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Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix

Name Save'ena (Sav) Amilia Tillatix

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Mephetian
Age 24
Starfleet ID


Physical Appearance

Height 5 Feet, 6 Inches Tall, tail comes up behind her and curves at ear height
Weight 148 lbs (136 without tail, 1.1 G world) (Would be 133.2 lbs (122.4 lbs without tail) on 1 G world)
Hair Color White with grey and silver streaks, full bodied and trimmed to small of back.
Eye Color Light Green
Physical Description Physique/Build/Frame: Medium Build, Feminine Form

Measurements: 34.5, 25, 36 (C cup if you need to know)

Furr color: She is a rare reverse color Mephetian. Her main fur coloration is white while her muzzle from the sides of the nose, rounding the cheeks, and down the front of the neck is grey. Her chest, abdomen, between the legs going to the base of the tail is grey. Her torso sides and back are white. Arms are white until forearms, then forearms and hands are grey. Her sides, upper legs, and knees are white. From upper calves to feet are grey. Her back is white with two black stripes going from her neck and down her back. Her tail is reversed color as the entire tail is white with two black stripes that continue from her back and tail base that move out dividing the tail into thirds, then the two black stripes move in to form a point at the end of the upper side of the tail. The area around her eyes are white, with grey eyelids. Her upper muzzle is grey with that grey becoming a stripe that goes from her upper muzzle, between her eyes, along her scalp, to form into the two darker grey/black stripes along her back.

Birthmark: She has a natural white/silver diamond birthmark on her forehead in the grey stripe between her eyes.

Special: Forest Dweller, Sharp retractable claws on hands and feet, nails are claws, main slash claw in thumb base, main slash claw in heel, nasty bite, sharp teeth (Like needles) Her tail has special glands to create masking scents and masking fields to help protect against the nasty, large predators on the Mephetian homeworld. The tail normally doesn't interfere with readings and the like unless Sav feels threatened. The tail also has organs for creating a light healing field for helping those in the Mephetian's care. A Mephetian's tail is considered one of the most luxurious among the known races. Her friendship marking glands are behind her whiskers along her muzzle, where on many a Felinoid Race, those glands are above the eyes in the eyebrows.


Spouse Single
Children Hopefully in the future
Father Harshran Tillatix
Mother Koreanna Tillatix
Brother(s) Older Brother - Veador, Younger Brother - Estian
Sister(s) Younger Sister - Kendra

Personality & Traits

General Overview She enjoys going out, hearing a good joke, sharing a beer or shot, and light flirting, both male and female. She is still learning about the Federation about her, and now can, thanks to recent events allowing her to take control back over her life again, mostly. She is still naive of most interactive social events, but still has first hand knowledge about the seedier side of people's interaction and is wary of anything that would prelude to such. She is more accepting of drinks without being seen if from known people, but is still very guarded and will not accept if not from a known individual. She has an instinctual need to help others, is kind and loving, but guarded in letting someone get too close until that respect and loving is returned to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Sav is a prodigy when it comes to Piloting, Spatial Awareness, and Astrogation. Her schooling was in advanced courses as soon as they were allowed for her age, and her attitudes towards new things to learn sometimes can borderline on almost demeaning to others, except she does not mean to. To her, learning is fun and she picks up skills and class work with ease.

Weaknesses: However, her naivety and wanting to try new things worked to her detriment in college. In the past, she was almost killed during an 'accident' involving Aristocrats and Federation Representatives of Apollonia, affecting her Mentally besides the physical trauma. In Starfleet Academy, this mental trauma rose to the fore during a freshmen outing that was for less than ethical reasons. She has personal phobia's of Doctors, Counselors, Admirals, Aristocrats, and Diplomats due to what has occurred to her. She trudged through it, keeping duty first and foremost in her mind. Her body had been weakened due to the toluene poisoning and the internal mesh being tied off in a way to not allow natural movement and causing further trauma from high G maneuvers and body movements past light duty status.

Fortunately, recent events on board the Merlin and the tenacious personality of the Ship's doctor forced a true reading of Sav's vitals which allowed the Mesh to be discovered and removed, as well as the five psychic implants removed after havign been imprinted on Apollonia to protect those in power. Sav still has a long road to recovery, but now has been given that chance and she welcomes it.

Personality and Convictions:

What has kept her going and working towards recovery of her physical and mental Trauma is her basic core self beliefs of Creator, Family, and a sentient's self worth. She will enjoy going out, hearing a good joke, sharing a beer or shot, and light flirting. She has not experienced a lot of life lessons as of yet and so is still naive. She poured herself into her studies and love of piloting her companions (Starships, Fighters, Runabouts, etc) because of her past two traumas. She is doing better as she recovers and receives counseling and earns friendships. She loves outfits that show off her feminine wilds, yet are covering and not inviting of trouble. However, while seeming open and flirty with others, she remains somewhat guarded as she learns how to read others and grows in understanding that most sentients are not like those she encountered on Apollonia and the special Clique Groups in StarFleet Academy.

