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Captain John "Apollo" Barstow,

Name John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Rigellian
Age 40
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 205 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Having been a pilot, security and a Marine Barstow keeps himself fit. He is very muscular as well as tall, standing 6'3. He keeps his hair short and stays clean shaven most of the time.


Spouse scoops.png
Major Jane "Scoops" Anders (Ex)
Children sierra.png
Sierra Barstow, 6 - Daughter
Father John
Mother Dorathy

Personality & Traits

General Overview John is laid back, liking to joke. He does not take himself to seriously, believing life is to short to stress over everything. His command style runs along those lines and he is not as by the book as most, though he does know the difference between relaxed and having to pull out his command voice.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyalty
+Sense of humor
+Ability to analyze people and situations

-He overthinks sometimes rather than trusting his instincts
-He can be loyal to a fault, this causes him to have blinders at times
-His temper does not go off quickly, however, when it does it is bad
Ambitions When he was younger his biggest ambition was to be the best. As he's served that has changed to never leaving anyone under his command behind ever. His other ambition is to just be a good father to his 10 year old daughter. Despite not being with her mother any longer John makes sure he's in Sierras life.
Hobbies & Interests Flying is his biggest hobby. John spends hours on the holodeck flying vintage aircraft. He also loves reading military fiction and science/engineering magazines.

Medical Record

Injuries SD238608.30 - Ripped off the right half of face, helmet melted to itSD238608.30 - Shrapnel to the shoulder, just under the clavicle. RemovedSD238610.30 - Reconstructive surgery 1, right quadrant of faceSD238706.30 - Reconstructive surgery 2, right quadrant of faceSD238809.22 - Reconstructive surgery 3, right quadrant of faceSD239012.09 - Reconstructive surgery 4, final in series, right quadrant of faceSD239609.04-Suffered skull fracture, concussion and cranial hemotoma after console explosion
Mental Health Counselors Notes - SD239301.22Lieutenant Commander John Barstow was referred to me by Starfleet Command as part of his evaluation of his fitness to command. I read Commander Barstows file and was initially troubled by vague reports of disheveled and almost unclean appearances. The Commander was seen unshaven and wearing the previous days uniform on many occasions starting after his return to Earth for medical reasons. There were even references to a lack of showering and brushing teeth along with other important grooming tasks that indicate a depressive state. I find it very troubling that the Commander is not listed as seeking help from Starfleet Medical for his obvious depression and states of manic euphoria. However, his record indicates marked improvement over the last year and, while I suspect his commanding officer covered up this deep depression, he seems to have gotten help, most likely from a private source, which is common within the combat arm of Starfleet.

Meeting with Lieutenant Commander Barstow today I see a man who has indeed overcome the issues of a year ago. When questioned about his injuries, the loss of half of his fighter wing and his divorce the Lieutenant Commander displayed regret and sadness. However, these displays were not over dramatic and are in line with reactions I have observed in other combat veterans who have suffered severe loss. Lieutenant Commander Barstow still has a friendly relationship with his ex-wife as well as his daughter and this seems to have helped him to stay emotionally grounded. While I still have slight concerns about the Lieutenant Commanders past emotional state I do believe that he is fit for command as of this Stardate. However, I am recommending privately to his ships Counselor they occasionally catch the Lieutenant Commander for conversation and reassess his state every three months without his knowledge, so that he does discuss honestly, for a period of one year.

Captain Jen Bathers
Head Counselor, Command Academy
Starfleet Command

Personal History John Barstow was born on Rigel 7 on SD235710.29. Both of his parents traders throughout the system. They owned a small cargo ship that John was always on. As he grew up he learned all the posts he could but excelled at Helm and Tactical/Security. He trained hard with the Tactical/Security Chief and became one of the best shots on the ship. It was always joked that he could tune a violin from orbit, though when he tried he vaporized it.

When he turned 18 he felt he had learned all he could and decided to join Starfleet. His parents were less then thrilled with the idea as they had some "shady" business dealing as well as their legitimate ones, but supported his decision. He left for the academy and was accepted to starfleet in the Tactical and Security courses. He graduated Academy 237801.05 and was assigned to the USS Anderson as their Chief Tactical Officer.

