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Lieutenant JG Wintrow Paragon

Name Wintrow Joseph Paragon

Position Fighter Pilot

Second Position Flight Control Specialist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 142 lbs
Hair Color straw-blonde (natural), dark blonde (dyed)
Eye Color Dark blue/green
Physical Description Lean built though slightly underweight, boy-ish appearance. Scottish brogue to his voice. Generally submissive behaviour to avoid argument. His hair is slightly wavy, has a red-ish gleam over it in artificial light, and will only lighten in colour when walking in the sun.


Father Leonard Paragon (dec.)
Mother Amber Paragon (dec.)
Other Family half-brother Russell (dec.)
half-sister Selina
step-mother Kasia

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fairly shy, but very eager to learn. His eagerness will quickly help him overcome any insecurities he experiences. Eager to please others, at the cost of his own comfort, and very eager to help out.

Wintrow leans very heavily on other people's opinion of him, and he has a healthy amount of respect for the captain (bordering on adoration).

Though adult in body and mind, Wintrow's emotions can be very childlike in their manifestation, as he never really had a chance to truly be a child (due to the abuse suffered by mother and half-brother)

Over time though, especially with his confidence in his flight ability, Wintrow grew more confident about himself too, even though he still remains careful with commenting on things he might not quite agree with.
Strengths & Weaknesses strength:
- Confidence about what he learns and eagerness to apply it, able to absorb new information.
- Ability to help people, when confident enough/encouraged to do so.
- Very loyal

- Very shy, won't easily talk to people.
- Shies away from conflict, afraid to become the subject of it.
- Cowers easily, but is improving on battling this tendency.
Ambitions Learn to do his job well and join Starfleet academy, to ultimately take on a teaching job to pass on his own knowledge and experience.

By now, he has fulfilled his ambition to become a commissioned officer, and is now continuing to learn on the job while coaching a newer generation of young pilots as necessary.
Hobbies & Interests Wintrow enjoys sailing old fashioned sailboats or catamarans. He's quite an expert on water, and will eagerly teach others (despite his shyness)

He's very possessive of the accoustic guitar he keeps in his quarters, not allowing his roommates to even touch it. He plays very well and often gets asked to play for entertainment in Nine Forward. Generally, he refuses as he's too shy. Appears to have quite a talent for flying.

Medical Record

Injuries A great many.

His medical history shows the tell tale signs of domestic abuse and violence. It's not something he really likes to discuss, though he will with the chief medical officer if utterly necessary.

Has suffered injuries while crashing with his fighter.
Mental Health Mentally, Wintrow is now in better shape than he used to be. Though, mentally he's still not as mature as he is physically due to his lack of a proper childhood. He can react somewhat emotionally at times, which gives him an appearance of several years junior to his actual age.

Personal History Wintrow was born in Glasgow, Scotland, Earth in 2371. Shortly after his birth, his mother Amber passed away, having lost too much blood while delivering her son. The boy was born a month premature as his mother had grown extremely weak during the last trimester of her pregnancy.

He was barely one year old when his father re-married and he doesn't really get along with his stepmother. He gets shunned by his half brother and sister - who are twins, and two years younger -, even though he acts very much the older brother when he can do so. He'll protect them no matter what, no matter how nasty they are to him. This mainly comes forth from a fear for his own life as he holds no love for them.

The discord between him and his stepmother brought his father to near despair, but Wintrow has managed to keep his close ties with his sole surviving biological parent. One could almost describe him as a father's boy. It was Leonard who encouraged his son to sign up with Starfleet, and learn the ship's trade by just service instead of learning.

The constant nagging and bullying of his younger siblings, as well as his step-mother's mistreatment of him had Wintrow withdraw at a very young age, taking away his confidence and making him think very little of himself. Only his father's encouragement kept him going, and convinced him of his worth, though the man never knew what transpired between his wife and younger children, and his eldest son, while he was away from home. From a very early age on, his stepmother physically abused him, but always managed to convince his father - when he noticed something was wrong - that it was the boy who was clumsy. When his siblings were old enough to join in, the mistreatments became worse, but Wintrow never dared to tell his father, for fear of his own life (and his father's).

Games played with his siblings always had him as the submissive party, suffering at their hands. At one time, while playing in their father's barn, Wintrow was shoved backwards in a struggle, tripped over a bail of hay and fell backwards into a pin against the wall, which was normally used for storing ropes. His sister gave him an extra shove, pinning him to it. Wintrow never revealed the exact nature of the injury, claiming clumsiness on his own part.