She still has an aversion and pessimistic attitude towards politicians and aristocrats, given what occurred. Diplomats fall into this same category as it was several Diplomats who were involved in the original Mr. Thompson case, as well as for some of the Seniors during the Freshman outing event. Because of what happened at the Medical institute, and the academy, Counselors, Doctors, and Admirals fall into this category by a lesser extent. Due to these events, and having limited experience dating, she tends to take effrontery to any males who press and try for more with her than she feels she is ready for, and has a distrust of others offering her something she desires without an obvious ulterior motive, making it hard for her to make close friends. An acquaintance is easy, a friend is very, very hard to come by. However, thanks to the removal of the Counselor Imprints, she is once more learning to be trustful of those she is afraid of, but it will take time.

Physical Strengths and Weaknesses:

Physique: Sav is a typical Mephetian female who keeps in shape. She is similar to a Terran in that regard for strength, weight, etc. Her being from a 1.1 g race as well as born and raised on a 1.1 g world has her mass being 10% more than typical for her size, with her strength being a little stronger for being from such an environment. Of course, she is also different form a Terran in that she has a tail with bushy hair, a muzzle, fur over her body, and retractable claws. As she is of a Tree dwelling race, her tail is for balance and running through the 'tree roads', and she has extra muscle groupings for balance, leaping, and climbing.

Strength and Stamina: She can dead-lift 100 pounds and move about 65 pounds around. If more than 65 pounds, she will ask for help. She can run for a while, but is not a long distance runner. She does practice martial arts for her exercise and protect herself, but her love is for flying and personal equipment. Could a security person take her down? Hell yes. While she practices, she is NOT a trained security person or a Champion Martial Artist., and she is not into body building. Could she take out a would be mugger? More than likely, but depends upon the situation and who she is facing. (Of course, if for a story or plot twist, she could be captured/etc.)

Health: Sav's body has a quicker healing ability than a standard Terran/Mephit. She recovers from sickness in 2/3rds the time, mostly does not get colds, and very rarely gets the flu. She ages normally, but her looks are younger than her age, as well as medical scans show this younger age. There are notes in her files about needing 50% more dosage for anesthesia related drugs as well as 2x the frequency given, and that her body throws off medications in 2/3rds the time. While it is a good thing she remains rather healthy, it can border on detriment when beneficial medication is needed, especially during a rationed crises.


Telekinesis and Telepathy: As with all Mephetian Races in the L'Tandrey Protectorate, Sav has minor telekinetics and telepathy. She can create three telekinetic ‘tentacles’ that reach out to 3 meters and can carry up to 7 kg each. She uses them to help in her piloting and repair skills. Her telepathy is also just a range of 3 meters, but she needs to be contacted to use them. She has a natural high strength mind shields and needs a known contact psi auric signature to allow telepathy to get through them. She mainly uses her Telepathy for Psi Device interfacing as well as on L'Tandrey ships in communicating with the Psionic A.I.s always found on board such ships. If a telepath has longer range, and is known to Sav, as long as that telepath initiates the contact, their range would be that telepath's range.

Cyberpathy: Part of her being a prodigy with piloting is that she has a natural machine empathy, allowing her to feel out and understand the equipment she is using, including base level communications with computers. She uses this ability to her advantage in piloting ships and performing personal equipment and technical repairs on damage control teams. She greatly enjoys piloting and performing 'risky' and high speed maneuvers as she can 'sense' and react through ships sensors and gather information more quickly than the computer interfacing would normally allow. Her ability also allows her to feel the stresses upon the ship she is piloting and to understand how much she can press without breaking, which allows her to feel great joy in performing maneuvers when allowed free reign at the helm.

Spatial Awareness: While not a psionic discipline, this is still a special ability. She has a natural spatial awareness sense, and coupled with her cyberapathy, she can quickly 'see' within her mind's eye the best course paths to take when piloting. She will follow her 'golden thread' as she sees it for the best advantage for her 'companion', the ship she is merged with. She also sees silver paths, and knows when nothing is available, but how to get somewhere to open up what can be available. Calculations for spatial theory mathematics comes naturally to her and she can perform them within her mind easily.

Ambitions Saveena loves flying with her companions, the starships, no matter their size. She would like a chance to fly several of the various Starfleet Starships, and in the future, make it to a second officer if possible. However, family is always first, so she hopes to meet someone who values family and will take her despite what happened to her in college to marry and work towards having kitlings. As she knows about L'Tandrey society and their family structure of many females to one male, besides Mephetians families having up to three wives for one male, she would not mind being married into a family of one male to several females, preferred two to three.

