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Gunnery Sergeant Alexander Beck

Name Alexander Hannibal Beck

Position Sniper

Rank Gunnery Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Alex Beck is a well-built Marine who takes great pains to keep himself in peak physical condition. A twenty-year veteran of the Starfleet Marines, he has the typical Anchor and Globe tattoo on his upper right pectoral muscle. He has burn scars on the left side of his torso that extend up to his mid-neck, the result of a botched recon mission in which most of his unit was killed. He kept the scars as a reminder, both of the friends he lost and as the price that Starfleet pays to keep the Federation free.


Spouse Marika Riley-Beck (Orion female, age 34)
Children Wyatt Beck (Human-Bajoran hybrid, age 8)

Father Commander Jon Beck, Starfleet Intelligence (Deceased)
Mother Jessica Beck, Ph.D (Adjunct Professor of English Literature, University of New Beijing)
Brother(s) Lt. Commander Cyrus Marius Beck, CMO of USS Octavian
Sister(s) Dr. Jessica Robin Beck, Veterinary Doctor, New Beijing Colony

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gunnery Sergeant Alex Beck is anything but a typical Starfleet Marine. In his younger days in the Corps he was a total prankster, playing jokes on his buddies and the officers. All that changed as he got older and more responsible. Off duty he can usually be found spending time with his son and wife, the reason he opted to remain in Starfleet after he had put in his twenty and could retire.
Strengths & Weaknesses Good with a rifle (He's a sniper, after all.)
Displays a strong sense of duty
Loves his family and is determined to ensure they stay safe
Loyal to a fault to his friends
Quick to anger
Sometimes doesn't play well with others
Severely dislikes civilian oversight on a mission
Ambitions Alex wants to live long enough to see his son grow up and wants another child or two with his current wife Marika, although they'll have to adopt since humans and Orions aren't genetically compatible. He already has more than twenty years in the Corps and can retire at any time but he's still young enough to perform in the field, so he decided to stay in Starfleet. However, he is adamant that he will never sit behind a desk and will definitely retire when he's too old for the field.
Hobbies & Interests Sailing on Lake Ponchartrain with his wife and son. (Holodeck, of course.)
Camping in the woods.
Martial Arts programs on the holodeck. He holds a Level 6 ranking in Krav Maga and an Apprentice Level V Instructor rating in Jeet Kun Do. He enjoys training his wife and son how to defend themselves in his off time.

Medical Record

Injuries Chief Medical Officer's Log, Bedan, Tore, Lt. Commander, Chief Medical Officer, USS Kensington.

"We extracted what remained of a Marine Recon team on Sheol today. It was a hairy couple of days. Those Marines were far into Dominion Territory and it took the captain a while to sneak us past the border sentries. When I say what remained, I mean it literally. Out of a platoon of forty, there were only four Marines left alive. I cringe when I think of what those Marines went through. The three who we extracted must be some very hard individuals indeed.

End Log.

Physical Injury Report: Phaser burn scars on upper right torso of one Sgt. Alexander Beck, SFMC. Subject was wearing body armor which stopped fatal damage, but upper epidermis was severely disfigured due to extreme heat caused by contact with superheated plasma. He is also showing signs of severe mental distress, so CMO has contacted Counselor Dumaev to evaluate him further.

Mental Health Ship's Counselor's Log, Dumaev, Lieutenant, Chief Counselor, USS Kensington.

"I interviewed Sergeant Alexander Beck today. He was one of the three Marines that the ship managed to evacuate from Sheol a few days ago. He came to see me on orders from Doctor Bedan. Sergeant Beck has undergone quite an ordeal. Of course, he can't tell me the operational details of what he was doing on Sheol, but I don't really need them to determine that Sergeant Beck is suffering from extreme Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to combat action. He and the other two Marines from his unit had been on Sheol for over three months, the last two weeks of which he was in command. The burden of command, especially to one so young, can by traumatizing in itself, and I can only imagine the toll it would take, particularly after watching your entire unit killed one or two at a time over a long period. In addition, Sergeant Beck has asked me if he will be able to return to a combat unit soon. I told him I would look into it, but even with the current situation on the front lines, it is obvious that to send him back into combat would most certainly get him killed in short order. In the morning I will contact my colleagues at Starfleet Medical on Earth and arrange for him to be sent there for further evaluation and treatment.