After a few months there he heard of an opening on the USS Nightshade and, always wanting to expand his horizons, put in a transfer request. The request was grudgingly approved and he was transferred to the Nightshade as the Chief Tactical Officer. Once aboard he was quickly promoted to Ensign and asked if he'd like to take over the Strategic operations position. After thinking about it he decided to accept. He learned the position quickly but it didn't hold his interest the way Tactical did. After serving awhile there he hear of a seat for fighter pilot school with the Marines and applied.

He was accepted and transferred into boot camp at Quantico before his flight training. Throughout his training he excelled at everything and quickly made squad leader.. He found that he enjoyed being a Marine more than regular Starfleet and by the time he graduated boot he knew he'd found his place in Starfleet. He moved on to flight school and graduated in the top 2% of his class. He was assigned as the Squadron commander aboard MCS Miramar strait out of flight school but was asked to keep the rank of Cadet awhile longer. Even though he had graduated Starfleet Academy, something John knew very well was there was going to be a day when he could not be in Starfleet anymore and the tactical training he had would not mean much in civilian life. So, he decided to take a distance learning engineering program, using his position as fighter pilot to work with the deck crew on repairs. After completing his degree he was made the squadron safety and repair officer.

He quickly made first Lieutenant and was sent to his first engagement. He learned for the first time then what it was like to loose someone under his command and is still coping with it. Due to the loss of his bird he was commissioned to come up with a new design and built it under the supervision of the chief engineer, his assistant and the flight Sergeant who supervised the deck and repair crews. Not long after completing the Phoenix John was promoted to Marine Captain, where he got into trouble. While docked at Starbase Raven his love interest at the time, the Miramars operations chief 1st Lieutenant Melisande Kovothna, got a nasty letter about marines from the fleet security on the station. She took a squad of marines over to show them what marines could do and Apollo caught the group wandering out. He decided to join them after reading the letter and they confronted the station security. The marines took security down, stripped the officers in the office and hog tied them before taking pictures and posting them over the stations net. Though it landed him and Kovathna in the brig they were released after the station commander decided not to press charges. Those famous pictures, much to Raven's security officers dismay, are still in circulation, especially among marine personnel.

Not long after he was recalled to Quantico and reassigned to marine corps base Syronis as their platoon leader. But, soon after he arrived he was recalled again, before he could even unpack his bags, to teach small unit tactics on Quantico. Why there he took the opportunity to take intelligence courses. His experience helped him and he aced the course becoming an intelligence officer and had him once again back on Syronis. Unfortunately, again Marine Command had other ideas. They recalled him again and offered a seat at Starfleet Medical school after he indicated interest in trying to move out of combat orientated fields. He felt like Medical school was a good option, being the polar opposite of his job as a Marine, he'd be saving lives instead of taking them. So, he spent the next few years studying and was able to get an internship in emergency medicine and surgery at Bethesda Naval Hospital. After he finished his internship he was offered a position in the United Confederation Fleet on the CSS Archer as medical chief.

Seeing it as an opportunity to expand himself more he jumped on the assignment and took the prototype Phoenix fighter to Mizar to await the Archer. Once on the colony though, he found things to be stressed. Not being one to sit on his hands, he volunteered for security duty on the colony until his ship came in. He took his post as a military bouncer for the local bar and it wasn't long before he had to step in and break up a fight. In the course of doing this he found one of the two men having a heat attack and moved quickly to save the mans life. This earned the respect of the colonists and gave him the chance to be able to actually help and 'mingle' with them. During his tour, he met a young boy who'd been stealing for his family due to lack of money. Apollo followed the boy after seeing him steal from a shop.

He chased the young man and finally caught him. he boy said his name was Aaron and told John about his sick mother. Barstow only half believed the story but felt that he would have been negligent not to go look. He soon found out that Aarons mother was indeed sick and that the only medication was being horded by the local crime syndicate. In an effort to get the required medication he snuck to his fighter and grabbed his assault phaser rifle. After beating up two security officers he used the rifle to barter for the medications. After making sure the women was ok he snuck out leaving the family to talk. At about that time the Archer entered orbit and started beaming people down for R&R.