Hobbies & Interests Besides her pursuit of piloting various starcraft, including shuttles and fighters besides larger starships, Saveena loves dancing and has taken schooling in hiphop, rock, and tap. She loves practicing her races style of Martial arts, which is similar to Weng Chung Kung Fu of Terra. She can sing and play the synthegutiar, very well, and practices upgrading and repairing her personal equipment.

Medical Record

Injuries Medical Record
63444.12 Date: 2387.08.21 Starfleet Strom Thurman Advanced Research Medical Facility Report: Private Shipyard Accident - transferred to Facility due to Federation Councilman involvement - Patient treated for deep punctures, lacerations and physical trauma to the pelvic region and abdominal organs, small puncture to right upper thigh femoral artery. Sytheduralex weave inserted for organ stability and healing, prognosis 2 to 6 years until dissolved.
ADDENDUM: A - Due to physical characteristics of Mephetian, might never dissolve, Head Surgeon Commander Diljion Moreau
ADDENDUM: B - Patient Disagreed with Court Findings, Complaint lodged, transferred to Counseling Division
63536.8 Date: 2387.09.14 Strom Thurman Advanced Research Medical Facility Psychiatric Division: Patient treated for Emotional and Psychological Trauma - Ten counselors, five deep Psi involved due to deep seated fantasy involving Thompson Estate and Esteemed Councilman Eurytlus.
63726.34 Date: 2387.11.28 Psychiatric Division - Patient released under own care, complaint withdrawn, all court proceedings now sealed.
65324.54 Date: 2389.08.25 Academy Cadet - Medical evaluation passed, addendum added to Starfleet Medical Record.
WARNING NOTE: (Med Tech Chris Setterton) Cadet was given BioChip for Biobeds to adjust for her race. Be sure and use that chip, or very unusual readings occur.
ADDENDUM: *Classified, Starfleet Council Matter - To be opened only in the advent of harm to ship and crew by listed individual. Admiral Access Or Higher Only, signed Apollonia Envoy, Federation Councilman Diostos Eurytlus (Zibalian)*
65345.49 Date: 2389.09.02 1830 hours - Starfleet Academy Hospital - Treated for Dehydration and Emotional Trauma.
65349.52 Date: 2389.09.04 Starfleet Medical Leave Assigned - On Academy Probational Status
238909.29 Starfleet Academy - Official Reprimand for physical assault to other Cadets, assigned Anger Management Class and Self Control Class
298910.02 Starfleet Academy - Counseling Started for required Classes.
238912.14 Starfleet Academy - Probational status dropped, reprimand assigned classes passed.
239404.05 Starbase 306 - In Depth Physical showed Tuolene Poisoning and a Cadaver Mesh with Nylon within Lt. Tillatix. Lymphatic functioning at this time was 18%, near death. She was rushed into emergency surgery. Mesh had been tied off in a way to cause maximum pain and continued damage to internal organs. Mesh, left Kidney and left Ovary removed. Transporter transponder found in long term memory area of brain, it was removed. Lymphatic system flushing begun. Surgery lasted 12 hours. Lymphatic functioning at 28%. Need above 50% for next surgery.
239404.08 Starbase 306 - Lymphatic functioning at 54%. Kidney insertion performed, first set of reproductive reconstructive surgeries performed.
239404.10 Starbase 306 - Lymphatic functioning at 76%. Ovary insertion performed, second set of reproductive reconstructive surgeries performed.
239404.18 Starbase 306 - Counseling - discovered physic imprint overlays within Lt. Tillatix memories. Removal scheduled
239404.19 Starbase 306 - Counseling - Counselor Dasoda Azai, special psychic trauma expert, found and removed five imprints. Tillatix has native psi ability and was able to retainfull memories of what happened to her. During the removal of the imprints, Tillatix had to relive being in a sex slave training dungeon and almost dying by being taken by the person who bought her for her life, virginity, and pelt. PSTD Trauma counseling recommended.

Mental Health Counselor's Notes - Terran Date 238711.28

Civilian Saveena A Tillatix was treated at the Starfleet Facility for a traumatic accident at a nearby well regarded Aristocrat Sir Knight Michael A. Thompson. Normally, any such accidents are treated at the main hospital, but Sir Thompson was being visited by Esteemed Federation Councilman Diostros. It was Councilman Diostros who discovered the young girl in the wreckage below Sir Thompsons private spaceyacht, and so he made sure she was transferred here to our facilities.

