assigned to be his classes 'top kick' in basic, leading his class through field exercises.

    As a result of this, he is not as boystrous or arrogant as some marines can become, but rather takes the time to consider all options before making a decision or taking a course of action. He's incredibly meticulous in his planning.
    Strengths & Weaknesses + Analytical Mind
    + Tactical Thinking
    + Physical Fitness
    + Thoughtful
    + Considerate of others

    - Tends to overthink a situation
    - Somewhat immature at times
    - Likes to see how far he can push the boundaries of authority
    Ambitions Alex has the same ambitions as just about anyone, to suceed in his career and advance as far as his abilities can take him. He's not so naive as to think he doesn't have to work hard for what he wants though, so he puts in the effort .
    Hobbies & Interests Alex is a huge fan of fantasy role plays, particularly where he gets to wield a sword against fictional monsters like goblins, ogres and the like. He takes this to the holodeck whenever he can, using the excuse that it's good physical training as well as good for close quarters combat. Outside of this, he reads books to boost his knowledge, and plays games that require thinking.

    Medical Record

    Personal History Alex is a small town boy who grew up in the 'boonies' of the American west. His father and mother were farmers who produced various agricultural products for sale. Being the oldest child, as well as the only boy, he was expected to help his parents out on the farm when he wasn't in school. This experience instilled into the young man the value of physical fitness, as you needed to be to heft the heavy bags, bales and tools that were required on a modern farm.

    Between this, he was a doting big brother for his sisters as they came along. Indeed, so caring a big brother, he got himself into serious trouble at school when he spotted his sister Marcy being harrassed by several older boys than himself, and he laid them out in a brawl that left him with a cut lip and a few other scuffs, but not as bad as the three boys were who'd picked on Marcy. It very quickly went round the school that if you messed with the Richards', you'd sorely regret it. Alex was suspended from school for a week for fighting, but wasn't grounded by his parents like he thought he would be - mostly because his Pa was so proud of him sticking up for his sister.

    Of course, there were the odd arguments between siblings, that was natural, but the girls all grew up to be very close to Alex so the fights were few and rarely did it last longer than an hour before they'd all made up. Indeed, whilst they were much younger, the girls often would insist in sleeping in Alex's bed at night. Once they were teenagers though, this was not really a practical option.

    Alex applied himself to school, as although he was proud of his family and what they did - he did not see himself being a farmer. He'd read many books, mostly fantasy stories about brave knights who protected the innocent, giving Alex the mindset that he too wanted to do this. Realising that the best way to do this was to serve in the Federation Starfleet, he looked up the criteria he'd need to achieve this goal, and applied himself dilligently to getting there. He passed the entrance exam to join Starfleet Academy. His father was initially against the idea, but once Alex explained why he was doing it, the old man eventually agreed to not stand in his way.

    Once in the Academy, Alex realised very quickly that his preferences were not in the sciences but rather in the more martial aspects of the service. Although Starfleet was not, by definition, a military service, it still had a need for trained military personnel in the form of the Starfleet Marines. Alex elected to become a marine officer, focusing his studies in this area. It became apparent to his instructors very early on that he had a very tactical mindset, able to digest and resolve field problems relatively quickly, often as not with unique solutions to the problem. He was made the class leader, which put him in charge of the class during field exercises - in a sense making him the 'company commander' for the exercise. He proved more than capable of the task, often resolving complex situations with minimal or no casualties whatsoever.

    After graduation, Alex was rotated into advanced training, whereby he studied tactical command decisions for officers in the field. After the six week instructional course, he passed this qualification. He then went on to do the Force Recon school over at Quantico, a grueling eight week course with a high drop-out rate. He worked harder than he'd ever worked before, earning the covetted golden winged parachute badge of the Force Recon.
    Service Record - Starfleet Academy, Cadet
    - SFMC Training Facility, Camp Pendleton
    - SFMC Training Complex, Camp Quantico
    - USS Merlin, Platoon Leader