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Major Richard "Wolf" Johnson,

Name Richard "Wolf" Johnson, Psy.D.

Position Company Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 42

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 215
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Richard is a little shorter than average height but is very muscular. He alternates between his hair being short and growing to the maximum length allowed by Starfleet and remains either clean shaven or just the hint of stubble. He can have a sometimes mean looking face.


Neil, 22, 2nd Lieutenant, Flight Officer Recruit, SFMC
Father Zack Johnson (Teacher)
Mother Lt. Cmdr. Eliza Johnson (RET
Brother(s) Colonel Mike "Phantom" Johnson, 2nd Fleet Marine Advisor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wolf is generally laid back and easy going, though the way his face sits may make him look upset or angry. Richard enlisted in the SFMC at 18 and his service shows in his mannerisms. He tends to be fairly neat, not likeing clutter, and considers himself a minimalist, only keeping what he needs with him.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Has very good attention to detail
+ Loyal to friends and family
+ Very analytical
+ Laid back, does not stress out easily

- Feels indestructible
- Cocky
- Can seem to laid back
Ambitions After over 2 decades of service Wolf has found that what he wants most is just to be able to help people, be it as a Marine or a full time Psychologist.
Hobbies & Interests Wolf has always loved to fly and the feeling of freedom that comes with it. This is not always in an aircraft, he loves skydiving as well as being in hot air baloons. He also enjoys diving and trys to go whenever he can. He has deep sea dove on ten different world, exploring reefs and ship wrecks. Finally, he has a great love of bladed weapons and has become proficient with various knives, Katana and Bat'leth.

Medical Record

Injuries 2377??.??

Was reverted to a teenager of 13 due to a virus


Recieved a concussion and nearly died due to a brain hemmerage

238305.08 - 238311.08

Captured and underwent various forms of psycological and physical tortures includeing
seeing images of loved ones faked being executed, brought back an images of the implanted
ripping off of fingernails
being stabbed
physically beaten on a daily basis


Was injured defending the CSS Endeavour against the Krivaldi. Injuries consisted of:

3rd degree burns over 50% of his body, including his face causeing his eyes to be "welded" shut by the liquified skin
Shrapnel from an exploding console to his face and upper body
Massive blood loss
Having his heart completely shredded and replaced with a prosthetic heart

238302.19 - 238305.02

Fell under borg control and forced to attack Blyx Red, fought mentally leaving possible damage

Personal History Richard and his older brother, by 2 hours, mike grew up on starbase 105 where there parents worked. There father was a high school teacher on the base and there mother was the wing commander. Both brother were around fighters and pilots all their lives and loved hearing the pilots stories. As they grew up they'd spend hours in the simulator that their mother user to train and mike decided to join starfleet and follow in his mothers footsteps. His father was less than enthusiastic about his choice while his mother loved the idea. Mikes father wanted both him and his brother to be teachers like he is. He said starfleet pilot was too dangerous. Once Richard graduated high school he enrolled in college to start studying like his father wanted. After about a month he knew this wasn't him so he asked his parents blessing to enroll in starfleet. His father came around saying he didn't want both his sons hating him. He went to the Starfleet Marine Corps recruiting office and signed up as a pilot.

After boot camp he was sent to the USS Coronado where he was a flight commander. Soon after being assigned there he was trasferred to Star Base Versailles where he took over as Squadron CO in the newly formed wing.

After a change in command he was reassigned as the Wing CO. Richard was engaged to one of the other pilots, Jennifer "Red" Williams, a month after accepting his new assignment.

Since being put back in to the Versailles wing Richards life has had quite a few ups and downs. Soon after his appointment back to the Wing Commander spot the Versailles crew had been infected with a virus that made them revert to children around thirteen years old. When this happen his and Jennifer's unborn child also reverted back, only it reverted to nonexistence. This put more stress on their relationship as well as emotional stress on Jennifer and Richard both.