As Councilman Diostros was the first to find Miss Tillatix, and during her hospital care, there was a hideous scandal brewing in the media, brought on by supposed findings of the Star Marshals of the Interstellar Police Agency. The young lady somehow had latched onto the scandal during her extensive and painful surgeries. The courts got us the official findings documents of the accident and we settled into helping the young lady through her fantasies and to embrace reality.

The final session showed she was rooted back to reality with no inkling of her fantasies showing. Councilman Diostros brought in his own private Trauma Triage Counselor to assess and confer. After three days, he was satisfied and signed off on her health. I would have loved to have been there to see what type of testing, and why for three days, but the Councilman has his privileges.

The young lady needs watched, and should attend more counseling as such a traumatic event of almost dying from being impaled onto starship debris can cause PSTD and other maladies. However, all indications at this time are marked improvement and she is being released onto her own recognizance.

Captain Drensek Turstinaze
Head Counselor
Starfleet Strom Thurman Advanced Research Medical Facility

Counselor's Notes - Terran Date 238910.02

Freshman Cadet Saveena A. Tillatix was on a weekend excursion with other freshmen being sponsored by Senior Classmen. Admiral Krenshen had approved. She assaulted three senior classmen, leaving deep cuts upon them before running off in the woods. She was found, dehydrated, and emotionally distraught. Her story of waking up being bound and she had to escape did not match the story of the Seniors, while the freshmen were not awake to see what happened.

Thus, Cadet Tillatix was ordered in for counseling and discovering why she had made up such a ridiculous story and thought she could get away from it. In her initial counseling, while she seemed to genuinely believe what she was saying, it was detected by counselors she was hiding something else, but would never say what. Thus, with the notes from previous counseling that occurred back on Apollonia, we had to assume she had went into fantasy again. Counseling agrees with Tribunal assessment that Cadet Tillatix needs Anger Management and Self Control classes to protect other Cadets, or be expelled from the Academy. I will monitor her during and perform a final evaluation on her at the end of those classes.

Commander Erik Trouyian
Freshman Class Counselor
Starfleet Acadamy

Counselor's Notes - Terran Date 238912.14

Freshman Cadet Saveena A. Tillatix has completed the assigned classes. She has handed over the requested essays and summaries and they have all passed psych eval testing. She has finally admitted that events could have occurred as they happened as the freshmen classmen were all waking up from hangovers from too much to drink.

On the anger management and self control, a valid test, for which I apologized later for, was to have a civilian come in and taunt her in the waiting room, and to slap her. She did not show anger and her rather sharp climbing claws never left their sheaths in her hands or feet. This was monitored by Lt. Rebecca Stilstein at reception.

While she has passed, and she is showing remarkable improvement, I would still recommend watching her for any other signs of emotional distress, or any signs of this vivid imagination to reality she has a perchance for. However, I would say that a stint in the Academy and Starfleet will do her good on that score.

Commander Erik Trouyian
Freshman Class Counselor
Starfleet Acadamy

NOTE: She does seem to have some trepidation about those in positions of high power, such as Admiralty, Aristocrats, and Dignitaries. She seems to have some fear of me, but that is very likely due to that her staying at the Academy rests within what my reports say.

Counselor's Notes - Terran Date 239301.21

Cadet Saveena A. Tillatix has completed her Cadet Cruise on board the USS Astar to great aplomb. She is a very capable Helmsman and Pilot as shown by her being at the helm to rescue the fleet repair dock freighter stuck in that asteroid field. Her joy and love of flying can be seen when she is at the helm of whatever assignment she is given.

When away from the helm, she was outstanding in following her duties, performing critical tasks with utmost care, and volunteering for tasks to allow others off duty time. However, that is one area of concern about her for me. She was too much into her duties, as though she did not want to have any down time. On the couple of times I noticed her at mandatory ship parties, she seemed subdued, seeming to desire more to stare out into the bypassing stars than interacting with others in an off duty manner.

But, there is no evidence of this being a drawback for her. She did make a couple of friends, and many others, even acquaintances, relied heavily upon her for her help with them. Still, she warily watched the bartender, and I noticed her pouring drinks away. She would dance, but would always seem to be in pain in high energy ones, while never engaging in slow dances. Still, she never came by for counseling, and, nothing she did would show she needed it except for maybe something happening a while back, which she seems to have a handle on.

Thus, it is with high recommendations I approve of her graduating StarFleet Academy, and with an advance rank of Lt. j.g. as recommended by the Captain.

Lt. Mikol Lorstanix
Head Counselor
USS Astar

Psych Profile Addendum - Recorded notes by Lt. Mikol Lorstanix

M'Katerina from Academy, Sav's roommate, noted extreme nightmares from time to time, resulting in shredded linnens. But, Sav never approached Counseling to deal with them. Roommate Cadet Patricia Allistan on Astar did not notice this, but, they had different shifts, as both desired.

