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Captain Lukas Fredricks

Name Lukas Fredricks

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 70

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 70kg
Hair Color White
Physical Description Lukas has a slender frame but is still active and continues to be physically fit.


Spouse Emma Fredricks (Deceased)
Children Adele Fredricks
Oliver Fredricks
Zirvell Khen
Father Steffen Fredricks (Deceased)
Mother Audrey Fredricks (Deceased)
Brother(s) Admiral Karl Fredricks
Sister(s) Lieutenant Commander Alexandra Fredricks (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Lukas is a quiet man, who likes to keep to himself. He will go to the ships lounge to do some socialising with the crew but mainly tends to stay in his quarters when not on duty.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong leader
+ Open minded
+ A listener

- Doesn’t talk about personal problems
Hobbies & Interests When not reading in his quarters, he likes to go hiking or bike riding in the holodeck.

Medical Record

Personal History Lukas was born in 2325 to Audrey and Steffan Fredricks on Alpha Centauri. He was the first of three children born into the Fredricks family.

All three children grew up in a happy home. Steffan enjoyed a career in local politics, even serving as Alpha Centauri’s governor between 2338-2344. Audrey was a teacher at the local community school.

At 18 Lukas made the decision to leave the planet he grew up on and start a new life of exploration and adventure. He headed to Starfleet Academy to join what was being called the Golden era of Starfleet. Peace had rained for a long period of time and exploration was Starfleet’s main focus.

During his time at the academy, although being a good all round student, he found his focus to be on tactics. He enjoyed the tactical exercises along with the additional training that went with it, including Sniping, close quarters combat, and blade training. He also excelled at team unit command.

Upon graduating from the Academy, Fredricks was assigned to the USS Namur, a newly minted Ambassador Class vessel as her tactical officer.

After four years aboard the Namur, Ensign Fredricks was transferred to the USS Bellerophon, an Akula Class vessel. Not as glamorous as the Namur but Lukas fell in love with the ship’s charm. He settled quickly and made friends.

Life aboard the Bellerophon was good, after a few years he was promoted to Lieutenant JG. In 2355 his tour on the Bellerophon was completed and he was placed back into the officers pool when they reached earth.

After a couple of weeks on Earth, Fredricks was assigned to the USS Icarus, a newly commissioned Springfield Class vessel. Again, Lukas settles well aboard the ship. Working his way up to Assistant Chief Of Security and a promotion to full Lieutenant.

In 2360, while the Icarus patrolled the Cardassian border, 2 Cardassian Hedeki Class ships crossed the border and attacked the Icarus for no reason. Lukas was severely injured during the attack. He had to have his arm amputated and his leg needed an extensive operation to save it.

He was sent to Starfleet medical so they could assess his situation properly. Fredricks was taken off of the active duty list as his injuries needed multiple surgeries to repair the damage and a replacement arm was installed.

It took him just over two years to get over this ordeal. However, during this time he found love with one of the nurses in the Hospital he stayed at. Both he and Emma fell head over heel in love. 6 months later they were married and expecting twins.

Once fully recovered from his injuries, Fredricks was placed on the active list. He was quickly assigned to the USS Repulse, a refitted Excelsior Class vessel. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and became the Chief Tactical Officer aboard.

It took Lukas a long time to adjust into life aboard a starship. Nightmares plagued him for the first year, after his ordeal on the Icarus. However, he slowly overcame them with help of the ship's Counselor and being in constant contact with his wife and children.

After two years on the Repulse, the ship's Captain decided to retire from service. Starfleet promoted the current ship’s first officer to Captain and in turn chose Fredricks to replace him.

After three more exemplary years service aboard the Repulse. Fredricks was chosen to command the Akira Class starship USS Liberty.

In 2372, Liberty was recalled for a major refit. Her crew was reassigned to the newly commissioned USS Britannic. With relations with the Dominion slowly moving towards war, the Britannic was fitted with a tactical pod.

Sure enough, a year later Cardassia and the Dominion declared war on the Federation. For the duration of the war, the Britannic was on the front line, including being involved in almost all major engagements throughout the war.

During the War, Lukas’ wife decided she wanted to separate from Lukas. She felt his work in Starfleet was more important than his family.

Once the war was over, Britannic was ordered to San Francisco shipyards in earth's orbit for a refit and her tactical pod to be removed and a medical pod installed to aid the rebuilding effort.

Fredricks lost most of his crew to reassignment but wanted to continue overseeing the Britannic. He was allowed to stay on as her CO.
Service Record 2343-2346: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2346-2350: USS Namur - Ensign - Tactical Officer
2350-2355: USS Bellerophon - Ensign/Lieutenant JG - Tactical Officer
2355-2360: USS Icarus - Lieutenant JG/Lieutenant - Tactical/Asst Chief Tactical Officer
2360-2362: Medical Leave
2362-2364: USS Repulse - Lieutenant Commander - Chief Tactical Officer
2364-2367: USS Repulse - Commander - Executive Officer
2367-2372: USS Liberty - Captain - Commanding Officer
2372-2385: USS Britannic - Captain - Commanding Officer
2385-Present: USS Britannic A - Captain - Commanding Officer