After a cure for the virus was found the Versailles Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Maklaud, came up with a way to clone their child. The procedure was a success and this helped Jennifer and Richard come back together. A few weeks later Richard went off on the Maiden voyage of the USS Cerberus. Things were going great until they were jumped by a Vanguard ship. He and Lieutenant jg Bravado, another pilot from the wing, were ordered to launch in the waverider, a craft developed fore the Nova class ship.

After a quick skirmish with three Vangurd ships they went to check on the status of the
now crashed Cerberus. Bravado went down to check out the ship and came back with orders to find land and start beaming survivors out of the ship. They were checking the area out when they were hit by disruptor fire. As they went in for an attack run Richard was knocked unconscious.

After returning to Versailles it was found that he'd suffered a major concussion. By the time the doctors got to him he was near death from a hemmerage. They healed him but sent him off Versailles to be moitored. Once he was fit for duty he was sent to NSPC because of his background in counseling to take over as the Head Psychologist. Plans changed though, when he arrived it was in the middle of a crises. A group had taken hostages on one of the asteroids and, being Johnson, he snuck aboard a transport and "offered" his services as a Marine. He helped by taking charge of a team but lost a young Ensign in the process.

Once he returned, though appreciative of the help, the CO sent him to the brig for disobeying orders and forcing his way on a guard team. He was let out a few days later and given his service assigned to head up a new Rapid Response Team. He had only just started when he was out on a requlifying flight in his fighter and he was captured. UCF and Starfleet declared him MIA after a 2 month search for him. During his capture he underwent severe psychological and physical torture for six months solid. He finally managed to escape in his fighter and was picked up by the CSS Endevour.

After he was brought aboard he had a flash back being in sickbay of his torture. Once he finally came to his senses he saw someone from his past, Captain Blyx Red. He couldn't have been happier and after briefing the Captain of the Endevour he requested permanent assignment so he could finally correct the one regret he had, by telling Blyx about the torch he'd carried all those years and start the relationship with her he'd longed for.

Since then thing went down hill for him. After returning to starbase Wolf raced to see Blyx only to see her coming out of the new CO's quarters and kissing him. That crushed him and he retreated back to his quarters contemplating many things. She came to him and they discussed things and went their separate ways. Wolf holds a deep resentment of Dunross and wont endanger the ship but avoids him at all costs. Not long after his piloting skills were called on when Endeavour engaged the Krivaldi. He kept engaging no matter the damage taken and was mortally wounded. Prepared to die, he pushed on until he finally passed out from his injuries.

Unknown to him he was beamed into sickbay where the doctors feverishly worked on his injuries. Meanwhile, he was trapped inside his mind reliving his past, starting with the murder of his first girlfriend in front of him. He finally ended up with all the women through out his life surrounding him and disappearing one by one, pulled away by something unseen. In sickbay at that point he just started giving up his will to live finally flat lining. Why the doctors resuscitated him, in his dream like state he fell over with pain and felt something start taking hold of him. In yet another part of his mind, Lieutenant Jane Watkins had entered to pull him out of his coma. She found different versions of him representing each part of his personality.

Everything from his innocence to the self hatred that was eating him up showed themselves. His self hatred represented itself as a werewolf that ripped the other apart. After running, Jane confronted the creature and got the real Richard to appear by kissing the last of his good sides. The werewolf transformed into Richard and after coddling him Jane backed out to let him rest. This didn't last long as no more then then a week later he was contacted and starting to be controlled by the Borg..

They wanted him to kill Blyx and tryBlyx Red as he might his mind, body and soul were to weak to fully resist with everything he'd been through. So he went off and confronted Blyx in one of the corridors and went after her. After a struggle he fought himself to keep from driving his knife through her heart, only hitting her shoulder. He snapped out of his trance and took off after disabling his own command codes. He first tried to jump out of an airlock and when that didn't work he headed for the armory. As security tried to shoot him his benefactors encompassed him in a Borg shield. After locking the security officers away he finished his trip to the armory and grabbed the phaser then put it to his head in a desperate move to stop what was happening..