Fear of Dignitaries, Admirals, Doctors, and Counselors - Nothing outright to show, but Sav always seems to manage to stay out of the way of any visiting dignitaries, Admiralty, and Aristocrats. None of my counseling crew has seen her except for her incoming and outgoing paperwork, and her initial boarding medical exam was done on third shift with a Med Tech. Need to keep this in mind.

Off duty dozing, keeping to herself, and pain pills - Nothing outright to show, but crew has, here and there, caught her dozing in odd places when off duty. She has been seen taking general available pain pills, at unusual times, but always when not on duty. While her friends can say they had a blast at the parties and off duty times, they mainly remember Sav helping them after, getting them to bed, stepping in to help calm down a ruckus. All report seeing Sav in pain once in a while, but she always plays it down. Nothing showing above board, but something is going on. Keep an eye on her. She is an asset to any crew, but something is not right with her personaly, even though it doesn't affect her duty in the slightest.

Counselor's Notes - Terran Date 239404.20

Lieutenant Save'ena Amillia Tillatix has survived the unthinkable done to her by the darkest of underground secret societies and the subsequent cover up as it involved the powerful who needed to sweep this under the rug, as the saying goes. She is now on a path to recovery, instead of a path to death. The Chief Doctor of the USS Merlin brought in an expert on Mephetian physiology and performed a proper scan of Sav. They rescued her just months from death, a testament to her will and her body to keep her alive this long. She had been given a chip to give to doctors that hid what was inside of her in the hopes she would eventually die, as she almost did, if it hadn't been for the tenaciousness of her fellow crewmates.

Save'ena had to have several surgeries to correct what had been done to her. She had been torn up inside through a sex act, then implanted with a cadaver mesh doped with a Tuolene glue. She was not to live. As it was, she had extensive scar tissue needing repaired, a new left kidney and ovary implanted with the old ones removed, as well as reconstructive surgery to repair the reproductive damage, besides the mesh being removed and the tuolene poisoning getting flushed from her body. There was even a transporter beacon implanted into her long term memory area, however, it was never found and used thanks to Sav being a Mephetian and some of the fields her tail produces to hide a Mephetian from home world Predators.

However, as extensive as the physical trauma was, the mental trauma is more so. She had been implanted with five psychic overlays that were meant to erase what had been done to her and to force her to accept the white wash version that those in power had perpetrated upon the public for what happened. Not only that, she has actually lived in an orion sex trade dungeon, living there four months while those involved worked on brainwashing her to become just that, a living embodiment of a sex slave for her eventual owner. However, as I went through her memories with her to get rid of those psychic overlays, I found out her eventual 'owner' bought her for her virginity, life, and pelt. She was to be his bedspread. He... he... deliberately wore accroutaments to tear up and bleed out his victim so he could watch the life leave her eyes before claiming his prize. Fortunately, she was rescued before that occurred, unfortunately, the powers that be on Apollonia got ahold of her for their damage control, and what happened, well, I have already stated.

Save'ena lived with this for six years.. six years of pure evil for her. In my last session with her, she is doing so much better, now that those imprints are removed and she can talk without them forcing their whitewash story over her. Her races instictual need to help others, her being raised in a core family with morals to a Creator, and her duty for her position and ship had kept her going till now, and it will be what helps keep her going from now. However, now she has a chance to work through what happened and get a life for herself. Her body will be fully healed in a year, but her mind will take a much longer time. She may never mentally fully heal, but I foresee when she can finally date, marry, and have children of her own, with only hauntings of the past.

Save'ena still needs counseling, and PSTD protocols. But, I fully release her for duty as that duty is part of what will allow her to continue to heal. She needs involved with others, to continue to be a part of a crew, a family, a home. Now, she can realize those needs and become even more that who she is now.

Lt. Cmdr Dasoda Azai
Traumatic Psi Specialist
Starbase 306

Personal History Childhood: Saveena (Sav) Amilia Tillatix was born to a Nuclear Family of Mephits. (Nuclear Family - Father (works away from home), Mother (works at home), 3 siblings (1 older brother, 1 younger brother, 1 younger sister). Her father is Harshran Tillatix, who works for the StarPort, while her mother is Koreanna Tillatix, who writes romance books besides being a full time Mom. Sav showed exceptional learning ability just after 6 months of age, over a year and a half before other mephit youths. She was placed into advanced learning classes in grade school and high school.

Grade School: During grade school, her abilities in telepathy and telekinetics were tested to find her limits. She is more limited than most Mephits in both, and part of the limits to telepathy were due to naturally high mental shields to telepaths. It was not known why her telekinetics were limited as they were until later in high school.

