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Lieutenant Commander Ras th'Zaanaq

Name Ras th'Zaanaq

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian Thaan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 78kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ras is lean and has a musular physic. His torso is has multiple scars from his time in the Starfleet Intelligence service. He also has an Orion clan tag on his right forearm. Something he needed to do to pass as a member. He decided to keep it for posterity.


Spouse Thath th'Ashothrek (Chan) Vysso sh'Etorrir (Zhen) Vrori sh'Vhelerh (Shen)
Children Symaoss sh'Tiasrat (Shen)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ras is a nice genuine guy. He is hard working and expects the same from those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Professional
+ Hard working
+All round good officer

- Can push himself a little too hard
Ambitions Ras' ambition is to one day move into the diplomatic corps and either represent the Federation or his home world of Andor.

Medical Record

Injuries Ras has had numerous injuries over his lifetime. Most coming from serving in Starfleet Intelligence as an undercover operative.
Mental Health Ras has suffered with mental health issues since leaving SI. He did a lot of questionable things during his time undercover including taking illegal substances, racketeering, robbery intimidation, assaults, murders and sexual assaults.

All were done under pressure from peers within the organisations he infiltrated. He didn't question them at the time in order to fit in and not lose his cover but this has left him feeling guilty and deeply regrets his time in Starfleet Intelligence.

Personal History Ras is an Andorian thaan. He was born into a loving family bondgroup. His parents had a varied skill set, from a Diplomatic Officer within the Klingon embassy on Andoria, a commercial shuttle pilot, a local law enforcement agent and a chef. All passed on their skills as well their love and affection to Ras over his youth. He enjoyed spending time with each and everyone of them and continues to have a close relationship with them.

During his schooling Ras became fascinated by History. He enjoyed reading about the old Andorian Guard and conflict with the Vulcan’s, as well as all information regarding Andoria’s part in creating the Federation.

In his late teens he joined his own bondgroup, they tried many times to conceived a baby and eventually did. He has a 17 year old daughter, but due to his position in Starfleet and differences in the way she wants to live her life, they haven’t spoken for a few years but still gets regular updates from his other bondgroup.

Service Record

He graduated in the top 2% of his class at the academy excelling in Diplomacy, Tactics, piloting and hand to hand combat.

In the final year at the academy he was approached to join Starfleet Intelligence, an opportunity which he jumped at.

After Graduating Starfleet Academy, Ras was put to work on the USS Hawking as an Intelligence Officer. The Hawking’s primary mission was provide Intelligence on enemy fleet movements and report back to SI.

The Hawking saw plenty of action over the course of the war. They saw and took every opportunity which came their way from sabotage, misdirection and all our assaults on installations. Ras was involved in every covert operation the Hawking undertook. Whether it was precision planning or being part of the team that went on the mission.

After the war ended Ras was promoted to Lieutenant JG and given numerous awards and medals for his contributions in the war effort. He was reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence HQ were he worked on the logistic side of the service. The move was a personal request as he wanted to see the inner workings of Starfleet Intelligence.

For 3 years Ras served as a Logistics Officer for Starfleet Intelligence, making sure all operations received the correct equipment and on schedule so the operations or missions went ahead without any problems.

When an undercover mission to pose as a criminal in the Orion Syndicate to find out If the reports of the Syndicate and Gorn were working together, Ras jumped at the opportunity. He went in for 18 months, results on his findings were classified.

He then joined the USS Repulse as Chief Intelligence Officer. The Repulse was assigned to patrolling different areas of the Beta Quadrant. She also gathered intelligence on Romulan, Klingon and Gorn fleet movements in the area.

After 4 years on the Repulse, Ras was offered the chance to return to Starfleet Intelligence HQ as part of the Field Operations department.

In 2389, Ras was offered the newly created position of Deputy Director of Intelligence in the 8th Fleet.

After a disagreement with a high ranking Intelligence Admiral, Ras decided to leave the Intelligence community. He saw there was a position as Chief Tactical Officer aboard the USS Oracle. His work within Intelligence meant he was suitably skilled for the job.

Ras felt liberated after leaving Starfleet Intelligence. He found a new love for the uniform he wore and for his new position on board the Oracle.

Although he was feeling good about his change in direction he felt the need to seek out psychological help after what he had seen and done during his time in SI. Finding someone suitable was difficult due to the nature of his work but the Oracle's Commanding Officer, Jack Colburn, was able to pull some strings and get him a counselor with the relevant clearance so he could purge his mind.

After four years aboard the Oracle, Ras was hand picked by Horatio Refelian to serve as Christopher Pike's Chief of Security and Tactical. Although Captain Colburn was reluctant to let his Officer and good friend leave, he understood this was an opportunity that Ras couldn't pass on.

In 2397, Ras transferred to the Christopher Pike and hit the ground running. Captain Refelian was so impressed with the Andorian's work ethic and determination. He promoted him to Lieutenant Commander and gave him the chance to move into Command by making his second officer.

Again, Ras relished the challenge and made sure that the ship ran to the best of its ability but also maintained the respect of the crew.

While returning from shore leave with other officers from the Christopher Pike, their runabout came across a distress call from a Federation ship, the USS Merlin. They moved to assist the badly damaged ship.

With several senior officers including the executive officer. The Christopher Pike's officer boarded and offered what assistance they could. Ras instinctively took the role as XO and helped organise the repair efforts.

Once the ship was back at DS21, the Merlin's Captain offered Ras the opportunity to take on the executive officers role permanently. He jumped at the chance and joined Merlins crew.
Service Record 2370-2374: Starfleet Academy - Cadet
2374-2375: USS Hawking - Intelligence Officer - Ensign
2375-2378: Starfleet Intelligence - Logistic Officer - Lieutenant JG
2378-2380: Undercover mission - Lieutenant JG
2380-2389: USS Repulse - Chief Intelligence Officer - Lieutenant
2389-2393: Providence Fleet Yards - Deputy Director of Intelligence - Lieutenant
2393-2397: USS Oracle - Chief Tactical Officer - Lieutenant
2397-2401: USS Christopher Pike - Chief Tactical Officer/2XO - Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander
2401-Present: USS Merlin - Executive Officer - Lieutenant Commander