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Lieutenant JG Rylov Carter

Name Rylov Carter

Position Squadron Leader

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan/Human
Age 48

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 186lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Purple
Physical Description Thin athletic frame, not heavily muscled, he is tall but not lanky. His Mother is of Asian descent from Earth giving him an olive skin tone. Short messy (on purpose) black hair. His Romulan/Human genetics make him look more Vulcan than Romulan. The ridges on his forehead are barely noticeable. His Human genetics allow him to grow facial hair, but he keeps it neatly trimmed to a short couple days growth. His uniform is always neatly pressed, even when just in a duty uniform or flight suit. Is typically always in his flight suit. Also adds a jacket in all black cut like a duty uniform top, because flight decks are usually open to space for quick deployment.


Spouse Single
Children none
Father Unnamed Romulan
Mother Captain Sarah Carter (Human)
Brother(s) none on mothers’ side, unknown on fathers’ side
Sister(s) none on mothers’ side, unknown on fathers’ side
Other Family Has not met yet (mothers' family does not agree with his mothers' life and career choices), unknown on fathers’ side

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rylov lived mostly among Humans with his mother on Earth so has developed Human mannerisms. His first name is the only thing truly Romulan about him. He has kind eyes and is almost always smiling, and the laugh lines on his face show he is quick with a joke. He is the type of person to work longer than anyone, but also leave early if the work is done. He is friendly to everyone, and wants everyone to like him. At the same time, he’s not overly friendly, and tends to be shy at first.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Quick to defend others, and sacrifice himself to protect them

Weaknesses - when not in an emergency situation tends to have trouble staying on task and focused
Ambitions Grew up most of his wanting to be a professional Hockey player. When that didn’t work, he entered Starfleet with the dream of becoming the Captain of a starship one day. Now that he has grown to love star fighters, he has modified that dream to command a starbase as a Starfighter fleet commander.
Hobbies & Interests Ice Hockey, painting

Medical Record

Injuries After battle on Cardassia Prime was severely wounded, and almost died. Needed multiple surgeries, and long physical therapy before considered fit for duty. When tired after a long day will sometimes have a limp. There is no lasting injury that causes him to limp, doctors have told him it is likely a lingering psychological effect from his recovery.
Mental Health Still has minor issues with PTSD and survivors’ guilt after Dominion war. Worked through most of it during Medical treatment on Earth, coupled with a temporary leave of absence from Starfleet. This allowed him to heal most of his psychological damage.