High School: During high school it was discovered she was empathetic with devices and machines when she would climb into personal craft and could immediately start flying/driving them as well as semi-pro drivers. An L'Tandrey Healer sensed with her during an excursion to find out what Sav was sensing and experiencing. Her limits to her Telepathy and Telekinesis are due to her unique ability of Cyberapathy, that ability incorporating those two abilities plus a special empathy for machines.

To help round out her social life as she was always involved in study, her mother enrolled her in dance and music classes. Sav took hiphop, modern rock, and tap for dancing styles, as well as the synthetuar for a musical instrument.

With her so involved in advanced classes, she was already in college by her 15th year. She kept up her dancing and music, besides pleading, begging, and getting hired here and there to fly port ships and racing hovercraft. Even though in college, she managed to have high school boyfriends and was able to continue to pass mental evals.

College: During the summer between her second and third year of college, for which she was already a senior, even though 17, she was approached by a representative of one Mr. Michael Andrew Thompson. Mr. Thompson would love to have the young lady out at his private island for a private party with other young ladies as well as a couple other aristocrats and Federation Reps for the planet. As Sav was not into partying she refused this, but as they talked and he learned she loved to pilot, he offered her a summer job to fly Mr. Thompson's private Starship Yacht. Sav readily accepted. Money for college and extracurricular activities, and flying a wealthy citizen’s yacht, was a dream come true.

Traumatic 'Accident': However, on the island, as she was going over the paperwork and accepting a drink with Mr. Thompson (A Canine) and Mistress Elizabeth (A large Caitain), she went unconscious due to the mickey they put into her drink. She woke up in a dungeon to be subdued and trained for the sex slave business ran out of Mr. Thompsons Estate. She was there over the summer. At the end of the summer, still defiant, she was knocked out again and woke up being strapped upright into a bondage system.

Waking up, Sav was told she was sold to the highest bidder for her beautiful 'pelt' and chastity, and the Fed Rep came in to take possesion of his 'property'. The Fed Rep used enhancements to make sure to tear up his victim's insides to add to their mental trauma at knowing there was no surviving as he took everything from them. To add to this torture, he had a tube tied into her femoral artery and tied up by her ear so that they both would be covered in spurts of blood as he had his way. Fortunatly for Sav, the Civilian Police Force was being directed by an IPA Marshall to raid Mr. Thompson's estate and they rescued her during his 'taking' of her right before the last of her blood was drained from her body.

As Sav was prepped for Surgery at the local hospital, the Fed Rep pulled some strings and got her transferred to the esteemed Starfleet Strom Thurman Medical Research Institute. There, she was treated for Physical Pelvic Trauma - blunt force and laceration, Thigh laceration, and Mental Trauma. However, the healing fields were 'down', and the syntheduralex weave implanted into her to hold her reproductive, colorectal, and urinary system organs together was replaced by a cadaver mesh with nylon interweave that had been doped by Toluene. Diostros, the Fed Rep, was told Sav was sure to die, but, against all odds, she remained living.

During the investigation over the next couple of weeks, evidence was lost, names and events changed, and all records sealed by the courts. Official ruling, Sav had an accident in the private shipyard where she had slipped and her body pierced by equipment causing the pelvic trauma and thigh laceration, with hallucinations from extreme blood loss.

Sav lodged an official complaint, and she was shoved into 'counseling' for the next 10 weeks with special pyshic counselors to implant the official ruling and to add a psychic overlay to bind Sav to Diostros when next he came calling. Sav 'recovered', withdrew the complaint, and went into college for the winter quarter. She buried herself into her studies at college.

Finish College: She now began taking martial arts training from her brother and mother to help prevent this from occurring again. She was paranoid about her drinks with friends now and always having to pour it herself, even paying bartenders extra for the privilege. She graduated college at age 18. Unknown to her, the IPA Marshall had kept track of her and her studies and put in as a Patron for her to go to Starfleet Academy.

Advanced Studies: Right after graduation, she applied for and was accepted into Advanced Studies University for a Starship Operations Business degree, while getting sub fields of Starship Strategy/Tactics and Navigation. Extra Curricular studies include Personal Technology Repair and Damage Control for Major Starship Systems. She took all courses, normally a two year study group, in one year. She passed the Mental/Physical evaluation, Civilian, by not mentioning the earlier event and signing off as showing 'accident' in her Medical Records.

After she had received her ship board certificate for Civilian Starships she received her letter of a position open for her at StarFleet Academy.
Service Record Recommendation for Starfleet Academy: IPA Marshall Devin Tyree Kenathau sponsored Saveena for going to the Academy. He put in the request for her as soon as she graduated college at age 18. However, the waiting time for colony world requests was running 1 to 3 years, but as Kenathau was a very respected Chief Inspector IPA Marshall, Sav's paperwork was approved for starting the academy the following year.