As he was about to end it he heard Dunross calling to him. He refused to let the CO help and ended up wrestling for the phaser with the other man. Mike, Richards brother, tried to restrain him but it was to late, the phaser went off in the struggle injuring the CO. With no other alternative Mike kicked Richard unconscious and had them both taken to sickbay under guard.

A year after being sent to Starbase 209 for recovery Wolf was contacted by Starfleet and offered a chance that most officers dream of, command. He had been offered command of the USS Orion, a galaxy class starship in Obsidian Fleet. However, Johnson was told that command had doubts about him, the only reason they were pulling out a captains chair for him was that during his recovery he had returned to light duty as a counselor on 209 and both the command staff and head counselor had sent recommendations for him. He told command he understood and moved his family to the galaxy class.

Wolf settled in on the Orion quickly, getting promoted to full Commander just out of space dock. However, it was while the ship was on it's shakedown cruise that tragedy struck. His son Neil, now a teenager, had Rigellian Fever, picked up while on the station. Neils sickness was not caught until it was nearly to late and, while cured, the teen needed his own rehabilitation. Knowing the road ahead on his son Richard asked to be relieved of his duties and to take an extended leave from Starfleet. The leave was granted, but not without consequences and the Commander was demoted back to Lieutenant Commander. Starfleet told him it was not a punishment, but, that his promotion had only come with his Captaincy at that point. Wolf agreed, his only worry about his son.

The family went back to Earth where Richard started his own private practice while his son went through rehabilitation. While on Earth Johnson wrote several papers about physical injury and how that could quickly lead to mental injury as well as PTSD and deep space syndrome [depression, anxiety, agitation, violent tendencies, etc due to extended confinement on deep space exploration ships]. While the notion was an old one he wrote the paper in the context of telepathic mind control. His notion was that unlike normal physical torture, which causes a person to want to make the pain stop and makes them willing to do or say anything, physical pain could be used to distract the mind and make it susceptible to telepathic suggestions. It did not need to be torture, just an injury bad enough for the conscious mind to focus on it, leaving the subconscious open.

Starfleet conducted studies based on his research and his theory had merit, in fact finding several moles left over from the Dominion War filling ranks in both the navel and Marine branches. After his son had recovered Starfleet Intelligence approached Richard, asking him to head up their psy ops [psychological operations] program. With Neil having completely recovered and getting ready to ship out after enlisting in the Marine Corps as a pilot himself Wolf agreed. He worked on several classified projects that included causing such fear in the enemy they either surrender or flee and siege tactics designed to break an enemies will without physically harming them. This caused his papers to stop and Wolf to spend the next 3 years in the shadows.

Richard quickly became board of hiding and did not like lieing about what his work was. So, he requested transfer back to the Marine Corps. His transfer was granted and he received a call from command about taking on temporary assignment to USS Merlin to get their fighters squared away. He agreed and made sure they were set before handing the air group over to it's new CAG. While there he learned about a counseling position and applied for it, wanting to go back to something he enjoyed almost as much as flying.
Service Record
  • 237407.10 - USS Coronado-Flight Commander
  • 237608.21 - Transferred to Starbase Versailles - Squadron Commander
  • 237703.21 - Moved to VMFW 215 as the Wing Commander and Chief of Security
  • 237705.07 - Moved fully into VMFW 215 as the Wing Commander
  • 237901.05 - Transferred to New Stelarton Penal Colony - Assistant Psychiactrist
  • 238201.10 - New Stelarton Penal Colony - RRT Leader
  • 238305.08 - POW
  • 238311.08 - Assigned to CSS Endevour on recovery - First Force Special Operations Leader
  • 238405.08 - Starbase 209 for recovery, TAD Counselor
  • 238712.26 - Assigned to USS Orion Commanding Officer
  • 238805.06 - Civilian Practice
  • 239007.08 - Starfleet Intelligence, Psycological Operations
  • 239304.20 - USS Merlin, TAD CAG
  • 239308.04 - Present - USS Merlin, Counselor