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Sergeant Korotayev Tarr

Name Korotayev Tarr

Position Infiltration/Recon Specialist

Rank Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Romulan
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 187 cm
Weight 92 Kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Greyish blue
Physical Description Korotayev has an athletic physique, with broad shoulders and lean limbs, a visible muscular hypertrophy typical for swimmers. His muscles are maintained for strength and flexibility rather than optical volume.

Expressive greyish blue eyes are a notable feature of his face, framed with prominent cheekbones. His cheeks tend to hollow and show wrinkles around his mouth in case of weight loss.

He keeps his hair within military standard, always neatly combed and his face clean shaven, although on his days off you can see him with a five o'clock shadow.

Although half Romulan, his fenotype is closer to a human, which was further cosmetically curated in an infant age. His genotype and internal anatomy is closer to a Romulan, blood being of typical green colour.


Spouse Non
Children Non
Father Thorsten Tarr
Mother Nahal Tarr (née Galathon)
Brother(s) Non
Sister(s) Non
Other Family Erik and Vesna Tarr (née Rothbergova), a retired cultural attaché with his wife currently residing on Casperia Prime.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Korotayev is naturally inclined to observant character and assessing a situation before taking any steps. He’s quick in reading the room and taking an approach, which leads to a desired outcome, a skill naturally possessed and further honed and nurtured by his grandfather.

He weighs all options and follows breadcrumbs, rather than taking a hot headed approach typical for Romulans. In his younger years he tended to be more radical and aggressive, a heritage of his mother.
He has a talent for languages but never followed that route, learning only a few, which were of interest or necessity to him.

He often chooses his approach to people according to what seems comfortable for them, allowing him to do assessment of their character and ultimately set the playboard.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

- fast learner
- adaptation and deep dive into various topics
- ability to assume a persona
- survival skills


- tendency to work alone
- sense of superiority
- does not do well in highly humid environments
- does not commit fully to de escalation of conflicts unless it suits him
Ambitions Most of his career he worked from the shadows and does not equal his success with visible and public achievements. He found his place as someone who is excellent in gaining intel in a field and came to terms with the fact that his line of work does not bring instant fruits.
Hobbies & Interests Korotayev is an avid swimmer, this being a preferable activity to keep himself in shape out of the field.
From early childhood he was interested in Biology, particularly Zoology and Evolution Biology. He keeps himself up to date with news from this field, often reading articles about new discoveries and research papers.

Medical Record

Injuries - Vaccinated against common diseases
- Classified injury sustained during a mission
Mental Health - Stable personality, attends mandatory mental health check evaluations
- Being of Human and Romulan descent, he went through cosmetic surgeries as a child to appear completely human at first sight. This decision of his parents left no permanent marks on his mental state and he naturally fluctuates between the two different cultural mindsets

Personal History Born to a family of Thorsten and Nahal Tarr, a linguist and a historian, he was raised traveling the galaxy, often staying with his grandparents for longer periods of time. This created a sense of periods of stability and adventure, allowing Korotayev to appreciate different cultures as well as create childhood friendships necessary for his social skills and development.

Being born with a fenotype closer to a human, his parents decided for minor cosmetic surgeries, which gave Korotayev a clearly human appearance. Even though the decision was hard, they did not want their child to suffer distrust and xenophobia living primarily amongst Federation space and went with Terran name as well. Outside with his friends he was a human child, at home his academic parents raised him bilingual with both heritages in mind, unaware that they were preparing him for his future work.

Erik Tarr recognized the potential for languages in his grandson and through creative games taught him the basics of several, deeming it a useful asset for his future life. His grandmother Vesna, taught herself to prepare food tasteful for the child and discovered her passion for cooking. To this day, Vesna sends her grandson new recipes which he may find pleasant for his taste buds.

Korotayev was mainly home schooled in his younger years, attending a school during his late teens to experience environments occupied mainly by his peers. This opened new horizonts for him and sparked a rebellious era of his life. When choosing a career for himself he applied for Military University in Sevastopol, to spite his humanitarian oriented father. Their relationship improved during the upcoming years, however he is mainly communicating with his mother when calling home.

During his University years he was an excellent student, showing great potential for work in the Reconnaissance and Intelligence field. His bilingual nature and familiarity with Romulan society and customs put him on a radar early on.

After graduation he was assigned to USS Masaryk, a diplomatic ship under Captain Radek Belina, where he spent the first years of his service in an environment familiar from his childhood as an Intelligence Officer in the rank of Captain.

To further his career he transferred to USS Zatopek, where he assumed a position of Infiltration Specialist. Here he went through cosmetic surgeries to alter his physical appearance to Romulan and focused on fine tuning his ability to blend in with Romulans. Aboard this ship he lived through the news of the perishing of his ancestral planet and witnessed the Romulan Star Empire tumble down.

Being torn to pieces and lacking proper channels through which intelligence could be gained, his skills were put to use and during 2390 - 2396 participated in covert operations and sheep dips within the fragmented Empire. He was promoted to the rank of Major in 2392.

During his last mission, he was hurt and a closest biobed would reveal his not completely Romulan DNA. The mission was aborted and Korotayev extracted by a small shuttle, where he was put into a field cryo-stasis chamber and transferred to the closest ship, USS Merlin.

Service Record USS Merlin (Present)

-Infiltration Specialist (Marine Corps)

*Data Classified* (2390 - 2396)

USS Zatopek (2386 - 2390)

-Infiltration Specialist (Marine Corps)

USS Masaryk (2384 - 2386)

-Intelligence Officer (Marine Corps)

Military University of New Sevastopol (2378 - 2383)

- Tactical and Engineering
- Behavioral Sciences and Leadership