Personal History Rylov Carter was born on a scientific outpost inside the Federation and Romulan neutral zone. His parents were part of a secret scientific collaboration between the Federation and Romulans. His mother is Sarah Carter, a Federation science officer, and his father was a Romulan science officer that his mother never talks about. When asked about it his mother says only that she must keep it a secret to protect him from Romulan security forces who would look at the relationship as treason.
They were studying an anomaly along the neutral zone that prohibited space travel in specific area. The Federation was attempting to see if it could be replicated as a defense to protect federation colonies, while the Romulans wanted to see if it could be used as a weapon to disable spacecraft. The similarities led to collaboration, even as both sides attempted to spy on or sabotage the other side. When hostilities between the Federation and Romulans became all out warfare, both nations pulled their scientists from the project. The Romulans attempted to sabotage the Federation as they made their exit, but Rylov’s father risked his life to warn them. This is one of the reasons his mother continues to protect his identity.
After their escape Rylov and his mother made their way to Earth, where she was granted a research post to attempt to continue the work started in the neutral zone. This allowed Rylov a relatively normal live on Earth, because of this he tends to go by a more Human sounding nickname of Ryan rather than the Romulan sounding name Rylov. He got pretty good grades in school, but nowhere near top of his class. He had always been very active in sports while growing up, his favorite being Hockey. Most of his childhood was spent dreaming of becoming a Hockey star. Eventually he realized that he was not going to become a professional athlete. After thinking about his options, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and joined Starfleet.
Starfleet was difficult for Rylov because he didn’t know what he wanted to study, or which department he wanted to be a part of. He was never focused or dedicated enough to go into the medical or science fields. The only thing he could think of was how he’d like to someday command his ship. Even that was a bit daunting, and the competition to get into the command program was intense. He thought about getting into the growing field of the Marines, but realized he didn’t really like leaving the ship as a part of a battle plan. He looked at security forces for a while and thought that could be a good route.
By the time he was ready for his cadet cruise he had eventually settled into Tactical since the idea of being reasonable for the defense and possible offense on the starship sounded pretty good to him. During his cadet cruise he served on the USS Sentry, a sabre class vessel, as their tactical officer.
He graduated from Starfleet Academy as a Tactical officer, and his first duty assignment was aboard the USS Renegade a New Orleans class frigate. It was a short assignment of less a year. It was intended to be a shakedown cruise following a warp core upgrade and retrofit, but an issue with that upgrade caused a near disaster. That warp core needed to be ejected to avoid destroying the ship, and it was towed back to the shipyard.
Soon after arriving he was transferred to the USS Seattle who was being deployed along the Cardassian border due to tensions between the Federation and the Dominion. The USS Seattle was an Akira class carrier vessel that was used as a test bed during the war with the Romulans and later the Klingons to test the rapid deployment of fighter craft during battle. This testing would prove valuable during the Dominion war, as the Jem’Hadar’s use of fighters against larger Federation ships proved devastating.
It was while serving on the USS Seattle that Rylov realized his love of star fighters, and the thrill he got from zipping around open space. He quickly requested a transfer and became a pilot. After months of training in simulators, in the holodecks, and finally the real thing his transfer was accepted. Rylov wasn’t the best pilot on the USS Seattle, but he loved flying. He got better and after a couple years became a flight leader earning the rank of Lieutenant (J.G.).
The life expectancy of fighter pilots during the war against the Dominion proved low in the beginning, especially with the war not going well for the Federation. It took a little over a year into the war until Starfleet learned to utilize fighter craft more effectively. By the end of the war there was more fighter pilot billets than trained pilots. Through luck more than skill Rylov had survived longer than most of his peers. He lost count the number of emergency beam outs, and ejections he had to perform. On top of that, he could only be called an ace simply due to the number of firefights he’d actually been in. During the Dominion War the USS Seattle was stationed near Deep Space 9, and was involved in multiple border skirmishes along the Cardassian border. The USS Seattle was a key piece of the task force tasked with the defense of DS9 and the surrounding area. As a result, Rylov was involved in most of the heavy fighting during the Dominion war.
The high attrition rate of fighter pilots during the war began to take its toll on the psyche on Rylov. The Captain aboard the USS Seattle however recognized his leadership ability, and he was made a squadron leader and promoted to Lieutenant shortly after that. Rylov served on the USS Seattle from the beginning of the Dominion war until it was tragically destroyed near the end of the war during the assault on Cardassia Prime. During that battle his luck finally ran out and he almost died. He was providing close support with his squad when the USS Seattle was destroyed. The blast pushed his fighter directly into path of one of his squad mates, both fighter craft were damaged with Rylov’s fighter spinning out of control to the edge and out of the battle. He woke up later in the Medbay of a medical starship, where he found out not only was the USS Seattle destroyed but so was most of his squadron.
While recovering Rylov was transferred to Earth, and allowed to take a leave of absence. During his leave of absence, he attempted to again try to become a professional Hockey player. This helped him recover faster physically, and he did have some minor success in amateur leagues. However, he wasn’t able to crack into any higher than that. After a long surgical recovery followed by his leave. Rylov returned to Starfleet Academy to complete formal Starfleet flight school, and he also completed advanced flight training earning his senior pilot wings. He stayed at the academy working as an assistant instructor. This work helped him in his recovery by working through his mental trauma from the Dominion war.
Eventually he missed flying, and applied for a squad leader position aboard the USS Merlin. The transfer was accepted, with an administrative rank reduction of Lieutenant (J.G), and he took command of the Uroboros Squadron. Rylov is hoping to take his combat experience, as well as instructor experience, and mold his squadron into the best pilots he can make them.
Rylov also hopes that now that there is peace between the Federation and the Romulans, he might be able to find out who his father is.
Service Record 2367-2372 - Starfleet Academy
2371 - Served on USS Sentry (sabre class vessel) as Tactical Officer - rank Cadet
2372 - Assigned to USS Renegade (New Orleans class frigate) as Tactical Officer - rank Ensign
2373 - Transferred to USS Seattle (Akira class carrier) as Tactical Officer- rank Ensign
2373 - Transferred within USS Seattle as Starfighter Pilot - rank Ensign
2374 - Promoted to Flight Leader on USS Seattle - rank Lieutenant (J.G.)
2375 - Promoted to Squad Leader on USS Seattle - rank Lieutenant
2376-2380 - Transferred to Starfleet Medical on Earth for medical recovery - rank Lieutenant
2381-2385 - Leave of Absence
2386-2388- Attended Flight school and advanced flight training at Starfleet Academy - rank Lieutenant
2389-2394 - Served as Assistant Instructor Starfleet Academy - rank Lieutenant
2395 - Transferred to USS Merlin as Squad Leader - administrative reduction to rank Lieutenant (J.G.)