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Lieutenant JG Kevin Bacon

Name Kevin Bacon

Position Intellegence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human ( North America )
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 1in
Weight 200 Lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Athletic Build, Lean and muscular. Well groomed and trimmed short hair.Moves gracefully like a trained dancer, and has green eyes that can drew you in and seemingly look into your soul


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Thomas Bacon ( Age 59. Hollywood Holovid Director Paramont Studios )
Mother Rebecca Bacon ( Age 50. Host of Hollywood Holonet gossip show The Inside Scoop. )
Brother(s) Chris P. Bacon ( Age 26. Has served in the Los Angels Police Department for the past six years.)
Sister(s) Mindy Bacon (Goes by Min) ( Age 28. High School girls Phys Ed Teacher. )
Other Family Commander Markus Bacon ( Age 56 Thomas twin brother. Star Fleet Intelligence, Died three years ago in the line of duty. Details of Markus death were never revealed to the family.

Black cat named Black Bastard. Answers to BB 3 year old male and very aloof.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kevin is a very easy going person in general, works well with others and can make others feel comfortable and welcome. He grew up in Hollywood California and was enrolled in acting classes for four years at his parents insistance. Kevin had no interest in the glitz and glamor or the bright lights that his parents cherished so much.

Kevin only stayed in acting classes at the advice of his Uncle Markus, who said it would be useful in the future. Kevin left home the day he turned eighteen and went straight into the Academy and has been with Starfleet ever since.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Works well with others + Street Smart + Can fit in with various social circles + Cool under pressure. + Athletic + Jack of all trades + Sauve

- Vengeful if friends or family are harmed - Longer recovery after Deep Cover Ops - Sometimes displays playboy womanizer attitude ( Normally after deep cover ops ) - Will do his duty regardless - Cruelity towards major enemies who have caused major harm
Ambitions 1. To protect the Federation and make a difference. 2. To rise through the ranks of Starfleet Intelligence and have his own command. 3.To one day meet his soul mate, have a family and know peace.
Hobbies & Interests 1. Acting (4 years training) 2. Dancing ( Four years training) 3. Martial Arts: Brazilian Capoeira (Blends well with the dance training) 4. Demolitions 5. Hiking & Camping 6. Musical Insterment: Guitar 7. Survival training Tropical & Desert 8. Poetry 9. Skiing

Medical Record

Injuries Injuries: Left eye is a cybernetic replacement ( Normal vision ) Lost left eye in a training accident. Three broken left ribs during deep cover mission. Right collor bone broken durin a ski trip. 14CM scar on right thigh from a rock climbing incident
Mental Health Mental Health: Status Determined and stable. Recieves mental health review every three months as per Starfleet regulations.

Personal History Kevin grew up in a posh neighborhood in Hollywood California, his family comes from a long line of Actors, Directors and Producers. Kevin never felt the need to be in the spotlight and wanted to do something that would make a difference. Kevin Idolized his uncle, Commancer Markus Bacon in Starfleet Intelligence and worked towardshis goal that would one day get him into the academy and away from Earth where he could do a job that mattered, even if no one knew what he did.

Kevin entered the academy on his 18th Birthday. (DOB 08-13-2369. Entered Academy 08-13-2387)
Kevin graduated 12th of a class of 90 in the Intelligence division and graduated in the class of 2391.

the same year Kevin was assigned to the intelligence squad at Starbase 55 for deep cover operation into the piracy and smuggling unit. He was undercover for eight months and feeding Intel back until the units could be brought in and close down the entire operation in one fell swoop.

Kevin returned to Starbase 55 for debrief and recovery and resigned to a listening station near the Romulan boarder for three months before being reassigned to Starbase 308 for more anti piracy duty. The duty was light in the area and only lasted for three months. He was then transferred to the USS Integrity as the Intelligence Officer Form 2394 to 2398.

In 2399 Kevin recieved Transfer orders once again, but this time to the USS Merlin as the Intelligence Officer and came on board at his old stomping ground Starbase 308.
Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2387-2391. Graduated with honors.
Was given the code name of Foot Loose by a Senior Instructor at the academy who was into old time earth movies.

Two tours of duty at Starbase 55. 2391 & 2392. Anti smuggling & Anti Piracy.

Two tours of duty at Starbasae 308. 2391 & 2393. Anti Piracy task force

USS Integrity: Ships Intelligence Officer & Intelligence gathering. 2394-2398

Uss Merlin: Ships Intelligence Officer & Intelligence gathering. 2399 to current.