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Marine Captain Elias Walker

Name Elias James Walker

Position Company Commander

Second Position Platoon Leader

Rank Marine Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 210
Hair Color Salt and pepper
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Elias is not a physically imposing man, his physical strength is not overtly displayed through bulging muscles. He is lean and athletic looking in build. He is of average height for a human and keeps himself in good condition by strictly following his exercise plan. His hair is kept short, for a civilian or long for a service member.




Personality & Traits

General Overview Elias is cool and collected in tense situations. He tries to keep the big picture in mind when dealing with problems. A dedicated and loyal team player he can be relied on by all around him. He has a friendly disposition, unless pushed too far. He is also known as a practical joker. His jokes and humorous side surprise many because of his ‘by the book’ demeanor on duty.

Strengths & Weaknesses joining Starfleet instead of going on to higher education as the majority of his family had done before him. To a certain degree he feels that he is looked down on by his father and grandfather for not following in their steps, despite their encouragement to find his own path in life. He pushes himself harder than anyone else can and is proportionately harder on himself for his mistakes than his superiors are. He knows he cannot be perfect in the field, but does his best to be as close to it as possible

Ambitions Elias ambitions are simple. Get the job done and to get everyone home safely.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, fencing, jogging

Medical Record

Injuries 41620.2 Chest Laceration/ Training
45019.0 Broken clavicle / Combat related
51747.8 Four stab wounds / Combat related
51750.5 Numerous abrasions and contusion / POW Betazed
51791.6 Loss of right eye / POW Related (replaced)
Mental Health SD 52128.6

Brevet Lt. Col Elias Walker
Psychological Evaluation

The patient shows signs of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, due to prolonged captivity. Even though he covers it well in each session we have. Walker well recover fully with regular group session. This way the patient has a healthy and helpful way to channel his thoughts, and deal with past events.

LCDR. Ashly Fisher

Personal History Elias James Walker was born on February 2, 2345, only a stone’s throw from Tintagel Castle . His mother was a nurse at the Academy Infirmary, and his father, while having never served much as his father and grandfather before him, was a professor there. Elias grew up hearing about Starfleet, in both positive and negative connotations from his parents. While they may have worked for Starfleet, they were still civilians and would often discuss current topics and get into sometimes heated debates about them with each other as well as guests at social functions held at the family home.

 He grew up listening to these debates, debates on policy, politics, the general morals of Starfleet and the Federation. As he grew older, he began to do his own research on the nets and watch the news for himself, forming his own opinions and eventually joining in the debates. The more he debated and researched, his parents and even their friends began to take him seriously and soon welcomed him into the discussions.

Eventually, Elias realized he wanted to get the information first hand, rather than by watching the news and reading public information and archives secondhand. When he graduated high school, he announced he was joining Starfleet. Surprisingly, his parent’s supported his decision to go his own way rather than medicine or academia. However, they did ask that he give college a chance. Elias wanted to keep things civle with his family, so he attended Oxford for four years. He graduated with a degree in History and a minor in Archaeology.

It was during his at SFMC Dartmouth he found martial arts and fell in love with them. He’s distinguished in several types, both Terran and those of some other species. Growing up, his family life had trained his mind to a razor’s edge and now he worked to get his body caught up. These skills would come to literally save his life later in life, though he didn’t know that at the time.

After graduating SFMC OCS as a Marine 2nd Lieutenant, Elias was sent to Luna for zero g training for six months. From Luna it was to the USS Arctic for a initiation tour with marines as a platoon leader. Elias learned a great deal from his two year's on the Arctic and was satisfied with the experience. After the Arctic, he was sent to Starfleet Marine Corps advanced Platoon Leaders course (Promoted 1st Lieutenant). After APL Elias was certain that he was going to stick with marine infantry instead of other branches, like aviation or logistics. From APL Elias transferred to the marine enlisted training facility on Alpha Century as an instructor.

Elias spent several years training, teaching, Instructing in the most basic aspects of marine life. It made Elias feel as if he was never going to receive a transfer back to a fleet posting. Then the Dominion War started. Elias was transferred to the USS Agamemnon as Marine XO to his surprise (Promoted Marine Captain). The ship and marines saw several close combat situation and missions. On one mission the Agamemnon was boarded and the Marine CO was killed. Elias by default become the MCO (Promoted Major).

It was at that time Starfleet was spread thin though out the Federation. Command had started to post larger numbers of Marines and Starfleet Security on federation worlds. The Agamemnon and the USS Kyoto were sent to Betazed for just that reason. Both marine units were transferred to the planet. Elias was promoted to the rank of Brevet Lt.Colonel and given command of the newly formed unit 10th Marine Expeditionary Unit.(Battalion size) Needless to say when the Dominion invaded, The numbers that the Federation had were not enough. Most of the 10th MEU was wiped out. Elias and several others were taken captive as POW's until the planet was liberated.

At the end of the war Elias left Active duty for a time. He was gone for a year. When he went to Marine Command in California, He re-entered at a much lower rank of 1st Lieutenant. After that, he shipped off to attend marine command school. He felt like he was dreaming most of the time. The haze of war haven't left him yet. Like most that had seen combat it was going to take time to come to terms with it all. At the end Elias served on several other ships in the fleet, finally finding his way to the Merlin.