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Lieutenant Commander Nadia Kovac

Name Nadia Alica Kovac

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 130 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Nadia’s physical prowess is immediately noticeable yet her beauty draws stares. Because she is so beautiful and physically capable, people are often very intimidated by her and, as a result, she’s rarely able to truly blend in to her environment. Stunning, curvaceous, and radiant, she possesses an appearance that stays in the minds of most people she meets, leaving a lasting impression. She stands 5 feet, 9 inches, which ensures that she’s about as tall as most of the people around her. Her brown eyes seem to hide mysteries and hold all of the hard determination she projects. Her brown hair is always kept in a neat and simple ponytail or pinned closer to her head to have it out of the way. Her voice is sultry but commanding.


Father Adrijan Kovac
Mother Ana Kovac
Brother(s) Adrijan II, Sergei, Igor

Personality & Traits

General Overview The first thing someone notices about Nadia is her beautiful appearance; the second thing is her sharp attitude and unrelenting determination. A social butterfly as well as a strong-willed crusader, Nadiai is exactly what her life has made her. She has climbed from a crime-ridden upbringing to a life that upholds justice. She knows how to have fun, but she also knows how to work; everything she has, she has had to work for.

Men who are drawn in by her good looks and gentle face are often surprised to see what a cold and calloused person Nadiai can be. She often hides behind her professionalism and aggression, a quality she would call "strength". She is prone to making snap judgments about the world based on her ideals and often demands that those around her acquiesce to those expectations.

Despite all of her pain and the insistence that she is "strong", she is an intensely caring and a dedicated defender of those she cares for. Even though she's hard to deal with at times, she loves deeply and is extremely sensitive to those around her and considers herself a supporter and provider.
Strengths & Weaknesses [+] Strong Sense of Duty
[+] Intelligent
[+] A Fighter
[+] Very Loyal
[+] Highly Social
[+] Very Protective

[-] Harsh
[-] Bad Temper
[-] Stubborn
Ambitions Nadia would say that she is living her dream now. She likes the idea of getting more metal on her collar, but is really only focused on doing her duty where she is.
Hobbies & Interests Nadia was raised on Tiron, so its no surprise that her main hobbies are drinking, smoking, playing cards, and hanging with the boys, but because of her tension regarding her roots, she settles, instead, for spending her time on her treadmill and working. Extroverted to the extreme in many ways, Nadia is most energized and happy when she is around others. Simply meeting new friends and being around loved ones is entertainment enough most of the time.

Medical Record

Personal History Nadia was born on Tiron Prime to a large family. Her home world was one of the many colonies along the Cardassian neutral zone, so she had a long history of recognizing conflict. Her father, Adrijan was a professional criminal who controlled a fierce illegal smuggling operation as well as several "protection" operations that gave their last name a notorious and aggressive connotation; "Kovac" became a household name that brought fear and respect. He taught his three sons how to fight and how to behave like a Tironites, and his daughter was no exception to the rules. Under the hand of their fearsome and strong-willed father and his gang of professional thugs, they grew up fast and they grew up mean. Their mother was a tough-skinned former bartender who was much better at mixing a drink than being a mother, so that served as the substitute. The family, despite local drinking laws, often drank together in pubs where drinking ages weren't recognized. Nadia was a smart girl, and as a result of her family's training, her wit only managed to be a little quicker than her smart mouth.

She behaved in school for fear of the consequences that would result from her getting in trouble when she got home. Unlike her brothers, she developed a unique sort of discipline and a tremendous amount of self-control considering her origins. She was also outstandingly beautiful, giving her brothers a good reason to beat boys up when she went to school. Nadia was a fighter and she'd always been one, so it was no surprise to her friends and family when she'd decided that she wanted to join the Starfleet Marine Corp. Her family noted how unlikely it was that someone from Tiron could get a commission easily, but Nadia disagrees and was annoyed at them for putting such limits on her.

Fortunately, her family was wrong and she was accepted to the Marine War College. Bright-eyed and hopeful, and more than a little cocky, young Cadet Nadia Kovak walked the halls of the College like she owned the place. Indeed, her upbringing taught her nothing if not how to take charge.Her ability as an officer was deniable though, because she seemed to have a particular lack of scruples and a very stubborn demeanor. Her drill instructors quickly shouted that out of her, though it took time. She made more friends than she’d realized and more enemies than she’d like to admit in many places. Those who liked her found her charming, witty, smart, sexy, and confident, while those who disliked her found her arrogant, rude, and impatient. She thrived nonetheless.

During the summer after her third year, Nadia served as a Company CO aboard the Academy-run USS Ranger. This was a fantastic opportunity for her to show those who had entrusted her with this position of authority that she could behave as an effective officer. She had been asked, though there were those with better grades, because of the leadership she demonstrated with her peers. Many of those ambitious young students were not happy at her selection because they found her too aggressive and impulsive; the instructors disagreed. She demonstrated impressive leadership abilities and prowess with a phaser-rifle. Many of the people who were "on her back" as it were, began to lay off.

Nadia graduated the academy near the middle of her class but with stellar recommendations, having been Captain of the college fire team "War Party" and the dance team. She received specialties in Logistics Management and hand-to-hand combat.

Full of feelings of achievement, 2nd Lieutenant Kovac entered service on Terris Prime with the 4th Marines, Special Operations Unit as a Rifleman. She was selected for this very rare opportunity on the recommendation of her college instructors. When she first joined, she didn't make very many friends as she was very confident and let it show, but her first assignment brought with it some humiliation and the beginning of a bond with her fellow marines that brought her ego down a bit. She soon grew close to the people around her and proved to be an exciting social center for her brothers in arms. She took an interest in piloting and driving, so she decided to pursue further study in piloting tanks, space-based, and assault amphibious vehicles.

At the start of a local conflict between two warring independent worlds, Nadia was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and selected to be the new Leader of her Special Ops Team on loan to help the mediating Federation General. She didn’t feel ready at this point to lead at this level, but she quickly adjusted. Over the span of the war, her Team saw alot of action and she effectively led them through a number of tough scrapes.

1st Lieutenant Kovac was assigned as the acting Aide-de-Camp to the Commander of the Home Regiment stationed on Earth, much to her displeasure. It was a cushy position and certainly signalled that she was well considered, but she regretted that she would have to leave her team. She resisted as much as she could in vain and took the latest transport possible to Earth, a planet she’ never visited. Her boss would have liked to make it a long-term position, but Nadia knew that she had the experience to be something greater-still and eventually accepted an offer she couldn't refuse as the Marine CO Aboard Starfleet One which came with another promotion to Captain. In this capacity, she and her men had the President's life in their hands.

After two years aboard Starfleet One, Nadia was reassigned to Deep Space 7 Battalion XO.offer she couldn't refuse as the Marine CO Aboard Starfleet One. In this capacity, she and her men had the President's life in their hands.

After two years aboard Starfleet One, Nadia was transferred into the Fleet Command program in an officer exchange. This transfer came with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander and assignment as XO aboard the USS Merlin.
(Logistics & Hand-to-Hand Combat)
-Company CO, USS Ranger Academy Program

+2nd Lt.
-Rifleman, SOU, 4th Marines
+1st Lt.
--Team Leader, SOU, 4th Marines

-Aide-de-Camp to Regiment Commander

-Marine Detachment CO

+Lt. Cmdr.