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Lieutenant Gregor Morgan

Name Gregor Von Morgan

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human ( English/German )
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 4in 1.93m
Weight 235lbs/106.6kg
Hair Color Black collar length
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Athletic build, well groom and trimmed hair with a short trimmed beard


Spouse Avelina Morgan. Age: 28. Co-owner of the Wimsy tea shop on SB 308 & DS 21.
Children N/A
Father Ryan J. Morgan CMO USS Bainbridge Age: 62
Mother Helena Morgan Civilian teacher USS Bainbridge Age: 60
Brother(s) Markus Von Morgan Age 25 Concert Pianist London Philharmonic Orchestra
Randel Von Morgan Age 23 Recently assigned to Starbase 308 Marine Div.
Sister(s) Lili Von Shtupp ( Married ) Actress/Singer Age 27

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally calm and easy going and will solve problems in the most peaceful manner possible. Social drinker only, never drunk. Loves a good laugh and will always help a friend out, But when push comes to shove he'll be in the thick of it.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Easy going nature. + Dedicated & Hard working. + Attention to detail.

- Suspicious of outsiders. - Vindictive when wronged. - Slightly overprotective of VIP's and command staff.
Ambitions To protect the laws of the federation and the interest of the ship. To protect those that are assigned to the ship he is serving aboard . Keep the peace, order and well being of those that serve the ship or travel aboard it.
Hobbies & Interests Hunting/Fishing. Martial Arts Aikido, Writing Poetry, Japanese Tea Ceremony,
Hiking/Camping/Rock Climbing, Hovercycles & Horseback riding.
Sword and Knife combat training.

Medical Record

Injuries Broke right arm in two places while hoverbike racing in 2382.

Knife wound lower left abdominal area while breaking up a bar brawl on Zeti 6, when some locals got drunk and rowdy and wanted to fight ship personal on shore leave.
Mental Health Calm and stable. Will talk with counselors when needed or recommend those under him do the same to keep in peak performance and well grounded at all times.

Personal History Born August 30th 2366 aboard the USS Bainbridge and spent the first twelve of his life aboard ship. Helena returned to Earth in 2378 with the children to Ryan's family home in London.

It was strange for Gregor to be living on a planet and he missed life aboard a ship. So the month before he turned eighteen, he went down and signed up to join Starfleet and entered the Academy on his eighteenth birthday.

Studied and excelled in Security/Tactical. Graduated with honors, Class of 2384.
Service Record Assigned to the USS Lakota NCC 63444-B as a midshipmen on his cadet cruise in 2384.

Transferred and assigned to the USS Appalachia NCC 52136 in 2385 and served until 2388. Promoted to Ensign.

Transferred in 2389 to the USS Kongo NCC 1710 - C. Served from 2389 to 2394.

Transferred to the USS Merlin. Present day 2396 to ?