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Lance Corporal Pearl Bijoux

Name Pearl Coral Bijoux

Position Marine

Rank Lance Corporal

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 165
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Skin color mocha, tall athletic build black curly hair


Father Hermes
Mother Ulna
Brother(s) Fabian
Sister(s) Lorna

Personality & Traits

Medical Record

Personal History History: Born on a colony planet, out near the Gamma quadrant, Pearl lived on the outskirts of the colony near where the forest met the swampy area of the colony. Her life was okay, even though her family had been considered almost the dregs of society. They weren't rich and just made their own way in life. They had come to the colony to make a new start, but bad luck seemed to follow them where ever they went. Those who they owed money to would eventually find their way and demand their money back. Dad would end up doing some jobs that weren't quite legal but it did pay some of the creditors.

There came a time when someone took notice of Pearl and tried to get her thrown into the bargain when it came to payment. Pearl's dad wasn't having any of it. When said individual had let Pearl's dad know when he was coming, he got Pearl out of there, along with the rest of his family. He got in touch with an old friend of his, who was part of the StarFleet marines, and made a request for his daughter to join. At first Pearl wasn't wanting to but her dad convinced her that it would help out the family if she were and also would help her out. Make her tough as nails and better prepared for whatever life would bring her. Pearl was willing, it would beat having to continually be on the run. Would have three square meals and get to see the universe. Her father then took the rest of her family on his ship and headed off to whatever destination they would find.

Her dad's friend took her in and got her introduced to the Marines She took to the training like a duck to water. She loved it, then came her assignments, the first two just weren't that great. She stuck it out as best as she could but, the commanding officer was so inept that she gave him trouble. He acted like a ninety day wonder, She didn't know how he got as far as he did. He was over confident, acted like he was well informed on things. He had taken her and her squad into a battle situation and they almost didn't survive. She challenged him to a 'friendly' sparring match and defeated him. He retaliated by getting her transferred to another unit.

That opened a new can of worms there. The next unit she went to turned out just about the same, but this time someone was killed due to the person not listening to the company he was over. He went against the adviser and sent them into a situation they barely got out alive. Pearl once again challenged him, in the ring and beat him. She was labeled a trouble-maker and was sent to another unit. Her father's friend got on her case for doing what she did. Pearl explained what happened, and that she just challenged him to a sparring match to test his mettle and also to have him learn a lesson, to see what sort of commander said person was.

"What are you going to do if you meet someone who ends up besting you in the sparring match?"

Pearl drawled out, "If he or she proves to be effective, I'll respect him or her. You can tell the caliber of a man or woman by the way they fight and don't cheat. Skill versus skill, if they are good, and have the right stuff behind them, I'll not give them problems. I know third strike and I'm out of there. I just want to serve under someone who's not going to get people killed due to their stupidity. I stuck it out as long as I could but I hit the wall on that last one." Pearl fumed, "No sense to Kale's death, it could have been prevented. But that guy is now dealing with the consequences. I am going somewhere else, where hopefully I don't meet another moron CO. Wish me luck Uncle Mike."

So she is sent to the USS Merlin, and wondering what her new commander is going to be like. Pearl hoped that she will finally find a CO which would earn her respect.