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Lieutenant Kailu Grekas

Name Kailu Grekas

Position Chief Intellegence Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Toan'ta (El Aurian)
Age 628

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel Grey
Physical Description Well built and stocky man. Has a scar over his left eye and usually sports an unshaven face. Kailu also has tattoo's across his body, mainly on his torso, chest and arms.


Father Lamruil Grekas
Mother Helartha Grekas
Brother(s) Kellam Grekas
Haryk Grekas
Sister(s) Naexi Grekas
Bonaluria Grekas

Personality & Traits

General Overview At a glance Kailu can seem odd and stand offish. He has a strong willed streak in him with a singular focus that if he has a task on his mind he will undoubtedly not rest until he has sought the resolution he wants. He is not the greatest conversationalist, nor would you say he is the most sociable, but he has an intensity about him that others are drawn to follow.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Strong willed
+ Keen observational skills
+ Plays cards close to his chest

- Bit of a negative attitude
- Can sometimes fall back into one of his covers.
Ambitions To try and find himself after hundreds of years of undercover experience.
Hobbies & Interests Follows the Toan'ta way of life, an off shoot of the El Aurian people who believe in spirits, gods and the like. As such does have a keen interest in other species' rituals, old texts and folklore. Believes in spells, mystical arts and energies.

Medical Record

Mental Health Due to nature of patients past Kailu has shown that they are no longer suited to undercover positions at this time. This is due to extensive years performing these actions for Starfleet Intelligence, and organisations of his own people, it is deemed unwise to continue.

Kailu can suffer from breaks of his own personality and life as the many 'covers' he has taken over the years have blended with his own. It is my recommendation that he takes a role where he can be himself, be Kailu, before that person disappears altogether.

~ Dr. Megan Harrison, Starfleet Medical Board of Psychiatrists

Personal History Kailu has always felt more comfortable in his own company. He has an outlook that to most in current times is quite self serving and often sees people as tools to be of use to him rather than things to get to know. He is rough around the edges, can seem strange/odd to others and has a unique outlook on his life.

Most of his life he has been someone else, playing a part to bring down bad people or help good ones. Everything is a means to an end, he is not naïve to think his life has value over anyone else’s. He was used by his own people, by people in power. He was good at blending in, playing roles and somewhere along the way he has lost who he was when his life began.

However, it all began for Kailu in the year of Senchal, on a summer's eve his mother brought him into the world with the help of the town's shaman. They did not believe in technology, lived and loved on the land, believed in the power of magic and mystical energies. His people identified as the Toan’ta, a breakaway from the mainstream El Aurian people and had lived the way that had done for thousands of years.

Kailu’s upbringing was simple, but with his ‘tribe’ came the complexities of wanting more. The first 60 years of his life was spent learning incantations, spells and mystical arts to better serve their town of Veranthal, but his head was always in the clouds, in the stars above, and his mind wandered to main cities forbidden to him.

Even at 60 he was still a youth of the species and was caught investigating a nearby El Aurian observation post. Kailu had been told they liked to think they were never seen, but the Toan’ta saw all.

Kailu had managed to con his way past the guards, talk his way into the observation station and was found in one of the storage bays pilfering supplies by the second in command Commander Alei. This man saw uncanny skills in Kailu, potential wasted in the life he lived with the Toan’ta. He tried to recruit him, and was successful.

His mother objected, his father saw it as part of the plan of the Gods. Kailu left his family, the only family he’d ever known and people he ever knew to join their ‘bigger brothers and sisters’, the El Aurians.

Commander Alei trained him to fight. Hand to hand, close combat, ranged, you name it. Most importantly, he was trained how to blend in, how to be whomever he needed to be to achieve a goal. Given Alei’s directive as an observer, and Kailu’s ability to tune into the ways of other people easily, their partnership literally took off.

Over the next 300 years Kailu embedded himself in species such as the Regar’s, the Gorzan’s and the Do’zalas.

His mission, observe and report. Gain prestige and power in some, gather from the shadows in others. He would take on the appearance of any species within the restrictions of his own body to fulfill the needs of his superiors.

Then reports stopped. Radio silence for months, then years.

Unbeknown to Kailu, El Auria had been sacked by the Borg. His own people, the Toan’ta wiped off the face of the planet or at the very least nowhere to be found.

He was trained to wait, but a man will only wait so long before questioning his mission given no communication for 7 years. Kailu eventually took all the information he’d gathered and made the trip into the woodland to find his stashed shuttle.

Blowing off the proverbial cobwebs, wiping off the dust of years and airing out the musty atmosphere within, he soon engaged his cloak and departed the Soseno people just on the cusp of their warp capability.

Kailu tried pinging Commander Alei, but only a recorded message replied. It was a warning not to come home, it wasn’t safe. El Auria was lost to the Borg and he’d to seek refuge amongst others.

