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2nd Lieutenant Drakur Redragon

Name Drakur Kanotae Redragon

Position Platoon Leader

Rank 2nd Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 245 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Drakur is a taller man, always found standing at his full height, as was customary on Salvum. A man who could not stand tall wasn't a man after all, or so they said. He has a large scar across his left eye. His hands are larger and calloused from his years working as a farmer before being rescued by Starfleet.


Spouse Karanna (deceased)
Father Argus (Unknown)
Mother Emily (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Drakur tends to be a quiet man with the mind of a warrior and a heart of gold. Since becoming an officer, he has opened up and talk more, mostly because of the need to do so for the position he held. He is a man adamant in his ways of honour, considering any kind of non-tactical deceit or omission against his ways. He is also fiercely protective and loyal to those he considers friends, taking up any cause they deem worthy enough to follow themselves.
Strengths & Weaknesses Drakur considers his greatest strength his honour, though his tactical mind and combat skills certainly rank in that list as well. Not having been Federation-born, he still struggles with cultural differences and social norms, though nothing too outlandish. The customs on Salvum were not that far off, though they may be considered archaic. Drakur also struggles with non-weapon technology, still struggling to bring himself up to speed on it (though he studied weapons first and foremost, fully planning on being a soldier for the Federation).
Ambitions Drakur's ambitions are simple and often mocked for that simplicity. He has no ambition for rank, fame, or command. He wants to give the one thing that he has, his life, in service to that organization that gifted it to him. As an aside, he wants to protect those around him, hoping to prevent another tragedy from occuring.
Hobbies & Interests Drakur enjoys honing his training in his spare time. He has created several holodeck programs designed to hone his skills. He also enjoys fine arts, particularly music and poetry. He has several leather bound books in his possession that contain various things he has written himself or copied into them for inspiration. Finally, he enjoys woodworking. He has several models and figures that he has carved himself from wood that he usually displays where he can, even if it is simply in his bunk with him.

Medical Record

Injuries Aside from the large scar across his face, Drakur also has multiple smaller scars on his hands from working in the fields and "not being aware of where my limbs were", as he is prone to saying.
Mental Health Drakur still has unresolved guilt and remorse over the death of his wife, blaming himself for not staying and not being strong enough. He also has a large amount of unresolved anger towards his father for fleeing from the home and not being present to defend the family.

Trauma may lead to PTSD symptoms developing down the road, particularly in high stress environments. Monitor and treat accordingly should they develop.

Personal History Drakur was born on a small planet called Salvum to loving parents that raised him well. He was a farmer by trade, but he was strong and sharp witted as well. He trained in weaponry outside of his work, favoring a katana over anything else.

After turning sixteen, he began to explore the area outside of this village. He learned the woods and the streams that surrounded him as well as his own home village. It was in these explorations that he met a girl his own age named Karana. They spent many hours together exploring the wilderness.
After another two years, Karana and Drakur got married. They lived in his parents' home, as was the custom in his village. They grew closer and closer with each passing day until a merciless group of bandits changed everything.

Drakur lay with his wife in bed when the alarm bells in his city started ringing. Drakur leapt to his feet, grabbing the katana under his bed. He started for the door, stopping to wake his father. He told his father to protect the house while he defended the village.

Drakur ran outside, killing several of the invading enemies. As they began to break, he ran back to his own house. As he walked in the door, he found his wife dead on the ground and his father nowhere to be seen. He cursed loudly to the stars when the man who had killed his wife stepped forward.

Drakur fought his opponent with all of his strength, but it wasn't enough. The barbarian beat him back and slashed at his face, giving Drakur the scar he now bears today. He fell to the ground, but the bandit didn't kill him. Instead, he left.

Drakur staggered from his home to find a man in a Starfleet uniform standing there. Though they were violating their own laws, they couldn't stand by and watch so many people die. They treated his wounds and told him about Starfleet. Drakur asked to join.

Drakur spent years learning the basics of what he didn't know about technology and Starfleet, trying his best to elevate himself to be worthy of joining Starfleet. He then spent four years in the academy, studying general science. He joined the Starfleet Marine Corps afterwards.
Service Record Graduated from Starfleet Marine Academy