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Major David Scarlet

Name David John Scarlet

Position Company Commander

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Starfleet ID

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 240 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description David can cut a rather imposing figure. He is broad and muscular, but not toned. With his large frame and intense stare, he can be quite intimidating. He will often use this to his advantage when in a disagreement or full out fight.

He has a square jaw and when not actively smiling, appears to be scowling. David keeps himself clean shaven, but usually by noon he already has a 5 O'clock shadow.


Father Paul Metcalfe
Mother Patricia Scarlet
Brother(s) Jonas Metcalfe

Personality & Traits

General Overview Some would consider David a pessimist. However he is of the firm opinion that he is a realest. He will use the rules and regulations as a firm base, but is not adverse to doing anything to win a fight or succeed at a mission regardless of where it falls into a regulation.

He has a very dry sense of humour and can sometimes rub people the wrong way. He is aware of this and makes an effort to 'adjust' his humour around individuals who don't share it. When someone does a good job, he will be quick to tell them as well as make sure they get any praise they get from higher on the chain of command, however this works the other way as well as he will not hesitate to tell someone when they have performed poorly.

When David is on duty, he is on duty. Working hard and maintaining a strict training regime, chain of command and duty protocol for himself and those who work for him. However, he is well aware that everyone needs a balance. Off-duty he can be rather relaxed and approachable, attempting to foster a sense of family, community, and loyalty.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Loyal and dedicated
+ Quick thinking
+ Firearms training
+ Knowledgeable on regulations

- Abrasive
- Argumentative
- Stubborn
- Very authoritarian while on-duty
-Back injury that has left him with reduced sensation in his legs
Ambitions David's ambition may seem like a strange one to some people, but all he wants is to give good people opportunities they might not otherwise have. He hasn't really looked for the spotlight for himself, but he does take a measure of pride when one of his colleagues or subordinates move on to better and brighter things.
Hobbies & Interests - Hiking and camping.
- Darts & pool
- Ancient earth sailing vessels (has several holodeck programs of classic sailing vessels and historically important voyages)

Medical Record

Injuries Back injury - Healed but lasting nerve damage to his legs
Mental Health David has always had a gruff exterior, but after his injury it has been as if he has built up more walls to keep people from getting too close. While not a detriment to his duties, it is highly recommended that he maintain regular counseling sessions with a ship councilor or physician.

Personal History David's parents divorced when he was seven. He stayed with his mother and took her maiden name, while his twin brother Jonas moved in with their father and kept his name.

Growing up in a single parent household, David took on many responsibilities in the house and got used to keeping things neat and in order. Sensing he needed some hobbies outside the home and school, his mother got him involved in biathlon.

He excelled at the sport and enjoyed it greatly. It was at one of the rallies that he met an officer from Starfleet and was encouraged to join the Academy when he graduated high school.

The Academy opened his eyes up to the galaxy around him and David worked hard to do well in his courses and extra activities, even though he found the actual training boring. He wanted to actually do what he was being trained for, not just study it.

Upon graduation he was assigned to the USS Sackville as an Ensign. David enjoyed his posting much more than the training at the Academy. He followed orders and did his duties without question for many years without incident, finding his place on his team as well as finding friends amongst his co-workers.

It was during what was to be a routine supply drop to Vega colony that it was attacked by raiders. While defending the colony, David's group was flanked and he took a disruptor blast to his back. His spine was severely damaged and David was later recovered after reinforcements fended off the raiders.

Surgery on the ship stabilized his condition, but the damage to his spine required specialists from Starfleet Medical. Multiple surgeries finally allowed him to walk again, but he required a lot of physio therapy. As such, he was forced to resign from active duty and focus on his recovery.

While recovering, he worked as an assistant Instructor at Starfleet Academy, helping to train new cadets in regulations and proper conduct. He focused on the outliers, the cadets who had potential but never really fit into the standard training programs. He helped the cadets and made sure they made it through the training. Some of them, he still keeps contact with.

Even though he would never fully recover from his injury, he did get back to a level where he could go back on active duty. His first posting on active duty was on the USS Kingston, helping to train fourth year cadets on shipboard protocols and regulations. He took this posting partially to keep an eye on the cadets he'd grown fond of as well as a bit of a small step on his part to ease back into full active duty.

Two years after his assignment on the USS Kingston, David saw the posting for Master-at-Arms for the USS Merlin and decided that he was ready to go back to full duty and get rid of the training wheels.
Service Record USS Merlin - (2395 - Present)
- Master-at-Arms

USS Kingston - Cadet Training Vessel (2394)
-Training and Regulation Instructor

USS Merlin - (2393)
- Master-at-arms

USS Kingston - Cadet Training Vessel (2392-2393)
-Training and Regulation Instructor

Starfleet Academy - (2391-2392)
- Assistant Instructor while on Medical Reduced Duties

USS Sackville - (2384-2389)
- Security Officer
-Injured during a skirmish with raiders on the Vega Colony

Starfleet Academy - (2380-2384)
- Security and Tactics Training
- Academy Biathlon Team - Team Captain in 2384
-Ceremonial Guard