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Chief Petty Officer Evie Forde

Name Evie Forde

Position Intelligence Specialist

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Evie has what some would call a delicate looking figure. She is quite slim with long cascading blonde hair.

(Pink decoration on her face in the picture is face paint.)


Father Ciarán Forde
Mother Kerstin Forde (ne Blomquist)
Sister(s) Isabella Forde
Katja Forde

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses + She has one of those faces people open up too without much trying
+ She is exceptionally friendly and bubbly
+ Caring and loving

- Can sometimes accept people too easily, this can lead to her being hurt on occasion
- Can sometimes be a bit 'scatter-brained' when talking, or receiving information (head in the clouds)
Ambitions Her ambitions are simple...

Live life, make friends, forge great memories.
Hobbies & Interests Plays a lot of instruments; piano, violin, harp and flute to name but a few. She is quite creative and paints, writes her own songs to sing and is known to get lost in her own thoughts from time to time.

She likes meeting new people, making new friends with the oddest of folk. Loves hearing stories, and will often just be totally enthralled by someone telling one.

Medical Record

Personal History Evie was born in Keel on Achill Island just off the west coast of Ireland.

Her father was a religious man, a preacher and held his own church on the island following the faith that had served them all for generations. He had met her mother whilst on a pilgrimage of sorts across Europe, when he set eyes on her on one of the Swedish coasts it was never in any doubt how it would end.

They both had a great love, one that swelled in the presence of others, one that was blessed enough to have 3 daughters come from it. Evie being the youngest.

Their childhood was mainly spent in Keel, the countryside a beautiful lush green with only the occasional shuttle passing overheard. Sometimes they would take trips to Kerstin's homeland, taking a transporter beam was never any trouble these days, almost like second nature and it left Evie wondering how people actually could spend hours, if not days travelling their own world. Her head was always in the clouds that way, and sometime even beyond.

Often the family would gather round a big fire and swap stories. It was most often the parents as they had actually lived some of their life, not so much the young children before them. They spoke of faeries, the Tuatha Dé Danann. a race of supernaturally-gifted people in Irish mythology. That they were the protectors of Ireland, of the fae folk's way of life and that they were a descendent of these people.

Typical children, they did not fully believe these stories, but the older they got the stranger things seemed to be at home. The sounds of fluttering wings at night, sometimes the 'good luck' the girls seemed to have in academia, in sports, and in life in general. They were always in good health, happy and bright characters to be around.

As they grew older science began to come into their lives, their understanding of science grew and they were a little more skeptical than they used to be. Growing up isn't always sunshine and rainbows but Evie held on to her faith, held on to the notion that not all could be explained by science and that sometimes magic was just that.

Still, she was an adventurous girl and wanted to see if others species had similar beliefs and possibly to find the fairy folk that had left them so long ago (or so was told).

Evie was smart enough for the Academy, but it felt a little to restrictive, too structured in terms of the expectations bestowed on them with rank. She was a free spirit.

She enlisted and ironically took to the organised, logical path of gathering information. She was classed as an intelligence specialist, but not for working within Starfleet Intelligence.

Strategic Operations was her new home, and she has now worked within that role for the past few years.
Service Record 2395 -> 2397 - Intelligence Specialist (Strat Ops), USS Merlin