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Lieutenant Kyhl Ch'rehron

Name Kyhl Ch'rehron

Position Assistant Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kyhl has a slight but toned physique. She wears her hair in a variety of styles depending on need and mood, often keeping it pinned back in a tight bun while working or on duty but having more fun with the style when off-duty.

She's been told several times that she has kind eyes.


Father Shor Ch'rehron
Mother Shrara Sh'rehron
Brother(s) Sen Ch'rehron - younger brother

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kyhl is a dedicated worker and can be a very loyal friend. She prides herself on doing the best job she can and encouraging others to do the same. She considers herself a team player first and foremost.

While on duty, she does her best to make her patients feel comfortable and relaxed. Explaining procedures to them when appropriate and reassuring. When it comes to doing the procedures herself, she is a consummate professional and puts her everything into every job she does.

While off-duty Kyhl can be found either studying over the latest medical journals in the lounge with a drink or swimming laps in the pool. She likes to keep both her mind and body prepared for the next situation and while she's not shy, she can come off as a little bookish.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Highly skilled & Motivated
+Steady Hands
+Professional Attitude
+Child Prodigy

- Can get emotionally attached to patients
- Can come off as aloof
- thin skinned when it comes to criticism
- HATES being deadnamed, as such she doesn't tell anyone her birth name
Ambitions Kyhl wants learn as much as she can to help people live their best lives. Whether this is doing surgery to replace a damaged limb or finding a new treatment to help overcome a disease or condition, she just wants to help others.
Hobbies & Interests Loves swimming
Also paints and listens to Andorian ballads while studying.

Medical Record

Injuries Kyhl transitioned from MtF at a young age.
Mental Health Kyhl did a few years of therapy while transitioning to deal with the changes to her body, but since then she's felt fine.

Personal History Kyhl transitioned at an early age with the support of her parents. Her brother didn't understand it at first but soon accepted Kyhl as she was.

It was during all the medical procedures and exams that Kyhl grew to appreciate and respect her doctors for the work they did. She began studying biology and chemistry while recovering and by the time she finished school, she was already pre-accepted into medical school.

Kyhl managed to complete an accelerated program at the Andorian Medical College and did her initial residency in the city of Mari near her hometown. One day right when her shift was about to end, she was asked to stay on and help with a medical emergency on a nearby Federation ship. Tired, but determined to help, Kyhl was one of the doctors who helped treat the wounded from a plasma leak on the USS Molly Cool.

It was a different pace from working with her fellow Andorians and she learned a lot from the Federation doctors in a short amount of time. Feeling the call of adventure, she quickly applied for the medical program at Star Fleet Academy and left Andoria for San Francisco, Earth.

Her first assignment was on the USS Andfriend where she received several citations and merits on her record for her hard work and skill. Within a few years she was trusted enough by the CMO to take over the night shift in the Med Bay as an assistant CMO. Kyhl would have been content to stay on the USS Andfriend, but while it was docked at Utopia Planitia for an extended work period, she saw that a posting had opened up on the USS Merlin and she decided to apply, not really expecting to get it.
Service Record USS Merlin (2395 - Present

USS Andfriend (2393-2395)

USS Andfriend (2390-2393)
Resident Physician

Starfleet Medical Academy (2386-2390)

Mari Regional Hospital (2385)

Andorian Medical College (2381-2385)