For a moment he considered heading back to Sosen, he still looked like them and no-one saw him leave. Though eventually he would have to change his name, where he stayed and with technology increasing in its advancement that would be difficult.

Instead he chose to find his own way. Changing back to his own appearance he set off, the whispers in his ear of the spirits telling him where to go.

He found his way towards the edges of his own Beta Quadrant, in an area contested by many species.

Humans, Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, Gorn, Betazoid, Bolian and Vulcans. A motley mix of people of all shapes, sizes, goals and outlooks on life.

The early 2300’s were eventful to say the least.

Kailu had made a name for himself as a man who could get what he wanted from whomever he wanted. His El Aurian listening ability came into good use as he used it for his own gain and became a con man of sorts. A simple release of pheromone could loosen the lips of many weak minded species.

One day he tried it on the wrong man, Malah Zi. He was a strong willed Betazoid, and one dangerous man.

Kailu almost had him, almost got what he wanted and then nearly slipped away when he knew the con wasn’t going his way, but got caught. Zi cornered him on the slave markets of Orion warlord Niks. He was given a choice, help him bring him down or face jail time. Zi was impressed by his abilities, by his strong will and tenacity to achieve his goals, but also the wisdom to know when to leave.

A pointed badge was passed his way, a simple communication device he was told but it felt heavy and like a tiny cage had just engulfed him.

Malah told Kailu he worked for a part of a group within Starfleet security that snuffed out threats before they rose to power. Niks was gaining power in spades, he controlled drugs, prostitution and slave trading. It was then that he was told of Starfleet security’s mandate, they weren’t tied to a ship or station but to Starfleet Security’s Chief back on Earth.

Kailu infiltrated the Orion’s network, a hard thing to do when he was fighting against another pheromone in the air. Quite a potent one. Months of work felt like years but eventually, Kailu was able to get Niks manoeuvred into a position of vulnerability and the man was taken off the chessboard.

Kailu found this work to be quite to his liking and requested to be kept on. Zi laughed and denied his request. Told Kailu to try the kiddie pool of Starfleet’s main bank and maybe he’d look in on him again… and that Malah Zi was not even his real name.

He did just that and graduated in 2322 taking the security field.

Kailu’s commission only lasted 15 years as in 2337 he resigned in protest over the treatment of his Captain. Captain Sovek had been labelled a Romulan spy by Starfleet hierarchy, dismissed from service and placed in a comfortable penal colony for crimes against Starfleet.

It was Kailu’s decision to resign his position and went on a one man crusade to clear his former Captain. 2 years of digging, pushing and asking the hard questions. After gaining evidence, logging failures and marking wins, Kailu found the ‘smoking gun’, a Romulan impersonator who had used the likeness of Sovek to gain access to restricted areas, materials and information.

Sovek was exonerated and Kailu felt vindicated.

Still, he kept to himself for a number of years. He had a place on Earth where he stayed, studied his own interests and practiced his Toan’ta way of life.

In 2359 Kailu decided to re-enlist in Starfleet, but this time took the route of an intelligence field agent. He received a note from Zi, nothing too exciting, just an ‘encouragement’ that the time was right.

Kailu was skeptical, by now Zi was surely long dead… someone was definitely using the name for themselves. However, Kailu completed his refresher training, his studies in the ways of Starfleet Intelligence and now wore the grey colours. Ironically the shade of the uniform made sense, intelligence can often see worlds in shades of grey.

For the next 35 years Kailu has once again spent time undercover in various arenas. Most notably spent time on Romulus before the Hobus supernova, his mission to try and get information to Starfleet about the situation leading up to the eventual destruction of the system. The politics, the people, their receptiveness to assistance.

During the Dominion War he was behind enemy lines gaining intel on targets, infrastructure and people alike.

Even a short time as a Klingon during their withdrawal from the Khitomer Accords.

This is to name but a few. The nudges of mysterious groups in between.

However, his psych evaluations have began to show signs of fracture and he has been told to take a break from undercover work. That he was becoming an amalgamation of the many people he pretended to be and losing himself in the process.

As such he has been assigned as Chief Intelligence Officer on board the USS Merlin. It is believed this ship to be a powerful place for him to find himself whilst among others of such variety.
Service Record 2318 -> 2322 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2322 -> 2328 - Security Officer, USS Doberman
2328 -> 2330 - Security Officer, USS Hawking
2330 -> 2333 - Asst. Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Hawking
2333 -> 2337 - Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Hawking

2337 - Resigns commission in protest of alleged wrongful imprisonment of Captain Sovek, CO of the USS Lincoln.

2359 -> 2360 - Refresher training with additional training in Intelligence field, Starfleet Academy
2360 -> 2397 - Field Agent (Undercover), Starfleet Intelligence
2397 -> PRES - Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Merlin