Several times, between age ten and fifteen, Wintrow was admitted to hospital with severe injuries. Between age fifteen and seventeen, also suffered sexual abuse at the hands of his brother. His stepmother, while disapproving of this much, never stepped in. Two months prior to his joining the Sarek, his stepmother gave him a beating which left him close to death.

Over the years, his innate telepathic sense developed into a sixth sense for danger, which often saved his life when his stepmother was on the warpath again. He can't read people's minds, only when the thoughts are accompanied by strong emotion such as anger, pain or strong compassion. He is able to get a feel for someone's mood when he pays attention, and is generally able to sense the emotions from others.

Since joining the Sarek, the young man started feeling more like himself and is opening up to the senior staff at a slow but steady rate. He at least feels he holds the respect of the captain, as she assigns him tasks she would normally assign the chief of boat. He cowers easily if spoken to at too sternly a tone and doesn't respond well to being teased.

Now learning to pilot one of the fighter wing's craft on the holodeck, aside from tending to his engineering assignments. He has captain's orders to get a feel of every department and report back to her what he thought of it. In learning to fly a fighter, Wintrow has found his calling in life, though that won't deter him from learning all he can in other departments. The only two he feels inferior to is medical and counseling, though he leans heavily on both Chief Medical Officer and Counselor, for his own well being and social development. He strongly believes - after having 'worked' with them - that they can help him overcome his innate submissiveness and need to take any and all blame upon himself.

Since coming aboard, has made two friends that are roughly his own age: Javron Greenwood who is the son of Romulan Recreation's Officer Gired, and Eva, a crewman apprentice in the Gulf Wing, who is tasked with craft maintenance. He has offered the latter a sailing trip on the holodeck, and prays nothing will go wrong. Eva is his first female friend, ever.

When Wintrow received news of his father's death, so shortly after being fully accepted into the fighter wing and even receiving his own call sign - Farseer - the boy was utterly devastated.

The ultimate low in his life came when Russell snuck his way on board late 2387 and physically and sexually abused him, thereby nearly killing him. His life was saved by Andy Hardwinger, while his half-brother Russell was killed by Gired Greenwood. Fortunately, Wintrow remembers precious little about the details of his injury believing they occurred in a holodeck accident. While technically true as Wintrow had been running a flight training program, and his injuries occurred on the holodeck, he'll never remember nor be told the true details. He'll also never be told to his face that his legal guardian, Gired caused Russell's death. As far as Wintrow knows, Russell too was killed in the holodeck accident.

Before his departure from the Sarek, Gired Greenwood briefly served as Wintrow's legal guardian though that guardianship never officially went through as somewhere down the line to the Federation legal offices, a stamp was missed. Word came back as soon as the Sarek reached DS5, that Wintrow had no legal guardian other than his stepmother, with whom he has no desire to meet again. Ever.

Now, Wintrow is still making a life for himself and considers his current legal guardian - Counselor Alexander Bakura - more of an older brother than a surrogate parent. He is still crushed by the death of his friend Karen Myles but is learning to leave that behind him and move on. He is close friends with ship's chief science officer, Daniel Mordicai whom also somewhat serves as his confidant. Wintrow has no knowledge of Mordicai's plans to adopt him.

After the death of Commander Mordicai, Wintrow remains parent-less but he has since discovered the existance of his maternal grandfather. He has developed feelings for the helmsman's son, Shron Ezlam and is exploring those feelings. This goes with ups and downs as often his childhood bad experiences get in the way of what he wants, or even needs.

Wintrow returned to Earth, fully intent on completing his Starfleet Academy Graduation. Upon graduation he was sent to rejoin the re-commisioned Sovereign class Sarek-A as fighter pilot. When he arrived at the rendez-vous point, he did not encounter the ship he was supposed to meet, but rather the version of a parallel universe. Having no alternative, Wintrow boards the ship and ultimately leaves his own universe to join the crew in theirs. He learned upon arrival that his version in this universe had likely met up with the ship in the universe he came from.

Unable to switch back, Wintrow has now moved on and left the Sarek in pursuit of several assignments spanning several years, until finally landing himself a job as fighter pilot and pilot specialist aboard the USS Merlin.
Service Record Joined the USS Sarek early 2388

Late 2388, joined the Fighter Wing Squadron as apprentice pilot, after showing great talent to flying a Razor. He will also fly for the marines, after going through some basic marine training and continue his teachings in other area's, such as engineering and tactical.

Returns to starfleet academy and graduates in 2392, rejoining the USS Sarek-A as an Ensign.

Unable to continue on the Sarek after being switched with his parallel self, Wintrow pursues his career with assignments on various vessels until finally joining the crew of the USS Merlin.