While working in the bar John saw, unbeknownst to either one at the time, his future CO, Captain Marina Deon. They hit it off and he ended up able to take her out and he showed her the spot he'd found that was away from everything. Later on, when he told her what his assignment was, he found out she was his CO. Why he didn't see it as a problem, she did and asked him to give her some time before heading off. Apollo tried to respect that and continued with his duties, eventually flying Marina back to the ship the next day. After getting settled in, he was sent back to the surface as part of a triage team to help the colonists. After having to perform surgery on a boy, and losing him, who'd been injured, John nearly broke.

Aaron showed up after Barstow had calmed down and brought something to him, it turned out to be the antidote to what was making people sick. As a riot broke out John sent Aaron off and returned to the ship. He got there just in time to meet Marina and her ex, who was assigned as an advisor. The man had been injured and Apollo operated with Marina stabilizing the man. After the mission, Apollo set up a place for Aaron and his family to go away from Mizar and the crime lords. Marina and Apollo have since gotten a bit closer, though not together yet, and he's just holding and waiting for her to make the next move.

This lasted until she had to send Barstow undercover as a smuggler. The mission was such a success that he was recalled and reassigned to help as the USS Merlin Wing Lieutenant. Not long after he was assigned the CO decided to make the wing Marine only and facilitated a branch transfer in addition to a promotion to Marine Captain. During his last mission, attacking a Romulan station, Barstow was grievously wounded, getting half his face ripped away in addition to other injuries. For his actions he received a Purple Heart and Unsung Hero Medal - For exceptional support actions during the destruction of the Romulan outpost. His injuries required him to return to Earth for reconstruction surgery and therapy. While in recovery he was assigned to Starfleet Academy when he taught fighter tactics and basic first aid.

When he was sent back to Earth his RIO, Jane "Scoops" Anders, put in for a transfer to go with him. He thought she was just watching his back until he was out of the hospital and she told him how she felt. The two had a short engagement and were married less than a year later, after Jane found out she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the happiness didn't last with Barstow slipping into a depressed state for day, eventually just becoming manic. Being grounded and assigned to the Academy took it's toll, making John feel like he was not trusted anymore. When their daughter was 2 Jane finally left him and the two divorced. This snapped John out of his manic state and he sought help from a private psychologist to keep it from Starfleet. Jane supported him and the two have remained close friends.

To Barstow's delight he was assigned as the Merlin CO. Not only was he back home but it showed command had started having renewed faith in him. John took command and things got off to a smooth, quiet start. However, like what happens on most starships, that didn't last to long. While on their shakdown cruise in Starfleets proving grounds the Merlin found a Vulcan ship dating back to the time of the sundering, the time the followers of Sarek cast out the ones who marched under the raptors wings (the later Romulans). However, that was not the strangest part, on board the crashed ship the crew found 3 live Romulan officers in stasis. Not long after retrieving the stasis pods the Vulcan governments, then the Romulan government, dispatched ships to intercept Merlin. Both governments demanded the survivors be transferred to them. This led to Barstow having to keep Merlin between the 2 ships to avoid a shootout. He manged to get both sides to pull back, however, in the midst of this the survivors woke up.

Understandably confused the survivors attempted to figure out where and when they were. After a few days the survivors attempted to take over the ship, thinking they had to be prisoners. Eventually they were cornered and turned on each other in a horrific way. While he doesn't show it Barstow still thinks about that day, especially with the addition of his daughter to the crew. The event made John think hard about keeping Sierra on the ship with him, especially with the added barrier of how much his duties demanded of him. However, knowing that he was at odds with himself the crew banded together and started helping to look after Sierra, including her in their families activities or just making sure she was taken care of when Barstow had to look after the ship. This gave Apollo an even stronger feeling of home on the ship.

