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Warrant Officer Farida Alleen

Name Farida Alleen

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 1.81m
Weight 67kg
Hair Color Brown/black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Casually confident is how most would put down Farida and those people tend to miss the deep concern that rests in her eyes. Yes she stands proudly as would any marine, but she is always worried about those around her and those back home. Perhaps it are those classic aviator sunshades that hide this all the time, or perhaps the tattoo at her right eyes draws the looks it is hard to say.

Her voice tends to be warm and slightly on the softer side most of the time, however when emotions come into play it changes. Instead of an equal line through she tends to put a focus on the first letter or word to get your attention and everything is spoken much sharper. Because of this she does not hide her emotions well, which make her easy to read. An other sign is her simple body language where is normally quite relaxed when emotions come into play she is sharp, though not tense as that would be a bad thing in her line of work.

She is also quite well known for her dislike for the standard uniform, not to even mention the flight suit. Whenever and wherever she can get away with it she sticks to jeans, white shirt and her well known jacket. It is a way for her to stand out without it being in your face, or at least that is how it works in her mind.


Father Kareah Alleen
Mother Isra Alleen
Brother(s) Ikram Alleen (Deceased 2392), Salman Alleen (Deceased 2392)
Sister(s) Ramla Alleen (Age 23), Widad Alleen (Age 27)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Concerned yet fearless is how one would put Farida in 2 words. Perhaps it is down to the fact that she has taken a lot of responsibility in live and yet at the same time always enjoyed the danger of many of the things she did either as work or for fun. Her concern is not like that of a parent to a child, it runs a more sorrow path of reality, knowing that no matter what she does or what she tries, people will have accidents and will at times die. Yet such things should not take away the fun people have and that is where her fearless nature comes in. She will push the limits, see how far she can go and once she knows she can she will take others along for the ride.
Hobbies & Interests She has an equal love for speed and danger as for sitting down and playing a game of cards as long as there is something at stake cause without risk any game is simply boring. Though there are days you will find her laying simply somewhere with a view, a book and headphones mentally away from wherever she currently is.

Medical Record

Personal History Born on Lux II a hot and sandy colony world from the old days which never has seen a rise past stage III Farida is someone who learned to look after herself and others. Her family for the last few generations has operated a crystal mine which was one of the few exports the planet knew. The crystals where known for the deep beauty and how none where truly alike making them highly sought after by jewelers across the Federation and beyond. However for a free spirit like Farida it was a rather dull place to grow up with the nearest town being over 2 hours away by road.
Part of the lands her family owned however where alongside a large slow flowing river and where used as farm and cattle grounds. Deeming those more interesting specially seeing the catle was rounded with repulsor bikes Farida preferred spending her time doing that when it was time for her to step in and do some things next to her schooling and messing about.

Being the youngest of 5 Farida had to deal with 2 elder sisters and 2 elder brothers all of whom seemed quite content being where they where and doing what they did, unlike Farida who wanted nothing more than to get the hell out. However that was not in order for a good while and so she had to deal with it. The other thing she held over her elder siblings was a sense of responsibility, where they where happy doing what they did they didn't seem to look much ahead and it didn't take long for the teenager Farida to take over. With her bothers out in the mines Farida and her sisters where in charge of the farms and cattle and that meant that Farida was in charge. She ensured that all that had to be done was done and that paychecks for the staff where properly handled. Just 14 years old she showed that she A knew what she was doing and B would stand up to anyone.

It was this example that made her eldest sister Ayda take notice and change and so the roles where reversed the youngest was teaching the eldest, though the eldest also still had some things to teach the youngest. The coming years lay the foundations for a strong bond between the sisters which holds true to this day. Still the day Farida left to join the marine corps was not an easy one for anyone in the family which had always been close knit despite being spread out. However Ayda understood best of all that her youngest sister simply had no place and future at home.
Boot camp as always was designed to be hell on earth and put your face to face with who you really are. Some are melted and forged into steel, others are simply shaped and even fewer simple need some sharpening. For Faridah it was a good shaping from farm kid to marine, but one she took to hearth. Her skill set and situational awareness gave her a shot to train for pilot duties, it was a simple choice she had been a lover of speed and danger for long enough. So from the forge she went to the jewelers shop of pilot training.

Pilot's training an other cup of coffee, namely one with a good shot of spirit in it, after all one had to be either slightly crazy or drunk to pull of the stunts one needs to pull off to fly a drop ship or CAS. What did however bring a good dose of reality was news from home, both her brothers had died in a mine collapse following an totally unexpected earthquake in the region. She was granted 2 weeks of leave to head home to deal with it which she did. When she came back something had changed in her eyes, but she kept up the excellent show of talent she had beforehand.
Service Record 2392-2392 Starfleet marine core boot camp
2392-2393 Starfleet marine core pilot training