StarFleet Academy: Saveena arrived at StarFleet Academy on August 24th, 2389, at the age of 19. As this environment was monitored, chaperoned, and with the best and brightest of the Federation, she relaxed and immersed herself into her classes, extracurricular activities, and shyly going out with other freshmen.

Academy Incident: Then, she discovered, to her and others detriment, the unmonitored interactions between upper classmen and freshmen. On September 1st, 2389, She went with classmates to a senior class invitation, was slipped a mickey, and woke up 'being bound' somewhere. The Seniors had hauled the 12 female freshman to the woods to the woods for a 'snipe' hunt and stripping favors for survival gear for the weekend and were unbinding the ladies to arrange them for the start. They did not expect Saveena to come out of the Mickey so early. She reacted, clawing and fighting to get free and running. She sliced the two Seniors trying to remove her bindings with her claws and got lost into the woods. Medical personal, local police, and Starfleet Academy got involved. Saveena was discovered eight hours later in a distraught and dehydrated state and was rescued. She was placed on medical and administration leave while the incident was investigated. After a month, she was finally cleared with a reprimand to take anger management and self control classes, and returned to Academy Classes.

Finishing Academy: Saveena once again buckled down into courses, forgoing any social interactions to catch up and stay away from any other issues that could arise by others for hazing, wanting payback, or not liking the quickly passing classes Mephetian. One bright spot in her current life was M'Katerina. Her roomie and she became best friends, with some light flirting and play. Rina, as M'Katerina liked to be called, kept Sav going out once in a while for social activities, even if just going to a wharf for sightseeing for the day. Sav excelled in coursework, as well as testing out of courses and passed, to get to her Cadet Cruise. She had taken all the needed courses for the earlier 'transgression', and so she passed the Mental and Physical Evaluation for her Cadet Cruise.

Cadet Cruise: Saveena was assigned to the USS Astar, an Advanced Nova Class Research Vessel. She shyly came on board, lined up with the other cadets, and waited for assignments. At first, she was regulated to 'standard' cadet duties before being allowed to take the helm. However, both the Alpha shift Helm Officer and the Captain noticed her entire demeanor light up as she touched the console and settled into the position. The Helm Officer noticed she had none of the usual hesitancy in piloting of the usual cadet, and used the console as though she had been piloting the ship for years. After verifying her flying ability by having her dock the ship, n-space maneuver, besides sub-space transition, the Helm Officer attached her to beta shift as main helmsman.

During the cruise on her shift, there was an emergency signal received. A Federation Starship Repair Dock Freighter had been attacked and fled into an asteroid field. There was too much interference and range for transporting, so the command was given to go into the asteroid field. The Captain took a chance and gave free helm to Saveena. She proved her piloting skills as she took the ship through the field, then piloting out of the field with the freighter in tow. She did not even hear the others talking about her as she was ecstatic to be guiding her female companion, the USS Astar, into and out of the field.

At the end of the Cadet cruise, she received a commendation for the rescue, commendation for a very successful cruise, and the rank of Lt. j.g. in Starfleet. She graduated with honors from Starfleet Academy and went onto roster assignment for the next ship needing a helmsman.

First Assignment: With her cadet cruise commendations, unusual ability to 'know' a ship coupled with great flying ability with starships and fighters, Sav received her first assignment as CAG for the USS Merlin. Thus, at the age of 23, Saveena Tillatix, a Mephetian from an Associated world of the Federation, origins being of the L'Tandrey Protectorate, became the Commander, Air Group Officer for the USS Merlin.

As the CAG, she joined in on a mission and took ready command over the airwing. Her tactics and leadership were noticed, and she was promoted to full Lieutenant. It was also during this time that inadvertant counseling occurred to discover something more was going on with Sav that was known before.

During a layover at Starbase 306, the USS Merlin CMO enlisted the aid of a Xeno Doctor to do a complete scan of Sav. It was now discovered the biochip she was given was to hide the nylon laced cadaver mesh and the tuolene doping slowly poisoning her body. She was rushed into emergency surgery where the mesh was removed, flushing of the tuolene poisoning begun, a transponder beacon removed from brain in the long term memory area, as well as her left kidney and left ovary. There were two more subsequent surgeries to replace the kidney and ovary, as well as continue to renew scar tissue as well as perform reconstructive surgery on her reproductive organs.

Several days later a Trauma Psi Counselor went in to remove a discovered psychic imprint overlay, only to find five of them and that what Sav had originally reported six years ago on Apollonia was real. Those five overlays were removed, but in doing so, Sav had to relive what had happened to her. She still needs further counseling and her body will take a year to fully heal. However, she is now free from those overlays and can now grow as a person and as a member of the USS Merlin crew.