That gave him a sense of relief when an assignment took him off ship. He was ordered to infiltrate a Marine unit suspected of stealing and selling weapons. This assignment started off bad with him getting into a near fist fight with the TfCO and Marine division commander. The General did not like seeing Barstow in the Marine combat uniform or of the Colonel rank he wore. The General felt Barstow betrayed the Marines and John held his position. He left for his assignment, but, not before earning a demotion from Captain back to Commander for his insubordination and was removed as Task Group Commander. Barstow completed his assignment after six months, ending with a conviction of all Marines involved, only to find out the Merlin had gone missing.

His heart sank, his friends and his daughter all disappeared without a trace. After conducting an extensive search John found the Merlin at the bottom of the ocean of an uncharted world. With the blessing of Starfleet John and the crew who were not aboard are resurrecting the Merlin. While investigating the ship and trying to piece together what happened a discovery nearly stopped Apollo in his tracks, the discovery of Sav and his daughter in stasis. John was more than a little surprised, leading to him seeming almost uncaring. After it sunk in, however, he hurried back to find his daughter awake. After being reunited John received on last bit of news. To his surprise not only had he been reinstated as Merlin CO, but, was also promoted to the Task Group 47-A Commander.

Now, with the Merlin resurrected and repaired Barstow and his crew have set off, coming up against their first threat: the Borg. The ships first encounter did not go well, putting John in sickbay with a fractured skull. John couldn't help but worry about the Borgs new tactic of kill and ask no questions. In the midst of this situation, however, his Second Officer and friend informed him of an important message: Barstow had been promoted to the rank of Captain once again.
Service Record
Ranks and Promotions:
b-c4.pngGiven rank of Cadet on assignment to USS Excalibur as Flight Commander on SD 237801.03
y-o1.pngPromoted to the rank of Ensign upon assignment to USS Nightshade-B as Chief Tactical Officer on SD 238211.29
g-blank.pngBranch Transfer, Marines
g-o1.png Transferred to MCS Miramar as Squadron Commander and promoted to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant on SD 238302.26
g-o2.pngPromoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant on SD 238304.23
c-blank.pngBranch Transfer, Starfleet
c-o2.pngBranch transfer, Starfleet - Tranferred to USS Merlin - Wing Lieutenant - SD238705.22
g-blank.pngBranch Transfer, Marines
g-o3.pngPromoted to the rank of Marine Captain on SD 238709.30
r-blank.pngBranch Transfer, Starfleet.
r-o4.png Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and assigned Commanding Officer, USS Merlin on SD 239304.19
r-o5.png Promoted to the rank of Commander on SD 239305.04
r-o6a.png Promoted to the rank of Captain on SD 239311.29
r-o5.png Demoted to the rank of Commander on SD 239407.05
r-o5b.png Promoted to Task Group Commanding Officer 239506.13
r-o6a.png Promoted back to the rank of Captain 239509.04


USS Anderson - Flight CommanderUSS Anderson - Chief TacticalUSS Nightshade-B - Chief TacticalUSS Nightshade-B - Strategic Operations OfficerMCS Miramar - Wing Commander/2XOMCB Syronis - Platoon Leader(NPC Post) Quantico III - Marine Tactics Instructor(NPC Post) Quantico III - Additional Training - IntelligenceMCB Syronis - Intelligence OfficerTemperary Assignment Mizar(NPC) - Assistant Security(volunteer duty)CSS Archer - Chief Medical OfficerUSS Merlin - Wing LieutenantStarfleet Academy(NPC) - Fighter Tactics and First Aid InstructorUSS Merlin - Commanding OfficerUSS Merlin - Commanding Officer
Task Group 72-B Senior Ship Commanding OfficerUSS Merlin - Commanding Officer
Task Group 21-C Commanding OfficerUSS Merlin - Commanding Officer
Task Group 47-D Commanding OfficerUSS Merlin - Commanding OfficerTAD Starfleet Intelligence - Deep Cover, Anti-theft/treason investigationUSS Merlin - Commanding OfficerrUSS Merlin - Present - Commanding Officer
Task Group 47-A Commanding Officer