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Civilian Abigale Blackwood

Name Abigale Poppy Blackwood

Position Federation Diplomat

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34
Starfleet ID N/A

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9'
Weight 140Lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A curvy body, well toned muscles due to swimming. Long, wavy, waist length red hair. Dark blue eyes. She loves to wear her hair loose, sometimes its pulled back in a loose ponytail. Other times she wears it braided or done up in a french braid. Her style of clothing, jeans, tee shirts and boots. She also wears long sleeved shirts. Her formal wear would be a skirt and a nice blouse, with low heels. When wanting to be fancy, she would wear a rather nice dress with black one inch heels.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Bright, cheerful and at times serious when concentrating on work. Really enthusiastic when it comes to Marine life. Also strong willed, a strong determination. Has a real zest for life. Has a real creative mind. Artistic. Really loves to swim. Believes in Faeries.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Dedicated, passionate about her work and other things. Creative mind, and imaginative. Doesn't frighten easily. Very intuitive. Kind Hearted, Romantic

Weaknesses: Adventurous, which could be both a good thing and a bad thing. Her sense of adventure has landed her in some rather ticklish situations. Romantic, it can lead to heartbreak for her at times.
Ambitions Continue to work with various marine life both on and off Earth, sentient and not sentient. Find love and a chance at a family.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, she loves swimming and had been called a mermaid for those who know her. Loves outdoor activities, things that keep her out in nature for her studies and research. Botany, gardening, Herbalism. Faeries. She loves things that go hand in hand with the world of fantasy as well. Good food, and cooking. And loves to do clay sculptures.

Medical Record

Personal History Born in Aberfoyle, Scotland. Abigale is the seventh daughter of a seventh son. The baby of the family, which to her parents, her family, her town; felt she was something special. That something fantastic would happen for her. Her life seemed full of fun and wonder. Sure there were the normal family squabbles which didn't last.

She had a special friend she really liked, Mathias McPhee. There was always something that drew her to him, perhaps it was due to the way he was. He had a zest for life much as she did, and they had such wonderful adventures. It as rumoured that his family had the blood of the fae in them, and she believed that it was true. They both shared interests in Science and she thought it was amazing. A couple of boys would tease Mathias and she would stick up for him, and maybe.. she got into a fight with them for their cruelty. It at times bothered her that he didn't seem to want to get revenge on them. She thought him to be a bit of a pacifist but something changed her mind. They did quite a bit of swimming together.

She saw him actually fight two boys who were bullying someone who was smaller than them. He was like a knight of old rushing into danger, to protect someone who was somewhat defenceless. The bullies received a sound thrashing and ran away. After that the bullies were more polite, and even became friends, joining in the adventures.

Some time passed, they grew older, Abigale realized that she was liking Mathias more than just a friend. She felt that he was developing feelings for her. She was hoping that he would confess his feelings. It didn't happen, he left town with his family at age 13. She felt that her heart was going to break, with him leaving. Feeling that there was an empty place in her heart when he left. She had hoped that he would contact her, he never did. From time to time she wondered just how he was and did he think of her. And why didn't he write to her? Maybe he forgot her, but she hadn't forgotten him.

Days flowed into weeks, then months then years. Abigale became a Marine Biologist. She would receive news of Mathias and his family, from his cousins and grandparents. She'd ask about the family just to see how they were doing. And maybe hoping that he would write to her. No news from him, still. She has had several relationships, but they didn't last long, for she was still hung up on Mathias, and the what if's. She wondered if she would meet him someday, and if so, what would happen?