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Lieutenant JG Zitla

Name Zitla

Position Assistant Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bolian
Age 23
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description A woman of unusual beauty, Zitla is tall and slender, a contrast to the typically stocky appearance of the male of the species. Her skin is uniformly blue and undistinguished by any striping.

Her only unusual characteristic are her bright blue eyes that reflect the cobalt blood beneath her skin. This trait, which she shares with her four birth sisters is thought to be the result of an environmental quirk that came about due to them being conceived and born on Earth.


Father Lix
Mother Einl
Brother(s) Twins: Dallu, Pasu
Single: Aex (via Einl's co husband)
Sister(s) Same birth: Sexxa, Reta, Kensa, Risla
Other Family Other Family – various other siblings via the father’s co-wife, assorted aunts, uncles and cousins.

Personality & Traits

General Overview ZItla is a confident and outgoing woman - she loves to be around people. Her manner is often informal and can be mistaken as flippant, though that is just the result of being part of an exceptionally extensive family structure. Despite such misconceptions she does respect those ranked above and below her, she would consider it a personal injury if anyone was hurt by her manner.
Zitla is talkative, even for a Bolian. She hasa variety of opinions on just about everything and from time to time she can be overbearing, particularly with more introspective people. Even so she will go out of her way to make people comfortableand to apologise if she feels (after the event) that anyone has been offended - possibly compounding the situation.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Gregarious
+ Team player
+ Honest and open, loyal
+ A selfless volunteer

- Pedantic
- Confident to the point of occasional arrogance
- Exceptionally talkative - tends to often speak before thinking
- Prone to excessive feelings of guilt if she feels he has been selfish
Hobbies & Interests Zitla has an affinity for the water and hones her svelte physique through swimming on the holodeck, and by dipping into any real body of water she can find.

Medical Record

Personal History Zitla was the first of a set of quintuplets born to Lix and Einl in 2370. As prime figures on the board of the Bank of Bolius they were located on Earth to conduct exchange negotiations on behalf of the Federation.

They were recalled to the Bolarus sector in 2374 as part of the Strategic ‘Bolian Operation’ to manage ongoing negotiations with the Ferengi. Though the Dominion threatened from occupied Benzar it was considered a safer bet and after so many years away the lure of being reunited with their other children and family was strong. The return came none too soon, as Lix later reflected – just a year later the apartment they had occupied was destroyed in the Breen assault on Earth.

Of all her many siblings Zitla is closest to her birth sisters, a result of them being born away from the wider family. That said, when they returned to Bolarus in 2374 Zitla was the leader of a curious questioning team of four year olds who quickly integrated into the wider family (though that bond formed in the first years was never broken).

Oblivious to the wider turmoil at the time, the first thing that struck four year old Zitla was how similar Earth and Bolarus looked, though to her delight there was more water. A few months later when the stormy season came in she realised that in her new home the weather was less temperate and more extreme. It was this early curiosity about the environment that led her to study the sciences.

Life in the body of the family was loud, fun and happy. The myriad of children, aunts, uncles and co-parents that occupied the floating homestead where a constant whirl and there was every opportunity for Zitla to plunge into the ocean at will. That’s not to say that all was harmonious – with so many people, even among Bolians there was the occasional disagreement but for the most part she was able to study, learn and have fun.

It was when she was fourteen that Zitla decided that she wanted to join Starfleet. She studied the options open to her, from the University of Bolius through to the Vulcan Academy, she consulted scientists in the field and Starship captains and through a detailed analysis came to her conclusion.

Zitla remains immensely grateful that she was accepted on her first application, and despite being younger than most of the cadets – growing up in such a close knit community has left her mature beyond her years and this must have shown during the interview process at the reply was a resounding YES!

Though she was sad to leave her family behind Zitla recognised that she was about to become part of a new family of her own making, one that would allow her to explore the quadrants and expand her knowledge of a multitude of worlds. She knew also that her birth family would always be there no matter how far she travelled. Therefore it was with a mix of trepidation and excitement that she left Bolarus to attend Starfleet Academy at the age of sixteen.

The young Bolian was quick to integrate with the other cadets, quick to join the swimming team and quick to make a name for herself in her studies. If any of her tutors had started with any qualms about her they were soon forgotten and at the other end a cadet, well liked by both students and staff alike emerged.

At the end of her fourth year at the Academy Zitla embarked on her cadet cruise. She was thrilled to get that assignment – the USS Vienna were conducting ground surveys on a colonisation project on a planet that had displayed some unusual tectonic activity.

After completing her first posting which saw her promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG and assistant Chief Science Officer Zitla took a well earned trip to Bolarus to catch up with her family. While she was there she heard that the USS Merlin was in need of an assistant chief of science and would soon be heading into unexplored territory – it was an opportunity she just could not resist.
Service Record Starfleet Academy 2386 – 2390
Major – Geology, Biochemistry
Electives – Physics, Astrophysics, Sub Space Mechanics, Chemistry.

Cadet Cruise USS Vienna 2390- 2391
2390 Cdt 1st Class promoted to Acting Ensign

First Assignment USS Hyperion 2391 - 2393
2391 Science Officer Ensign
2391 Assistant CSO Lt JG

Second Assignment USS Merlin 2393 - Present
2393 Assistant CSO