End Log.

Personal History Alexander Beck was born on New Beijing Colony in 2354. The son of a Starfleet Intelligence officer, his father was often away for extended periods of time, but when he was home he made sure to spend time with his two boys, whom he named after ancient generals. As a child Alex knew that he would join Starfleet, but he wanted something more challenging than the status quo. So at age seventeen, with his father's permission, he enlisted in the Marines. During Boot Camp he was found to be good with a rifle, and he was selected for further training as a Scout Sniper. After finishing his training he was sent to the elite Orbital Drop Incursion Units, more commonly called "The Archangel Brigade", which was comprised of Marines who jumped into combat from a transport in low orbit of their target instead of beaming in or dropping in via shuttlecraft. It was during this time that he was informed that his father, Commander Jon Beck, was on board the USS Kyoto on a special assignment for SI. Kyoto disappeared with all hands and was considered lost. Just after he made the rank of Corporal, the Dominion War erupted. The Archangels were utilized for long range recon duties throughout most of the war, so he spent much of his time behind enemy lines, doing what he did best: Eliminating targets from long range. During a particularly dangerous op on a world called Sheol, the team was compromised and they spent weeks on the run from Jem'Hadar soldiers. By the time the USS Kensington arrived to extract them, only Alex and three others out of his entire platoon were still alive. Alex was brought back to Earth for psychological evaluation, and spent the last few months of the war at Starfleet Medical undergoing treatment. It was there that he met his first wife, a Bajoran yeoman named Elara. The two of them were married, and the marriage produced a son, Wyatt. Elara was killed in an explosion three years after Wyatt was born and Alex was transferred to shore duty due to his family situation. He was sent to Camp Hathcock in California, Earth as a marksmanship instructor so he wouldn't have to leave his son. During this time he continued his therapy and met the woman who would become his second wife, Marika Riley, an Orion female Chief Petty Officer who was raised by a human family. They dated for a year before he proposed, and two days after the ceremony she legally adopted Wyatt. He kept a close eye on the political situation in the galaxy. It became quite obvious that his skills were needed out on the frontier, not pushing recruits. So he requested a starship where he could be out there where he was needed but that would also allow his family to remain with him. Marika, a qualified linguistics specialist and diplomatic corpsman, also applied so they could stay together as a family.
Service Record Enlisted, Starfleet Marine Corps, June 13, 2371.
Selected by instructors and training platoon leader for scout sniper school, July 10, 2371.
Qualified as Scout Sniper, September 9, 2371. Meritoriously promoted to rank of Lance Corporal. Transferred to 3rd BN, 1st Orbital Drop Incursion Brigade, Andor, United Federation of Planets.
Promoted Corporal May 14, 2372. Reassigned to Recon Platoon, C.CO, 1st BN, 1st ODI Brigade.
1st ODI Brigade deployed for combat upon commencement of hostilities, 25 Sept 2373.
Promoted Sergeant 5 Nov 2373.
Awarded Federation Medal of Valor 5 Nov 2373.
Awarded Purple Heart Medal 5 Nov 2373.


Awarded Purple Heart Medal with oak leaf cluster for second wound 9 Apr 2375.
Transferred to Headquarters, Starfleet Medical, San Francisco, Earth for psychological evaluation and treatment
Transferred to Headquarters Company, 2nd BN 5th Marines, Camp Ellersbee, Nova Hyapatia Colony. Dependent transport authorized for one (1), Elara Beck, Dependent Spouse.
Promoted Staff Sergeant 25 May 2378.
Hardship Transfer and Reassignment to Marine Marksmanship Training Detachment, Camp Hathcock, Irwin Military Reservation, California, Earth approved 28 Jan 2381. Bereavement Leave of Absence declined by subject NCO. Dependent transport authorized for one (1) Wyatt Jonathan Beck, Dependent Child.
Promoted Gunnery Sergeant 18 Oct 2385.
Request for reassignment to starship duty approved. Dependent transport authorized for one (1) Marika Riley-Beck, Dependent Spouse, and one (1) Wyatt Jonathan Beck, Dependent Child. Assigned to USS Merlin, NCC-84401.