During the trip between the Perez Nebula and the Lazarus Star, Sav was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transfered from CAG to Chief Flight Control Officer. While this could be seen as a demotion, Sav viewed it as a Promotion. The ship was orbiting a class M planet found orbiting the Lazarus Star when all contact was lost.

The ship suddenly was found again after six months, and now the USS Grissom with Commander John Barstow on board to try and recover the Merlin and find out what happened.

Starfleet Qualifications:

Helm, Navigation, Communications, Weapons, and Engineering for being a Bridge Command Specialist. Has Starship Strategy/Tactics and Navigation as sub specialties. Personal technical gear and shipboard sensors and auxiliary computers advanced training. Has fighter training with outstanding marks in practice and combat flights. Has the typical training in hand to hand and other base courses for life on a starship.

Medical Record Synapses:

NOTE: Age Factor - Mephitians age similar to humans, life expectancy is 142 years.

237009.23 Birth Date (05/23). Born at 3.402 Kg at 49.8348 cm (7 lbs, 8 oz at 19.62 inches)
237608.30 Inoculations: Series Run 1
238208.30 Inoculations: Series Run II, 12 year check
238505.23 Medical Testing Complete at 15 years, Graduated High School 3 years advance schedule
238708.21 Treated for accident, almost fatal, at Starfleet Strom Thurman Advanced Research Medical Facility. Extreme blood loss coupled with Physical Trauma to the pelvic region and Mental Trauma due to situation around 'accident'. Files classified, for Patient MD only.
238709.14 Released from Starfleet Advanced Medical Research Center and into Psychiatric Care
238711.28 Released from Starfleet Psychiatric Care.
238712.06 University Medical Acceptance Exam - Passed.
238806.22 Final University Medical at age 18, Graduated college with Starship Helms/Navigation Sciences Degree with Secondary in Computer Sciences Programming and Operations.
238905.21 Completed Advanced Studies, Graduated college with Starship Operations Business degree, sub field of Starship Strategy and Tactics as well as Navigation. Extra Curricular studies include Personal Technology Repair and Damage Control for Major Starship Systems.
238905.30 Mental/Physical Health Status cleared for Civilian shipboard Duty.
238908.25 Starfleet Academy Medical Evaluation: Mental/Physical Passed
238909.02 Starfleet Medical Leave Assigned - One Month. (Read StarFleet History about this time)
239205.22 Starfleet Academy Medical Evaluation: Mental/Physical Passed.
239206.30 Starfleet Shipboard Medical Evaluation for Cadet Cruise: Mental/Physical Passed. Transferred to USS Astar.
239211.30 Completed Cadet Cruise with high marks. Received Lt. j.g. for Rank.
239212.01 Remained on USS Aster as ACFCO until new ship assignment.
239304.17 Assigned to USS Merlin as Commander, Air Group.
239304.18 Enroute to USS Merlin on USS Basiliskos, Fast Troop Transport Courier
239305.02 Arrived to USS Marlin as Commander, Air Group
239305.03 Excelled as CAG, received promotion to full Lieutenant.
239404.03 USS Merlin arrives SB306 for Refit
239404.05 Starbase Full Medical Evalutation - Emergency surgery for removal of cadaver mesh, left kidney, left ovary, tranponder beacon in brain, and flushing of Tuolene poisoning. Start at 1600 hours, lasted 12 hours.
239404.08 StarBase Surgical Unit - Left Kidney insertion and first part reproductive reconstructive surgeries.
239404.10 Starbase surgical unit - left ovary insertion and second part of reproductive reconstructive surgeries.
239404.18 Starbase Counseling - High Probability of Psychic Imprint
239404.19 Starbase Traumatic Counseling Unit - Removal of five imprint overlays, adjustment to record on true events on Apollonia, remains in Counseling and Medical only realms.
239404.22 Starbase Medical Unit - transfer to recovery room
239404.30 Transfer from Starbase Medical outpatient housing to USS Merlin. Minimum light duty of three months. Full recover of physical trauma expected in 1 std year.
239405.01 Leave Starbase next assignment under Melody Jones, XO.
239405.28 Arrive Perez Nebula. Found out of time place Merlin
239405.29 Away Team on Displaced Merlin, it blew up.
239405.31 USS Merlin - Transfer from CAG to CFCO, promotion to Lt. Commander
239406.02 Leave for Lazarus Star
239406.15 Arrive Lazarus Star - found Class M Planet
239406.21 All contact lost with USS Merlin
239412.27 USS Merlin found at bottom of ocean on class m planet.
239501.07 USS Grissom on scene for discovery/rescue USS Merlin